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  1. Dust in the wind
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A comet explodes in Earths atmosphere releasing a dust that changes women. 8,000 views.
Chapter 1

Dust in the wind

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You are in your apartment watching a football game, the Minnesota Vikings try and make a 4th quarter comeback. The game is interrupted by a news break. "Awwww! What the hell." You grumble at the T.V. "We interrupt this game with a special news announcement. A comet is on a collision course with our planet. Our telescopes and satellites did not detect it, until 20 minutes ago. The comet is expected hit our atmosphere in less than an hour. Impact area is believed to be the western coast of the United States. Our military is attempting to intercept the comet and destroy it with a missile attack. Anyone on the west coast of the U.S. please seek shelter as soon as you can." You can't believe your ears, "Holy Shit!" You yell. You think,"I'm glad I live in Michigan." The T.V. reporter states that the comet is already hitting the outer atmosphere. The T.V. now shows live coverage of missiles being fired. You wait and wait as the missiles fly to the comet. T.V. goes blank and static snow shows on the screen. Then the news room is back on the T.V. You hear cheering and yelling in the background, "We hit it! We hit it!" The news anchor comes on, "The comet has been destroyed by our missiles. Nothing is left but dust. The military says that the comet was destroyed 20 miles up in our atmosphere."

One week later......

You are out jogging in the park trying to clear your head. The news has had on nothing but comet talk and talk of the dust that was left behind. Is it cancerous, is it radioactive, blah, blah, blah. People say they have noticed some weird things on the west coast, like women growing fatter and taller. As far as you're concerned it is a bunch of B.S. With all this in you head you run right into a woman and fall on your ass. "Oh are you O....Hey! (your name) how are you?" the woman says. You look up at a mountain of a woman in cloths that are way to small for her. Then you take a second look and say, "Linda? Is that you? What? How?" You babble. The last you saw of Linda was 2 weeks ago she went to visit her Mom out west and she was a lot smaller. "Yeah it's me. I know I look a little different. That comet blew up and within 24 hours I started gaining weight and getting taller. I now weight 210, up from 125 and rising ans my height is 5'11", up from 5'3". " Linda says as she picks you up. "Wow than it is real, the growth." you say. "Yeah and this I am afraid is only the early stages of it. I am on my way to see my doctor to find out if I am in danger or something. I got to go I'll call later ok." She says as she walks off.

You wave her off and run back to your apartment and as you do you notice women from the neighborhood. They all seem to have gained some weight, not as much as Linda. She must be gaining more due to the fact she was out there when the comet was blown up. You figure the dust must You get to your apartment and jump in the shower. You towel off and........
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