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  1. The shrink gun
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by rocky
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a girl gets a gun that shrinks people ((Public again))
Chapter 1

The shrink gun

    by: rocky   More by this author
may walked downstairs after searching thru the internet for some info for a history project that she had to have done in a week. Having little luck she decided to take a break and make a little snack. As she walked down the hallway to the kitchen she couldnt help but look at herself in a mirror hanging on the wall. May looked just as lovely as any other 18 year old girl, But the first thing she'd always notice about herself was her height. for being an asian girl she was a little tall. around 5'11. Tho it never bothered her, she'd sometimes feel a little embarrased hanging out with her friends who were all no bigger than 5'6 in height. May turned her face away from the mirror then continued on her way into the kitchen. As she looked thru the cabinets for anything good to eat, the doorbell rang.

"I wonder who that could be?" May said then walked over to the door and anwsered it.

"Good evening ma'am. Are you May Shirashi?" The delivery guy asked.

"Yes I am." May replied back. The delivery guy then had May sign her name on a sheet and handed her a square package.

"Thanks." May smiled then shut the door.

May walked back into the kitchen and set the package on the counter. She then grabbed a knife from the drawer and began cutting the tape off the edges of the box. However when she opened the package up she saw that it wasnt that CD she had ordered on ebay, but instead she got some bizarre looking toy gun!

"What? I didnt order this! What is this thing anyways?!" May then took the item out of the box. She began examining the strange gun a little,trying to figure out what it was. It looked like one of those laser pistols they would use on some sci-fi movie to her. May dug thru the styrofoam peanuts in the box some more and pulled out a piece of paper which was an instruction manual. She began reading thru it and laughed a little.

"What? A shrink gun? Oh come on already!" May then crumbled the paper in her hand and threw it away.

"Like if I really shot at the chair over there, it would shrink?" May said then pointed the gun at the chair by the dining table and pulled the trigger. Just then a bright blue beam discharged from the barrel and hit the chair, engulfing it in a blue aura! May jumped back a little and dropped the gun, much surprised at what had just happened!

"Did it just really??" May said then slowly walked over to the spot were the chair once stood. She then slowly kneeled down and picked up the now very tiny chair in her hand.

"Amazing....it actually does work!" May then walked back over to the gun and picked it up. Just then a bunch of ideas began running thru her mind now. She just couldnt help but shrink more stuff with the gun! Making up her mind, may-
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