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Comedy: November 04, 2020 Issue [#10448]

 This week: Comedy Relief for NaNo Writers Vol III
  Edited by: Lornda
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

This week's Comedy Editor:

"Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough, but then, for the love of God, tell a joke."
~Josh Whedon

*Pencil* The stress from writing a novel in a month can be overwhelming. Read how you can relieve the stress by laughing.

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Letter from the editor

You know you’re a writer when … staring into space does not necessarily mean you’re not working.

         NaNo is off to a strong start! How are you doing? Are you staring into space already? Judging by the NaNo'er List  , it looks like everyone is typing away at full-speed. If you find yourself struggling at any time during the NaNo process, don’t forget to take a comedy break. Remember, laughter can burn calories, and since you’re sitting so much and cannot get to the gym, you may want to take fifteen minutes a day to laugh the NaNo stress away. I’ve included some suggestions to help you get started.

*Moon* Stop staring into space and get-up and dance.

         If you dance it out, it will help with the stress, and hey, you'll lose more calories. What’s that I hear? Some of you can’t dance. For this comedy task, you don’t have to know how. Just get up, move around, and pretend you’re Fred Astaire. Or, you could learn some of these moves for a laugh.

*News* Since you have no time to stop and read the news of any kind, here are some headlines to make you smile. Maybe if the novel writing doesn't work out, you can get hired to write headlines.

Terrified neighbours call police to ‘domestic dispute’ – but find man alone screaming at spider.

Fire Crews Called After Smoke Seen In Sky – Turned Out To Be A Cloud

Lost Language Found, But No One Can Read It

Ex-Minister Breaks Silence, Says Nothing

Greenland Meteorite May Be From Space.

Woman Missing Since She Got Lost

Hospitals Resort To Hiring Doctors

State Population To Double By 2040 – Babies to Blame

*Person* Dad jokes are a great way to relieve stress. Hope you enjoy these, and I'm betting you're so tired you'll laugh at anything.

Did you hear the rumor about butter? Well, I'm not going to spread it!

I was really angry at my friend Mark for stealing my dictionary. I told him, "Mark, my words!"

I got fired from the bank. A man asked me to check his balance, so I pushed him over.

I was just reminiscing about the beautiful herb garden I had when I was growing up. Good thymes.

So a vowel saves another vowel's life. The other vowel says, "Aye E! I owe you!"

If an English teacher is convicted of a crime and doesn't complete the sentence, is that a fragment?

Stephen King has a son named Joe. I’m not joking, but he is.

*Cat* To enhance your laughing experience further, you need to blink the NaNo haze away and watch cat videos.

         Even if you don’t like cats, I highly recommend the Simon's Cat channel on YouTube. What’s that I hear? You don’t even have the energy to go and surf for one or two to keep you sane. Here's one to get you started.

         I’m not a novel writer, but I do admire anyone who writes one. So, I want to give you a few pointers to remember as you’re typing your masterpiece.

Double negatives are a no, no.

Avoid clichés like the plague.

Watch out for the autocorrect. I know it’s become my worst enema.

         It’s a wrap for another edition of Comedy Relief for NaNo Writers. If you need to lose more calories and haven’t read the other volumes, here are the links: "Comedy Relief for NaNo Writers & "Comedy Relief for NaNo Writers Vol II. I do have one question for all of the NaNo writers: If multiple girls named Paige all hang out together, is it called a chapter? *All of the NaNo writers roll their eyes and continue to stare into space*

         See you all back here soon. Happy NaNo'ing to you!

A sig for the best genre in the world--Comedy!

Editor's Picks

Skeletal Nightmare  [13+]
So this is more comedy than horror, but...
by WriterAngel

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

 How we spoke in the 1950s & 60s  [13+]
Imaginary story today told in 1950s/60s speak. In slang, Google if you need to. Grin
by Elby Wordsmith

Two Poems About the Not So Privy  [E]
An invitation and a tragicomedy
by Con

 The Opposite Side of the Seat  [E]
An exercise: writing a three person dialog without dialog tags.
by Manuel N. Aceituno

Gray's Calamity  [E]
Some deep space chagrin.
by Teargen

 A Relaxing Morning at Home  [E]
It's hard to have a stress free life.
by Myles Abroad

The PIN  [13+]
Cramp Winner: Steven gets money from the ATM when his friend Dale corrects his grammar.
by Than Pence

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Ask & Answer

*Questionb* For those participating in NaNo or any writing projects, how is it going? Are you reaching your goal?

*Thought2* Feedback: A few comments from my last newsletter, "Cringe Comedy. The question: Have you cringed and laughed at a movie, TV show, book, or the real life? Have you ever written a cringe worthy character?

s : Cringe comedy, the comedy of embarrassment is something I never understood why it's supposed to funny. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I just wince. The comedy of embarrassment does not work for me. I'm more into surrealist humour, situational humour, etc. Douglas Adams is one of the funniest writers ever. Terry Pratchett is great. John Clarke, the Monty Python team, even Mark Twain (if you want to get classical). It's why I find a lot of US humour unfunny - it relies too heavily on embarrassment, cringe and pure abuse. Sorry.

Thanks for the comment. When it comes to comedy, to each his own. I don't like Terry Pratchett. Just kidding. *Rolling* I don't even know who he is, but he was worth $40 million when he died, so I'd say he did well in making people laugh. Comedy is a tough genre because everyone has their own laugh-o-meter. *Wink*

Beholden : Thanks very much for including my story, "Grundlebletch von Hoogenspit, among your Editor's Picks.

You're very welcome! *Bigsmile*

BIG BAD WOLF is 35 on June 3 : Try looking up some Reddit Stories - some are just plain crazy.

I run to the hills from that place. *Shock* Crazy explains it perfectly, and some of the stuff is definitely cringeworthy. *Wink*

Nixie : Lornda, that scene was over the top. But because of the clip you added, I had the exact reaction you wrote about. I laughed and cringed. Ew. I also like comedic breaks in a tense moment. Writing comedy, as you know, continues to be my weak point. Thanks for the knowledgeable newsletter, oh Queen of Comedy.

Lol! Yeah, sorry about that. *Laugh* I'm glad you got the point of the newsletter. *Bigsmile* As far as writing comedy, just keep practicing. I can send you more funny videos to start you on the comedy road. *Ha* Thanks so much for the comment! *Heartv*

*News* Responses from the Newsfeed:

Paul : Yes, and they weren’t deliberately done for that effect. Mostly I think they were done by someone who read a book and then thought they were an actor or director.

s : I answered this direct to the newsletter, but as an addition - I did write one, though I didn't know it until three or four readers pointed it out. Let's just say my attempts at humour in my twenties were not as funny as I would have liked...

Lynn Nichole : Now, dad jokes I like. Puns I love. Cringe comedy in general I don't enjoy; it tends to just make me cringe, not laugh. Miss Congeniality came the closest, and even then not enough for me to say that I truly enjoyed it for its comedic elements.

Tannus : Have I ever written a cringe-worthy character? I've tried, but they all wind up more cute and quirky than actually cringy. XD

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