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Spiritual: November 18, 2020 Issue [#10471]

 This week: Thanksgiving at my Grandparent's house
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow 74 on Dec. 24
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About This Newsletter

How do you prepare for the Thanksgiving day feast?
Do you make a grocery list containing ingredients of everything you are going to serve?
Do you clean your entire house the week before the big day?
Do you make a list of the things you are thankful for?
Do you have pleasant memories of childhood Thanksgivings?

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Letter from the editor

My Grandmother's three favorite things were (1) her grandchildren, (2) cooking, and (3) cleaning house. Thanksgiving gave her a chance to enjoy all three of these, beginning with house cleaning. A week before Thanksgiving Day, she would begin her holiday housecleaning ritual. Maybe it wasn't a ritual to her, but that is how I refer to it.

The only room in the house, Grandma never cleaned, was Grandpa's room, the room that Grandpa smoked in when he smoked in the house. She let him clean that room, in whatever way that pleased him. Grandma would begin cleaning in the living room, and move through the house--room by room--ending with the dinning room-kitchen combinations. When she finished the dining room-kitchen, she would get down her "good" dishes and wash everything in preparation for the Thanksgiving guest. It did not matter whether the guest were family only or family and friends, she always started her Thanksgiving cleaning ritual the same way.

Once the house was clean, to her liking, she would begin the meal preparation. Grandma always baked her pumpkin pies from scratch before Thanksgiving day. She took the frozen turkey from the freezer and placed it in the bottom of the refrigerator, which she called an icebox. Grandma also mixed the ingredients for the stuffing before Thanksgiving Day, and on Thanksgiving, she would stuff the turkey and place it in the oven.

Grandma did accept some assistance with the meal on Thanksgiving Day. My siblings and I were allowed to set the table using the "good" china. She let Mom mash the potatoes (we never had instant mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving or any other holiday), and fix the hot rolls or biscuits. We always had something to drink at the table. For adults it was either iced tea or coffee and for the children either soda or iced tea. Grandpa always said grace at the table before we begin eating.

The conversation at the table did not include politics or sports. My grandparents would as us what we learned in school, Sunday school, and what we were thankful for. I miss those delightful Thanksgivings with everyone gathered around the table laughing, eating, and talking. One of the things I am thankful for today, is that we were taught--by Grandpa's example--to say grace at meals. What pleasant memories of Thanksgiving do you have?

Editor's Picks

Re-Defining God…  (E)
So many religions with so many views
#1680509 by Robin Millstone #TheRhymeMaven

Excerpt: As decades pass swiftly the hourglass of time
         marks all proclamations of Man’s sacred crimes.
         Upon one another we’ve brandished our swords
         expecting that God will exalt His rewards
         to we who are blessed -
         our bibles attest
         that God’s on our side so we fight in His quest.

 Nothing Will Separate Me from God's Love  (E)
Life could come between you and your spiritual beliefs. Don't let them. God is real.
#2231199 by G. B. Williams

Excerpt: I read a post this morning that stated, that a person had a disease, and prayed to God for two or three years for healing. Nothing happened. The person heard about some man that could heal her. On contacting the man, the man told the person she would be healed. Since that contact, the person stated that she had been healed and advised everyone else to contact this man for healing.

Just Be Yourself   (E)
No such thing as fixing a person, man or woman. Don't even try.
#2200095 by TheBusmanSantaPoet

Excerpt: Just Be Yourself.
         No such thing as fixing a person,
         man or woman.
         Don't even try.

 Is "He" Real -- God That Is?  (E)
People often struggle with whether or not God is real. I've decided that He IS!
#2236372 by G. B. Williams

Excerpt: Do you ever wonder if God is real? I have often pondered that question in my life, and one day some years ago, I came to terms with that question, and today, I, personally, know that God is real TO ME!

 A Visit With Grace and Mercy  (E)
Being thankful for another day.
#2220247 by G. B. Williams

Excerpt: I had a visit with Grace this morning. She woke me up. Refusing to open my eyes, Grance just kept on nudging me.

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Ask & Answer

Write 2 Publish 2020 writes: This October someone BOO's houses in our development. You post the provided sheet on your front door or window saying you've already been BOO'd. What if this Thanksgiving you sent Great-ful notes to neighbors. Print up a note that says You have been a wonderful neighbor. Include whatever you can afford. Thanksgiving napkins, candy, pot holder etc. then also a "I've been Great-ful'd for them to tape to their door.

This is a wonderful idea.
Prosperous Snow 74 on Dec. 24

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