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Contests & Activities: January 03, 2018 Issue [#8687]

Contests & Activities

 This week: Don't Do It!
  Edited by: Gaby
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Never mistake activity for achievement.
~ John Wooden

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Creative fun in the palm of your hand.

Are you ready for the brand new 2018? Is your mind full of brand new ideas? Writing contests? Fun activities? Yes? Don't do it. *Rolling* Just kidding! The new year should inspire, make you feel refreshed, full of new hope and dreams. There's something about crossing that threshold, from one year into the next, that makes you start fresh.

So! Without digging too deep and too far into your personal plans for this year, have you planned anything special for this year? I'm talking about WdC related. Far be it for me to pry into your personal life. *Wink* The mind never stops working. Your imagination has no limits and at times the best way to get back to writing is to create an activity or two throughout the year to keep things going. It could be your distraction or inspiration, and whichever it is, it can be to your own benefit as well as those who participate in the creations you come up with.

Here's an important thing to remember when it comes to creating entertainment on the site, make it fun for your as well. Don't turn it into a chore you might regret later or may not have time for. Spur of the moment, one time only surprise activity to surround yourself with WdC friends and family could be just the ticket to cheer your up, inspire more writing. If anything, it will inspire others and give them something to enjoy.

Like I said, new year and all, make the most of it, but make it fun for yourself as well.

Wishing you all the best in 2018!
~ Gaby *Witchhat*

Dear Me: Official Contest  (E)
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#597313 by The StoryMistress

Grim Blunt Contest  (ASR)
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#2046245 by Fictiøn Ðiva the Wørd Weava

Character Flaws Contest  (E)
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#2144029 by Genipher

The Confused Monkey Signature Shop  (E)
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#2131265 by Rhoswen - Relentless Victory

a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
A blind set of challenges hosted by Writing.com groups/members. Come test your fortitude!
#1280691 by iKïyå§ama - Thanks Anon!

Twenty-five Words or Less  (E)
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#2127482 by Blimprider

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