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Noticing Newbies: August 14, 2019 Issue [#9704]

 This week: Your Review Tool
  Edited by: Jace
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
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About This Newsletter

Hi, I'm Jace .

Welcome to this issue of the Noticing Newbies newsletter. Join me as I take you into some nooks and crannies of Writing.Com that you may not have found time to check out yet. This newsletter is about and for you. And for you seasoned members, I hope you'll find something you can take from my ramblings. *Smile*

Your Noticing Newbies Newsletter full-time Editors:

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Letter from the editor

You've joined Writing.Com ostensibly to improve your writing. It's safe to say that networking with other members, whether one on one or in a group with similar interests, serves your writing interests better than on one's own. And reviewing is a great way to "break the ice" for meeting others.

Reviewing someone's work is involved, but not too difficult. A review is just your opinion of a story or poem at that particular moment in time. Re-reading that same piece six months down the road may foster a different opinion. That doesn't make your initial impression wrong.

You should do some preparation to review someone else's work. If you say something about their grammar or spelling, be sure it's correct. Verify before you post. You should be positive and encouraging when discussing the fruits of another's labor. After all, you would hope to receive helpful feedback from someone reading your offering. Strictly speaking what you say is as important as how you say it.

Every member, free or paid, is able to review another member's work ... subject to any restrictions placed on that work by the author. For example, an author may desire any comments to be emailed only.

If you're especially serious about reviewing, you might wish to check out a feature available only to paid members called the Review Tool. The Review Tool is a template that allows one to tailor reviews to a specific group or style of review. You can create a template for each review group in which you are a member, or one for a specific contest. WritingML may be used to enhance the aesthetics of the template so every review for a given event is essentially the same EXCEPT for the actual content that pertains to each individual item reviewed.

Headings or general information stating who is giving the review and for which group generally remain constant. This information can be typed into the template negating the need to re-type that info for every review. This is a real time-saver when writing numerous reviews. You can also save drafts of reviews and finish them at a later time.

You can find more information about the Review Tool in "The Review Tool. Check it out. This alone might be worth an extra five and a half cents a day for a Basic membership.

Whatever your choice, reviewing is a great networking tool, AND a great way to improve your own writing skills.

Review on!

Editor's Picks

Check out these Newbies (I've selected folks who have filled out their Biography or something in their Bio-Block). Take a moment to review something in their Port ... or just say hi.

 Until We Meet  (E)
A poem i wrote for whoever my future wife is. Telling her all I wish I could say now
#2197744 by Darth-Slayer

 Let's Start Over  (E)
As love waxes and wanes so we have to make a decision. Leave or Stay.
#2197451 by Canis Lupus

 I'll be your puppet.  (E)
My current thoughts on my situation: Insanity.
#2197707 by LillyLove

Forests of Virtue  (E)
Two boys from different cultures meet in the no-mans-land between their housing estates.
#2197506 by KingKitsune

 Over the Divide the poem  (E)
A poem about making a life changing choice.
#2197570 by Lakeside9

 Lockdown  (18+)
A text story with a crazed teacher.
#2197693 by Naomi - A Bit Busy Right Now..

 The Guardians  (13+)
They'd been warned, but there was no harm in staying at the edge of the trees was there?
#2197621 by hullabaloo22

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Ask & Answer

Thanks for spending time with me today. If you liked what you read (or if you didn't), please take time and drop me a line. I'd love to hear your ideas.

And now, from the mailbag:

From K.HBey : Always some news are brought with you about such wonderful web site. How to advertise our work as authors is here emphasized towards such applications which are not new but that authors could not notice. It is useful and thank you so much for such information.

         I always appreciate your comments and support.

From Sorji : Well, sometimes you luck out and someone runs into your items on the review mixer, but I find that promoting your stuff, participating in contests, and discussing things on the community newsfeed makes you (and your stuff) easier to find.

         Very true.

From The Peanut Writer : Views and reviews won't spontaneously happen while you sit back and wait, especially if you're new. Beginning authors need to rely on networking and advertising more because fewer people know about their work than that of more experienced authors further ahead in their careers.

         Networking is critical. And the more you become involved with other members, the more your work will get seen (and reviewed).

From BusmanPoet : I was never good at given reviews. I do give them but I can't give advice to make corrections or see something different. I have rearranged poems to show them how I saw it but that's it. I just read them and gave my thoughts.

         'Tis true ... some folks have a knack for giving great reviews. But I believe everyone has the potential for reviewing well. A review is just one person's opinion about a story or poem at that particular moment in time. If you read the same story six month's later, you will most likely see something different about that story. The trick is expressing that opinion in a positive and encouraging manner. Tell that author what you really thing ... but do it in a helpful manner.

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