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Rated: E · Folder · Computers · #1010767
for all those items that have no folder home
A place to hold odd bits and pieces till they find a home.
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    Rated: E · Contest · #1372354
    a dorsimbra, Branford Marsalis and his quartet, post modern jazz extraordinaire
    Rated: E · Other · #1356160
    Rodrigo's Concierto de Arunjuez, played by Miles Davis, healing for the heart.
    Rated: E · Contest · #1327121
    the secret of witchcraft
    Rated: E · Contest · #1309831
    8 lines, 8 syllables, 8 prompt words----summer's end----for StormyLady's contest.
    Rated: ASR · Contest · #1188889
    a retelling of Beauty and the Beast...even fairytale characters grow old...a sonnet
    Rated: E · Contest · #1169525
    a sonnet about monsters, the internal ones
    Rated: ASR · Contest · #1109348
    poem for prelim round 2 of SLAM!--the pace of the city
    Rated: 18+ · Comedy · #1009352
    a tall tale of the Florida Skunk Ape--tall, but true.
    Rated: E · Contest · #1001296
    A triolet--would you rather be famous or rich? I'd choose money and anonymity.
    Rated: E · Contest · #1000805
    a triolet written for the prompt "through the looking glass"
    Rated: E · Contest · #994100
    --published in WATERWAYS Nov./Dec. '05.--a lillibonelle
    Rated: E · Contest · #992627
    be careful with your brain--a mind is a terrible thing to waste!
    Rated: ASR · Contest · #990313
    For prompt--" I have always been afraid of"--so many choices, so little time
    Rated: E · Fantasy · #980811
    My muse is the noon-day witch and she always pops-up unexpectedly.
    Rated: E · Animal · #975823
    A sonnet of the ivory-billed woodpecket, thought extinct and recently sighted.
    Rated: E · Contest · #974331
    a memory of a springtime jazz concert under the stars
    Rated: E · Contest · #972717
    written for contest, the prompt was: It is never too late to be what you might have been.
    Rated: 18+ · Comedy · #971598
    A slightly naughty limerick
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