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by JudyB
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Stories for the group -- aiming for publication.
Weekly Story Assignments completed for the group, The Terrace -- a group whose aim is publication!!!

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    Rated: 18+ · Drama · #1548440
    Janie wakes up to find herself in a living nightmare..confused and scared!
    Rated: E · Other · #1448661
    True story written for the WDC group "The Terrace"
    Rated: E · Other · #1274938
    Dora reluctantly goes on a blind date
    Rated: E · Other · #1191348
    She needed to ditch work to finish her Christmas shopping.
    Rated: E · Activity · #1182792
    My memories of a snow covered wonderland
    Rated: E · Comedy · #1079226
    Silly recollections of felines in the bathroom.
    Rated: E · Holiday · #1057488
    A young woman learns about a previous tenant after finding something he left behind.
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