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by SWPoet
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Trauma and dealing with the aftermath. .
Those who are being abused and those who know them, please read these poems.

They were inspired by clients and coworkers I've known, not necessarily personal experience.

I encourage women (and men) going through domestic violence situations or survivors of such relationships to tell their stories here in the forum so other readers can share in your experience. Anything sent as a review will or direct email will remain confidential (won't be mentioned on the forum) unless given permission in the email or review. Comments and stories help tremendously to give courage to those trying to leave and suggestions to those who need to leave as safely as possible. For those who haven't had these experiences, I hope some of these poems have helped you step into the shoes of these people in the midst of domestic violence.

In my work as a social worker, I often have DV information in my car at all times in case it is needed and have put the USA National Hotline number at the bottom of many of these poems so I can share info to those who read my poems. If anyone wishes to include links to similar poetry in their own ports (or even the actual poem) in the forum, please do this. Also, feel free to note hotline numbers in countries other than the US.

Thank you for stopping by. Just by stopping here for a moment, you have shown your interest in learning more and in helping others. I appreciate your time and comments.


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    Epiphany and freedom of an abuse survivor (any age or gender): a very short poem
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/1716623-Fractured-Lives-and-Renewal-Poetry