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It was just a dream, and now I'm living it.
This folder shows you a collection of my travels. I would like to share to you my journal to different countries in Asia (still 2 but counting), and one to my hometown. I include all details of my itinerary as well as how much I spend in Philippine Peso (1 US Dollars = 52.04 PhP). I'm a budget traveler, and I hope I could give you some tiny bits of information of these countries you might want to visit in the future.

Asia is such a diverse continent. Both Western and Oriental have influences in many countries due to centuries-old colonization and world trade. In the Philippines, where more than 90% of people are Christians, you can see old Hispanic and Western architecture all over the country along with the beautiful and untouched mountains and white beaches. However for me, it's so much interesting to see our neighboring countries where you can see lots of Buddhist and Hindu temples, friendly people, authentic Asian food, and the night market culture. I wish to travel more in the future!
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