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Hey, My name is Sidney Spencer II. I'm 22 and have been creative since a child. Drawing and reading on my bed by the glow of my desk lamp before crawling into a slumber. That was my night most of the time but it always changed. I would switch between reading, writing, drawing and watching anime. I love music and it gets me through a lot. More then talking can do at times. I didn't have anyone to share my ideas with while growing up and I quickly grew tired of not being able to share it. Hopefully my writing will help you and allow you to ease out of tough times. ^_^ Thanks for visiting. Happy Writing.
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    Pain buried inside eventual spill out.
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    You let the music take you away.
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #1903588
    A man hears a voice to do a dark deed.
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    Keep going and never give up. Be strong and resilient and you can move forward.
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