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My name is Deb. I'm a Sci-Fi/Fantasy enthusiast and I love to write. --- --- My niece, MichelleWriteMeow has encouraged my endeavors. She has helped me to dream again about publication. --- Politics: "By raising segregation and persecution to the ethical level of law, it puts into practice the antinomian rules of Orwell's 1984. Evil becomes good, inhumanity is inherited as charity, egoism as compassion." Elie Wiesel
A Moment of impatient reflective melancholy within my healing process
Rated: 13+
~211 Words
Emotional, Experience, Personal
Type: Poetry
Updated 22 years ago
All Myth has a rudiment of fact and uses parable or satire to express it's meaning
Rated: E
~158 Words
Arts, Mythology, Fantasy
Type: Prose
Updated 9 years ago
Bansbree: largest and most powerful city ever to sit on the borders of the Three Kingdoms.
Rated: 13+
46 Additions
Fantasy, Entertainment, Writing.Com
Type: Campfire Creative
Updated 8 years ago
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