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I write poetry. My Ellery Queen type story is on the back burner. My pet peeve is writing which doesn't follow basic rules of spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and usage. I'll never believe that a poem of anything other than 14 lines of iambic pentameter is a sonnet. Other than that, I'm something of a prankster. Long ago, I made a friend believe (briefly) she'd died. She still tells folk about it --- and laughs. Nowt new to report. I'm still just me --- humble. However, I started a poem on Christmas aftnoon. It's going so well (I'm up to about (9)Four-line stanzas) I've decided to restore my former moniker. Yes, I'm a HumblePoet.
All existence is perfect in my soul!!
Rated: E
~502 Words
Spiritual, Emotional, Experience
Type: Poetry
Updated 10 months ago
Here's a little poem about a snack my wife brought me recently.
Rated: E
~315 Words
Emotional, Relationship, Romance/Love
Type: Poetry
Updated 4 months ago
It should have been simple, and it was --- simply terrifying!
Rated: E
~642 Words
Comedy, Dark, Experience
Type: Fiction
Updated 8 months ago
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