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I'm a writer of tiny guy fiction.
    Rated: 18+ · Adult · #1908211
    A tiny man moves in with a woman
    Rated: 18+ · Adult · #1895091
    Rob is waiting for a plane and is shrunk!
    Rated: 18+ · Fantasy · #1844348
    Robert gets his wish to be tiny, but when placed in his now giant wife's cleavage....
    Rated: 18+ · Fantasy · #1838570
    Parmeet has a tiny little man.
    Rated: GC · Adult · #1824952
    Mary has a special little friend, a tiny inch tall man.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #1708044
    The continuing tale of tiny Rick
    Rated: 18+ · Erotica · #1707797
    A tiny three inch tall guy takes a bath, as a little pirate.
    Rated: GC · Fantasy · #1695904
    Rick, moves into a house and is in for a big change in his life.
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