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A Comedic Sifi Writer, Poet, Pagan, and Cat lover with a soft spot for Dogs and Bunnies. I happen to be quite Queer and Excentric. I love watching Insects and Reptiles outside of my Florida home. I have Autism. I like thinking about the Future and how things might change in the next hundred years. The reality that AI should never be perfected is a belief of mine. I also think that if we encounter aliens we should hope they are more evolved than us socially. At the end of the day, I swear by this Maxim, "The Only thing we can know is that we know nothing.
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    By the way, I have endured much suffering, do not think I say this because I am weak.
    Rated: 13+ · Animal · #2280219
    A Buddhist told me something embarrassing to pigs and apes, so I wrote a story about it.
    Rated: ASR · Comedy · #2280174
    DADA only smells dead... and I smell dead too...
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #2280172
    Old Poem of which I wrote a long time ago.
    Rated: ASR · Cultural · #2279646
    Just a philosophical quandary.
    Rated: ASR · Dark · #2279642
    A poem, Apocolyspe, Global Warming or Nukes.
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