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I am an avid fan of body swapping fiction, so I keep coming back to this website to churn out more and more of the same exact body switching machine interactives. Hopefully I show more creativity once the stories develop!
Becca returns to her hometown for a funeral, and what she finds will change her.
Rated: 13+
5 Chapters
Action/Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Type: Interactive
Updated about a month ago
You've built a body switching machine, and now it's time for a test run.
Rated: 18+
581 Chapters
Action/Adventure, Experience, Sci-fi
Type: Interactive
Updated about an hour ago
You win a body switching machine in a contest. When other people find it what will happen?
Rated: 18+
1,074 Chapters
Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Type: Interactive
Updated 17 days ago
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