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Hello, my name is Mark McLemore, I have decided to join this writing community because I am going to focus more on my writing in the year 2013. 3 years ago from this coming April, my fiance and I left our trailer behind to acquire better lives. She went into a rehab program, I went back to my parents house and started online college. We are both there now, and expecting a baby in April. My parents have a very nice home sitting on 40 acres of property in Mid-Michigan, very serene place to find ourselves. I garden here and hope to build a house somewhere on the property eventually. I look forward to meeting other writers.
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    A place to store my writings for my paracosm- The World Beneath the Surface.
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    State to state, even across the sea; She will always follow and find me...
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    Author's Note: This is some free verse I wrote in 15 minutes in the summer of 2010.
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    Poem for Stormy's Poetry Newsletter and Contest here on the WdC
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    What is a Paracosm? Mine is a place I retreat to when I want escape from this world.
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    How much the world population has increased in a century, from 1913-2013.
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    I just don't understand, my family wants me to settle down, but I am almost only 120...
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    A poem, which sums up the item in my short story of the same name...
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    So, where is that key? It's the key to my wife's heart. Normally, it's in my safe, but...
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