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I am mediocre in talent, but I use it to write. I am lacking in power and speed, but attempt to fight. I am distracted and misguided, but I try to finish a book. I am a lover of sights, but I hardly like to look. I hate to be confined to a certain number of words, For, when given a limit to my thoughts, they come suddenly in herds. But like shy, little sheep, they flock slowly, And as a modest writer, I think them all lowly.
I wrote a piece for the first boy I've ever loved because he is depressed and beautiful.
Rated: E
~336 Words
Personal, Relationship, Romance/Love
Type: Prose
Updated 10 years ago
A very emotional and strong poem I wrote, I'm most proud of this piece.
Rated: 13+
~369 Words
Experience, Personal, Relationship
Type: Other
Updated 10 years ago
I was going to write this on a Valentines Day card I got my boyfriend, for irony
Rated: E
~217 Words
Holiday, Romance/Love, Political
Type: Prose
Updated 9 years ago
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