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Well, I'm Max Stivers- unfailingly found with a black moleskine in hand, a mind that continues to overwork itself, a heart that's been bruised and battered and mended and ripped up its fair share, a soul that's really open to anything I can believe in. I've got a lot of questions about the world, and I'm constantly questioning the few answers I do know. Basically, love, writing, and good hugs are the only things that make any sense... Oh! I have a YouTube channel now! http://www.youtube.com/user/justanotherpoethero
A poem about openers and a face in the crowd
Rated: 13+
~338 Words
Music, Romance/Love, Entertainment
Type: Poetry
Updated 3 years ago
A song about not being perfect
Rated: 13+
~397 Words
Romance/Love, Music, Personal
Type: Lyrics
Updated 2 years ago
A poem for someone I could've been, but never was
Rated: 13+
~894 Words
Psychology, Experience, Health
Type: Poetry
Updated 4 years ago
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