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Hi, I'm Soar Hiy, though some know me as Dreamer. I love to write stories, and poetry, the one that's up right now is almost a novel type of thing, or at least that's what I'm shooting for. I have a brother and live in the Midwest of the US and go
    Rated: 18+ · Erotica · #1823855
    A girl meets up with a high school crush 6 years later. In progress. Should I finish?
    Rated: · Erotica · #1158716
    my daydream *warning* this is free write and not edited at all, may be expanded
    Rated: 13+ · Emotional · #1154032
    *CHANGED* series of freewrites, like a more poignet, sporadic type of journal
    Rated: 13+ · Action/Adventure · #1148514
    A Newsies movie fan fic. A girl struggles to make her dream come true in 1900 New York
    Rated: · Drama · #1147731
    a set of haikus i created while thinking about my current relationship
    Rated: ASR · Death · #346046
    A girl has a tough time with her family after a mortal car accident near Christmas time.
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