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October 1 1960
Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CDA
About Me
Oh gosh ... what to say, what to say. Awesome gal, stumbling through life, kiddies off on their own soon, going to be an empty nester, even the cat is leaving. I work too much and worry too much. Like things to be just so, but just as easily willing to let it all go to hell. A gypsy, free spirited soul who can pick up on a dime and let life lead the way. Love my float home on the water where I feel at peace. Waiting patiently for my next love. Here's to my next adventure!
Type of Writer
Published, pretty lousy poet, non-fiction articles in mags, newspapers, online, love to interview and get people's stories.
Writing Style
Hmmm .. I get paid, so someone likes me! *Smile*
kayaking, kayaking, kayaking, dreaming, wondering, working, laughing, reading, writing, being outside, being in awe, and a ton more.
Website / Homepage
deleted it recently .. sigh
My Blog
it's here
Favorite Quote
Well behaved women seldom make history.
Favorite Music
all of it!!
Favorite Movies
    Rated: E · Holiday · #1206685
    Now this has an awardicon! Thanks Rising Stars (Eagle)
    Rated: E · Emotional · #1206380
    Written for writers cramp, this was a difficult time. All turned out well in the end.
    Rated: E · Drama · #1204779
    Life is cyclical. This is my son coming to see me. I did the same thing when I was young.
    Rated: E · Relationship · #1204907
    Won 2nd prize in the Noticing Newbies Contest!
    Rated: E · Biographical · #1204776
    I spent 3 months caring for my sister. A beautiful, life changing journey.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/bugzy