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November 18
South West Texas
About Me
I love writing. My husband and I are raising a 12 year old grandson who is now our son! I have raised three children and have had 2 grandchildren move in so we could help them graduate form High School and I did! What an exciting trip that was. I love painting and taught it for about five years, then found I also loved writing. I am working on another book and hope to have it finished by the end of the year, 2015. I self-published one book "Looking for my Father" and it is on Amazon.com
Type of Writer
Children, have tried some poetry. I hope to try an adult book someday. I have the outline.
Writing Style
Casual, sometimes with research
writing, painting and taking care of my husband, grandson/son and dog Miss E.I love people and I love to hear about them and what makes them tick. Some of these are very dear to my heart.
Group Memberships
WDC Addicts Any. (although they are closing) Fantasy, Snail Mail, Native American First People, OH, I don't remember what else.
Favorite Genres
Childrens; Fantasy; Scary; Animal and so on.
Favorite Books
Forever Amber; Joy Luck Club (which I cried my eyes out) Stephen Kings Cujo; Dean Kootz books, Intensity ; this one literally kept me off my seat. Tom Tyrons "The Other" gave me chills
Favorite Authors
Irish Johnson; Jonathan Keller;C.S. Lewis; James Patterson; Michael Buckley
Favorite Poets
Edgar Allen Poe; Brian Compton;
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