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September 9 1958
About Me
I'm very passionate about God, my family, and my writing because every single one of those comes from within my heart and soul. Like everything I do in my life, I love to experience new adventures, love meeting new people, and most of all spending time with my Heavenly Father and my family. I love animals, the beach, the mountains, horseback riding, sports, and everything in between. I have been honored twice in 2 years by my fellow writers at WdC.Signature for use by anyone nominated for a Quill Award in 20202020A signature for exclusive use of winners at the 2019 Quill Awards2019
Type of Writer
I am a Poet; I write from my heart and soul.
Writing Style
I love free verse, I'm spreading my wings in short stories and scriptwriting. I plan to grow by learning from the best.
I study my Bible, Writing, Horseback riding, cooking, watch movies, I love to dance and listen to some awesome music. I make sugar scrub's, bath salts, jewelry, and I also do crafts.
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Favorite Genres
Romance, Comedy, Drama
Favorite Books
My Bible, My Little Women, Tom Sawyer, Tess, Poldark Series
Favorite Authors
Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Danielle Stelle, Charles Dickinson, Sandra Brown, Johanna Lindsey, Winston Graham
Favorite Poets
Robert Seymour Bridges
Favorite Quote
God is the power within me, without Him I am nothing, but an empty shell.
~~Teresa Blakely~~
Favorite Music
I like just about every kind of music. Gospel, Country, Jazz, Rock are just a few of what I listen to.
Favorite Movies
I enjoy a wide range of movies. The Shack, Sweet Home Alabama, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lethal Weapon, among a few, and I like anything western, action, history, romance, and drama.
Favorite Shows
The Encounter, Heartland, Drop Dead Diva, Arrow, Flash, NCIS, Reign just to name a few.
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