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March 7 1958
About Me
I live in the country. My favorite place is under the willow tree with my great-granddaughter. We make up stories, dance & sing. Someday she'll be too old for such nonsense, but today, this is what we do. I'm a voracious reader & hope to write something worthwhile before I die. I suppose we all do. I think there's a story in all of us. It's getting it on paper that's the kicker, isn't it?
Type of Writer
Tentative and secretive. Hoping to be one.
Writing Style
All over the place. I hope to change that.
Reading, writing, boating, swimming, playing just about anything with my great-granddaughter, hanging out with my family around a cozy fire-pit, Sophie (the Wonder Cat), and cuddling with my husband. Could life get any greater than this?
My Blog
I used to have one. I may start another.
Favorite Genres
Y/A Mystery/Horror Adventure Autobiography Holocaust history and Survivor stories Fiction
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