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April 1966
Saint Louis, Missouri
About Me
My life began with two parents with my father in the Air Force. I grew up in the Midwest, the oldest of three. Went on to become a RN, got married, had two children, then later I divorced. I raised my babies alone, devoting my life to them. I did date, one then the other, while keeping both lives separate. I faced many struggles, nearly all of them alone, but somehow growing stronger because of them. I write every day sharing my thoughts, ideas, needs, wants, desires, passions, hopes and wishes.
Type of Writer
I enjoy writing romantic, passionate, sensuous literature using the art of seduction to capture my reader's attention.
Writing Style
To paint a picture using subtle brushstrokes and to tease the reader, by giving just a glimpse of what may come next...
Writing is my true passion, for the written word is like no other. Music takes my mind, body and spirit to other places. Nature an escape, a blue sky, sunny day, beautiful water, a sandy beach. Photography to capture some of life's beauty.
Favorite Genres
Romantic Literature Erotic Literature
Favorite Music
1) Daughtry, "Break the Spell" 2) Ryan Star, "11:59" 3) David Cook, "This Loud Morning" 4) Rob Thomas "Cradlesong" 5) James Durbin "Memories of a.." 6) The Fray "The Fray" 7) Carolina Liar "Wild Blessed.." 8) Green River Ordinance"Out of.."
Favorite Movies
1)"The Notebook" 2)"Titanic" 3)"Pretty Woman" 4)"My Fair Lady" 5)"Ghost" 6)"Time Traveler's Wife" 7)"Somewhere in Time" 8)"Dirty Dancing"
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/writersoftkiss