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July 22, 2015

I'm going to start today to record on a daily basis whatever happens to strike my fancy. So, it is a very cool breezy day. I just posted 5 short book reviews to The Monthly Reading Challenge. I'm suppose to put away some winter wood today from the woodpile outside but I'm playing hookey from work to write so starting this blog will get done.

I'm having a daily fight with a flock of English Sparrows that are trying to take over my barn. They are making a terrible mess so they have to go. I have destroyed several nests so far they don't leave but they get out of the barn when I am around. I'm just starting the fight so I guess I don't know how far I have to go to discourage them.

I'm trying not to spread myself to thin on WDC because I find so many things that are interesting here and I am trying to work on a new story. I really enjoy sitting at my desk with a cup of tea and reading blogs on WDC.

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August 11, 2020 at 10:39am
August 11, 2020 at 10:39am
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Day 2825: Halong Bay, Vietnam
Prompt: Pick out one of the five legends/myths in this article: The Legend of Halong Bay: Discover Myths Behind The Names https://www.visithalongbay.com/insight-guides/the-legend-of-halong-bay.html and write a story or poem based on the legend/myth.

Swim or Stay

Tray had been walking for a long time through a jungle. He had left the main trail far behind. At first the terrain was close set bamboo, that had not been bothered for many years by humans. The tall plants grew close together and ware difficult to get through, but tray was actually finding a way. He hoped when the bamboo started to thin that he was actually traveling in a straight path toward the coast.

The story he had heard in the local pub was if he traveled toward the large bay he would find something worth seeing. So, here he was off on a hike by himself. He cut himself a sturdy walking stick from the bamboo and walked on. Soon, the bamboo thinned and he was walking through mangrove trees and palms. When he stopped to rest he thought he heard the rhythmic slosh of water as it washed gently against the shore. within a few yards he had broken out of the undergrowth and was standing facing a beautiful bay which stretched before him in watery glory.

The walk had eliminated the day. He sat down on the shore took some snacks from his backpack and rested against the base of a nearby tree. As, the sun went down Tray saw an emerald green island. The setting sun's rays illuminated it as if it was a gem in the far off reaches of the bay waiting to be plucked. Tray laid his head on his backpack. He watched the glowing emerald gem until the sun fell below the horizon and his heavy eyes closed in deep restful sleep.

The next day was spent fashioning a small raft from large bamboo stalks he found along the banks of the bay. He used a ball of sturdy twine from his pack and some vines which grew on other trees to hold the buoyant wood together. You see, Tray was an explorer of sorts. A young man who was always moving around looking at new things. He was quite use to taking journeys where he had to improvise his own type of transportation. Once he was sure the raft would float he fashioned a paddle from some wood he found using a small Swiss Army knife that had been given to him by a soldier when he was a child.

Tray boarded the raft and began to paddle this way and that trying out how well the raft was holding together and how well it maneuvered. finding all ways of maneuverability being to his satisfaction he set out paddling straight toward the emerald Island. As you will ascertain, others had seen the emerald glowing in the setting sun but none would say what was on it. Tray wanted to know why the sun cast it's rays to illuminate this island as a green gem and not others near it.

It was farther from the shore of the bay than Tray had counted on. It took most of the day to reach the jutting rock of the Island. When he reached it he had to paddle West than back East looking for a beach on which to land, since most of the rock of the island rose straight up into the sky. Finally, when he was beginning to think he would have to spend a dark foreboding night on the little floating bamboo raft. He spied a very small niche of sandy beach on which he landed his little craft.

He drew the craft up onto the 20 foot beach because he did not want to be stranded on this piece of rock,because now that he was actually on the island, it seemed to be just that, no more than another hunk of rock jutting out of the water many feet into the sky. The sun was setting behind the island and now he found himself in deep darkness without a light. He could hear the gentle lap of water against the little beach so he settled himself against the rock that surrounded the beach, took out an energy bar and a bottle of water from his pack and stared into the pitch dark hoping he was safe. Soon, his eyes closed. Once again his efforts of the day had caused him to settle into a much needed sleep.

The rise of light from morning startled him awake. He knew immediately where he was. He stood up and began to explore the rock wall that surrounded this little beach. The beach was a semicircle. About 20 feet long and 15 feet at it's circumference point. The circle flattened in it's center, that is where Tray found the entrance to a path that led into the stone wall.

He picked up the pack and moved off the beach onto the path which was still surrounded by rock.

Ten feet onto the trail a formation of steps led upwards. At one place the trail, which was formed from the same rock as the wall, led left and right. At this point he believed he had climbed up about 20 feet. The new thing was, the seaward side of the trail was rock the other side was land with trees growing everywhere. He began to hear birds calling from tree to tree.
Every now and then a foot path pebble and dirt, branched away from the rock path he was following. The land still aimed upwards at a gradual pace. Even the land with trees, brush, and living green growth also slanted in varying degrees upward and inward away from the path he was following.

He came to a footpath that was much wider than the others. I'm going to try moving deeper into the Island he thought, but I better mark the way so I can return and make it back to the beach. He took out the Swiss Army knife. moving to the rock wall he began to scrape an arrow that pointed back the way he came. Startled, he realized the rock was crumbling away. It was leaving a mark that showed a green emerald glass like an emerald gem. He had revealed an emerald gem arrow pointing back the way he had come.

He wanted to scrap away more rock but the day was moving on so he traveled forward onto the wider trail that led toward the internal part of the island. Suddenly a great stag stepped from behind a large tree. It planted itself in the center of the path facing Tray. Tray stood absolutely still hoping it would not charge.

The stag spoke. "You are man, man cannot live here."

The astonished Tray had many thoughts flashing through his mind. Did the deer speak? Is there a place to run to if I need to get away?

The stag spoke again. "You cannot hide, you must leave here. Follow me." The stag ordered in a very commanding voice.

Tray turned thinking to retreat the way he had come only to find a second stag with lowered head aiming his direction standing behind him. It was then that he noticed that the many points of the stags horns were sharpened to deadly looking hunting knife quality ends.

Tray faced forward and followed the stag. They wound their way to the top of the island. The commanding stag led him to the edge of a clear solid emerald platform that looked out over the large deep bay.

You have a choice. If you remain on the island today, tomorrow you will become a stag like us. If you do not wish to live out your days as a stag on this island you must jump. If you survive the jump you will find a small fishing vessel anchored against the wall where the bay meets the rock. You may use the vessel to sail away from our island. Keep the vessel. We wish you well.

Tray started to stammer out a question.

Choose now shouted the Stag! It lowered his head menacingly and began to paw the ground.

Tray patted his pocket to assure himself his Swiss Army Knife was still there. He took several running steps across the emerald gem platform and jumped with a frightened force, as far out away from the rock wall as he could get. In a perfect dive he entered the water with arms outstretched, hands together body pointing down. The bay before him was racing up at an alarming rate. As he entered the water, he felt the weight of it on his flesh. He fought against the gravity by curving his body upward as soon as his shoulders were under the water. To his surprise the water here was very deep. He was able to turn upward shooting toward the cloudy sky. He surfaced shaking the water from his eyes and hair.

When he was sure he was all in one piece he treaded water looking around to get his bearings. About 100 yards away a small fishing craft bobbed on the water held in place by an anchor. Tray swam over dragged himself up a rope ladder on the side and took possession of the boat.

That is how the fishing fleet that makes its living on the bay came into being. One adventurous lad after another jumped from the emerald gem platform taking possession of the reward waiting below.


August 11, 2020 at 9:05am
August 11, 2020 at 9:05am
Halong Bay, Vietnam

We're doing a 2 day/2night cruise Day 11 and Day 12 will be in Halong Bay.


Kayaking, swimming on the beach. learning how to make Vietnamese spring rolls and after dinner squid fishing.

Let your imagination get carried away, discuss what fun things you've experienced.

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I think at home spring rolls could contain a variety of vegetables, your choice. I like rice so the recipe I chose had rice, shrimp, peanuts, garlic, and some mint and basil. The shrimp could be substituted with salmon or another type of fish. The herbs could be substituted to something you like the flavor of mixed with rice and fish. Making spring rolls is fun and not really difficult. Remember use fresh lettuce leaves when you roll the ingredients together. And, precook the fish and rice.

Even the cook was laughing at our attempts to make a perfect roll. At least we did not end up in a food fight.

The upper deck of the cruise ship is outfitted with green grass carpet which makes me think of sunning myself on a large lawn. We have been so busy during the day. We jumped into (well boarded is a better word) kayaks and visited a village where there was a hike up, up, up a mountainous island to view the world from above.

The bay is full of cruise ships, small and large, from up here you can see the smaller fishing boats.

The villages harvest pearl oysters from the harbor. I think Blue Moon will have an opal setting with small pearls in a ring when she gets home. This is a gem of a vacation. Australian Opals and Viet Namese pearls must be a story in there somewhere.

Caving wasn't such a problem. The way in was a path laid out for tourists. Just walking around in the cave was an education about formations under ground.

Back in the kayaks we boarded a floating village. The residents were happy to get a couple dollars as a gift. They had a dog out there. The village is inhabited year round. The residents build plank type paths from place to place on it. Think of living there and providing all your physical needs on a floating house. This is a whole village of people.

Just this week a house boat sank off Presque Isle in Erie, Pa. I saw it on the news. The owners had gone ashore to shop. In an interview they said they had been living on the house boat for many years without a problem. People with no how raced in to save the boat. I guess they were able to stop the sinking and someday it will be fully upright again. They did find the reason it went down.

Back on the cruise ship I went topside to sit in a lounge chair with a good book waiting to watch the sun go down. As the cruise continued around and through the bay I watched the many large rock formations. I bet lots of different birds use them for nesting. I'm surprised people have not built small homes on them. Sandra Lyn and Lyn had some good ideas about what a house on a rock formation should look like. I hope I get up early enough to come up here and watch the sun rise. It's bound to be spectacular.


August 10, 2020 at 10:18am
August 10, 2020 at 10:18am
BFof: Prompt: Pick one of these fun places and write about it. Experience Thailand With These 10 Things To Do In Pak Chong! -

Manx Cat from Japan *Cat2* At a young age when I was asking why? My dad said, "Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back."

I just could not pick One!

1. At Palio Village I found the mushroom farm. This is such a great learning experience for growing mushrooms. There is a place to go to see the way the medium for the growth of the mushrooms is packed around the mushroom to start it. The farm itself has gardens with large colored Mushroom sculptures There are two story cottages you can book to stay in and mushroom paintings on the walls of the buildings. I'm reminded of the story in one of "The lion, Witch, and Wardrobe," series. The farm has that kind of childlike aura within the grown up world of growing mushrooms.

2. Then I visited the Elephant Roundup Village which is near the silk village where silk is weaved for the royal family. some of the patterns are only allowed to be used for the royals. The fabrics for them are woven by hand and often a fabric in the process of being woven only gains a few centimeters per day.. I like silk fabric, so I was hoping to find more about the process for silk that is exported. My links did not work well so I'm not sure I was in the proper place. Anyway, this particular visual was very interesting. Stories about the patterns are interesting as well.

3. The elephant village is a place where Mahout s are trained and elephants are trained. During the year there is a roundup. What is similar to a horse gymkhana in the USA. The Mahouts show off their elephants. The elephants compete in different contests such as dart throwing and ring juggling. Within the village are houses built on high poles. The ground level is where the elephants live. The top level has two sides. One for a family the other for the Mahout in training. It's a very organized system. You can take a ride on an elephant while you are there. I once rode an elephant at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas.
a very slow but insightful ride.

4. I could not stop there. Since I was in the area I also visited a Buddhist Temple. The temple itself is almost in ruins. a new temple grounds has been built. There are many beautiful and very old sculptures on the grounds in garden settings. One sculpture depicts a pair of large birds eating the intestines of a human body.

Perhaps depicting a burial rite of some sort. In the Andes mountains a group of natives take the pieces of the human body to the top of a mountain to feed to large vultures. Then when only the bones are left they are powdered and cast to the land. This is the reality of "We are born from dust we return to dust."

I found a Buddhist Temple in Minnesota which is very much like the one in Thailand that I visited. Started by Monks fleeing from the Khmer Rouge 1988. Now there is a group of Buddhist living near them. I often wonder what the Buddha thinks about this kind of visual respect toward him. You know he adamantly did not want people to worship him. And, they do not seem to attempt exactly worship, but pay their respect to him in this way, while creating a quiet place to meditate and attempt to achieve enlightenment.

This is what I found today. Thank you for the incentive. *FlowerV*


August 10, 2020 at 8:16am
August 10, 2020 at 8:16am
We're going to have a picnic by the falls this afternoon. And spend some quality time together. Give a
brief summation of the last ten days including today's sights.in your entry today.
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Nhao Yai National Park: Wild Life video from Youtube:


There is a Bonanza Zoo which contains a compact amount of exotic animals for viewing. However, I kind of got stuck at the Khao Yai National park. One thing be sure of you cannot get into the park on foot. You must be in a vehicle. This is part is very large. It takes about 3 hours to drive to all of the sites and that does not count viewing time. Also this park is similar to Yellowstone where all the wildlife roams freely within the park.

There are only two circular trails connected to the wildlife center, that can be freely walked by tourists of the park. On all other trails a guide is required to walk on them. All of the trails are circular so you won't get lost. Snakes, monkeys, butterflies, wild pigs, chickens, elephants, and other animals are native to the area.

Some of the snakes are poisonous. I saw one on a guided tour to one of the falls. Although this National Park was the first one established in Thailand it is now the third largest.

Around 447 species of birds inhabit the Park. There is a bird migration into the park during March and April. There are wild chickens all through the park and along the road sides. I saw a brown horn-bill today. I suppose if I add it to my bird list I should notation virtual beside the name of the bird. *Laugh*

Salt licks are normal along the park road ways which can lure the animals close so they can be viewed from automobiles. The best way to see the larger species is with a guided tour because guides communicate between tours where the animals are spending time. Quides can take the public right to any section of the park where and elephant herd or other animals may be congregating.

Khao Rom mountain is the highest mountain in the park. It is very humid in the park at this time of year because it is the rainy season. Also the water falls will be more splendid because of more available water.

Besides birds there are many beautiful butterfly species. Special picture boards can be seen at the viewing sites that depict the kinds of animals, plants, and insects within the park.

Personally, Because of a poisonous snake I saw at the waterfall I think the picnic would be better inside a vehicle or even at the Wildlife center.

Notes: The Kensington English Garden Resort is quiet and serene. It would be a great place to spent a retreat or some time to write. We have visited some really nice hotels on this trip.I thought I would miss the Viroth's Hotel but this one was fine as well.

Who wouldn't love Opal hunting. The miners have built a kind of awesome village there. A nice way to fight the environmental landscape.

I was very taken with Spanda and the Swan bell tower. Awesome man made monuments.

Everywhere we go bicycles are used for the way to get around most places--except Antarctica where boats and snow vehicles are the main ride.

All during this trip we are meeting environments that are contrasts; cold versus heat, ice versus desert, desert versus jungle. Also, hotels and places we are visiting have some very nice people interested in the safety of the travelers.

I feel though that I could still wring out more about Antarctica if I spent time in research. It was interesting to find that there are no Polar Bears in Antarctica. And, some of the special clothing is good for winter here even if we only have cold a couple months of the year.



August 9, 2020 at 10:34am
August 9, 2020 at 10:34am
BFoF: BCoF:Educate us about famous musicians from Cambodia. I've given you one resource, feel free to expand with more information for us. Make us want to see one of the artists.

I could not use the link from the prompt so this is what I found.

Musicians play music outside the Angkor Temples.

Fairy playing a flute *Clef*

Evil always seems to target music and musicians. during the days of the Pol Pot. 1.7 million people of Cambodia were killed. Among that number was a large per cent of skilled Cambodian musicians.

One of today's important Cambodian musicians Kang Nai has an album out called, "Survivors of the Khmer Rouge, They Will Kill You If You Cry." This musician is known to write and sing songs of encouragement, and healing to the public about the horrors they survived."

The NACA Orphanage of Cambodia has a documentary called, "Still I Strive Cambodia." The documentary includes the music of orphans from Cambodia. This talented group of orphans has formed orchestrated music and a ballet group. The ballet group sings as part of the performance. Most of the instruments are wind and percussion instruments. The Ballerinas are graceful as they do a dance that imparts blessing.

Much of the music of today's artists is interpretive for healing, blessings, and thankful enlightenment.

One of today's famous musicians, Sinn Sisamouth sings songs with rhythm and foot tapping beats. His music is good for dancing, house cleaning, and tapping your feet.

August 9, 2020 at 9:23am
August 9, 2020 at 9:23am
We;re staying at the Viroth's Hotel


Siem Reap is the capital of the province Siem Reap in Cambodia. One of their most famous sites to visit is the Angkor Wat temple. Besides that, they have many more temples, museums, the Old Market and the Cambodian Cultural Village.

Explore the different options and discuss. Make us envious

owl for signature use *FlowerR*




Checking into the Viroth's Hotel was so easy. The hotel is just lovely. I could not think of a better word. Every room has views of green growing plants and gardens. The staff is very courteous. You can always find someone near who will answer questions and help.

The lot of us hired a mini bus and tumbled in for a trip to Angkor temples. I took pictures of WakeUpAndLive, Blue Moon and Carly standing on the temple steps. Sandra Lynn and I both noticed the big difference in the climate here and weather where we live. The heat is different causing the growth of more tropical trees and plants. We are using lots of sun screen and carrying bottles of liquid.

The artists that created the carvings on temples and statues was very talented. Doesn't it show the amazing creative minds that existed during this period of Cambodian life?

In a Biogeoghraphy class we discussed the fact that a lot of legends are based on some kind of facts so I was wondering what facts the legend about a half-man half lion are created on? I looked up one link about an eclipse and the story that is told about eclipses. Wikipedia also has several pages about Cambodian folklore. All of this folklore around the temples made me wonder what life is really like so I booked a trip with the Happy Ranch Horse Farm. I took a three hour trip through the country side on horse back.

The horses seemed really calm and used to anything they might experience on the trail. Once when we were riding on a wide trail through a part of jungle a spotted pig came out suddenly from the underbrush. The horses did not even acknowledge it. On the ride we waved at people hand working some fields. We also saw, statues, temples, and rode through villages.

It was a long day. Some of our group took the water tour of Toni Sup Fishing Village. I still want to see Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary. Lots of good bird pictures I can chalk up some new bird sightings for my list. I hope there is time to sit in the lounge and compare adventures. Maybe at breakfast if people are to tired tonight.

Merit Badge in Encore! Encore!
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Thank you for your interesting entries in the 30 day 50/50 Lyn

August 8, 2020 at 11:16am
August 8, 2020 at 11:16am
BCoF:Prompt: Perth - As a tourist, which would you rather come home with: lots of souvenirs or lots of pictures. Why?
signature dancing owl *Jamming*


Because of the bicycle ride around Perth I would have to say lots of pictures. For one thing I can't really imagine where money would come from for a real world trip like we are taking. For another thing I am having a great time looking at pictures from Wikipedia and YouTube or bike rides around fascinating places. I also learned some new things about bikes while I was on this trip. It would be fun to trade my bike in on an electric bike.

In real time I took a photography class in college for journalism. I have a wonderful 35 millimeter camera with a zoom lens, that never gets enough use. It has all kinds of automatic buttons that I have fun with when I do use it. If you have read my blog for Perth you know I really liked the Spanda Sculpture by Christian de Vietvi. I would love to hang a picture of it taken by me on the wall in my house.

Picture taking is an art and if I was traveling in real time I would be using my camera to record all these places and creating albums to show off sometimes. I also like the picture taking abilities of my kindle and phone. I would take live movies of the bell tower because I would like to hear the bells ring in the Swan Bell tower.

Who knows now what I will find in Cambodia that should be recorded. Taking pictures adds to the fun of travel. Getting that perfect shot just right is a special experience to keep for all time.
August 8, 2020 at 8:59am
August 8, 2020 at 8:59am
The tour guide is so excited to have such a large group. And there's a lot of interesting places along our ride. Discuss what you've seen and what you liked thus far in Australia..

Manx Cat from Japan *Traincar1p*


Quote:“I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror –
The wide brown land for me!”
Dorothea Mackellar, The Poems of Dorothea Mackellar reference:https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/australia


I took the bicycle tour. Even wearing masks the ride was spectacular. I had to center on something and I was so taken with Elizabeth Quays. The Quays are where Perth City meets the Swan River. It is considered one of the precincts designed within it's own area and use.Elizabeth Quays was named for Queen Elizabeth during her diamond jubilee.

Two things put me over the top at Elizabeth Quays. Although, I saw and read about so much more these things were are the top of my attention.

There are 18 bells hanging in a 271 foot high tower, which is made of copper and brass. Twelve of the bells are from St. Martin-in-the-Square church located in Trafalgar Square in London. Six of the others were recently cast by by White Chapel Bell foundry. Metal mined in Australia was used to shape these bells. One was donated by The Australian Government. The other five were underwritten by West Minister of the UK, the city of London, and British and Australian mining companies. The sound of the bells can be aimed in different directions depending on the need or time of day. The Swan Bell Tower was designed by Hames Shailey.

The second thing is the Spanda sculpture by artist Christian de Vietvi. The Spanda is situated looking south toward the Swan river. It is six nested arches. The largest arch is nine stories high. The smallest arch is the size of a human being or maybe two standing together. It represents divine vibrations that united human communication with the universe.

I tried to find out why the clothing of the women's sculpture changes, I've not been successful about that yet.

If I was actually going to travel face to face Perth would be one of the places I would go. I would like to hear the bells and walk through the Spanda. By bicycle it was a wonderful ride with so much to see. I needed in-depth knowledge of all the places I rode to see. I could visit Australia more than once or just stay for a few months to see all the sites it exhibits.

Now I am excited to visit Cambodia. A place I have never been.

August 7, 2020 at 12:06pm
August 7, 2020 at 12:06pm

Where I spent the evening while we were at Darwin Austrailia.

Fairy playing a flute *GiftB*

Mindl Beach Market is an evening adventure. The market is here in the evening for a specific reason. It's for the sun watchers of society. The Market itself is known for a diversity of types of foods. If you are hungry this is a great place to dine. Then, of course, there is a lot of other interesting stalls rugs, painting, gems, and aboriginal items. Plus, there is the music here that is constantly playing. It's a background to the market and later continues as people wander down to the beach for the main event.

When the sun starts to go down you take the walkway to the beach. Mindl Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Australian Continent. The oxidation in the sand causes it to be reddish in color.There are palm trees and other plant life for greenery. The contrasting glory of the sea colors and sky colors as the sun sinks is awesome. If you know about the sun it is large, in this part of the world, as it sinks slowly down giving the sky a red, yellow, orange, and even purple light show.

There is a wharf there with dining options. No one sells alcohol drinks but you can bring your own. The wharf is out over the ocean even closer to the sun. Many people are standing around with cameras taking photographs as the sun falls slowly down behind the horizon. The contrast between the sky and the color of the beaches makes a beautiful show. This is where the paintings sold from the stalls at the Mindl Beach Market were born, as artist watched this sky show.

I ordered a seafood platter with Iced tea and stood on the edge of the wharf taking pictures that will be a happy reminder of the trip, in times yet to come. When I thought I had enough picture taking and the food was delivered to the table I enjoyed fresh fish and shrimps with a sauce native to the area. It was so peaceful. The night quietly settled in as the sun at last made its final exit. It left a glow in the sky even as it disappeared.

I was happy to acknowledge how many other people were sunset watching. The sun will always amaze you as our planet spins around it on a daily basis.
August 7, 2020 at 8:54am
August 7, 2020 at 8:54am
Darwin Waterfront and Vibe Hotel: exploring Darwin and surrounding area.

This book is a Hoot! *MugR*

Although the vibe had some bad reviews I got along really well with staff. The rooms were clean and the showers large. I liked the seating on decks to watch the sunset. Lots of different kinds of group settings. Since I spent some time on walking tours the comfort was most appreciated.

I walked across the sky walk. You have to take an elevator up to the sky walk and then when you get really close to the harbor you take and elevator down. It was a stormy day with some thunder rolling in the horizon so the sky walk felt adventurous.

As I exited the sky walk there were some rental bikes. A little unusual because they had a very comfortable seat. Descriptively equal to sitting in a chair with armrests and a back. It's a good thing I rented one because walking around the walk ways was a long walk. We entered a park area where we saw a small beach which had a life guard chair and a volley ball net.

The walkways wandered all over the wharf. Passing the Beach markets. Lots of different views on the walkways. Saw the wave lagoon and the convention center. Also walked through some more markets and outside dining where flora and fauna surrounded the tables and dining areas, very secluded and especially peaceful. Then it was back up on the sky way walk to our starting point.

One of the residents told me that in WWII there were more bombs dropped on Darwin than on Pearl Harbor.

A lot of the building we see today is rebuilt from 1974 when Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin on December 24 after 10 p.m. The residents were celebrating Christmas Eve. They thought the cyclone was going to go in a different direction so they were caught unawares. The storm killed 71 people. There were winds of 135 m.p.h. 70 per cent of homes and buildings were destroyed with #837 million worth of damage. 30,000 people were evacuated many never returned. Today Darwin continues to have what is considered a low population.

It is interesting that mixed in with Australian shops we find Coles, Coca Cola, and Hertz rent a car.

I took Sandra Lyn and Blue Moon with me to Mindle Beach Sunset Market. They had strict instructions to keep me from spending too much. I did buy a aboriginal musical horn. There were so many things to see. Tye dye dresses, paintings of Beach Sunsets, gorgeous rugs with unusual patterns.

It's a good thing today was an active day with lots of walking because the food was to good to pass up. I agree with Sandra Lyn *Laugh* no moth soup or grubs of any kind. I no longer eat white tail deer at home so I'm not eating kangaroo here.

We also visited Liechfield National Park. There are 20 national parks near Darwin. This one has water holes between falls areas so you can wade and swim. We walk around the termite mounds which are high and wide. Really needed rest at the end of the day.

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