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July 22, 2015

I'm going to start today to record on a daily basis whatever happens to strike my fancy. So, it is a very cool breezy day. I just posted 5 short book reviews to The Monthly Reading Challenge. I'm suppose to put away some winter wood today from the woodpile outside but I'm playing hookey from work to write so starting this blog will get done.

I'm having a daily fight with a flock of English Sparrows that are trying to take over my barn. They are making a terrible mess so they have to go. I have destroyed several nests so far they don't leave but they get out of the barn when I am around. I'm just starting the fight so I guess I don't know how far I have to go to discourage them.

I'm trying not to spread myself to thin on WDC because I find so many things that are interesting here and I am trying to work on a new story. I really enjoy sitting at my desk with a cup of tea and reading blogs on WDC.

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November 2, 2018 at 12:18pm
November 2, 2018 at 12:18pm
While you all were busy digging and trolling through "Writing.Com 101" yesterday, I learned something new as well! *Magnify* Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? *Butterfly2O* Do you think taste is an under-utilized sense in writing? Reflect on how taste can be better utilized in your writing to enhance a scene.

a sense of something in your mouth or a quality of something.

I doubt it is really under utilized. Because, any writing is better presented with the descriptions it has utilized.

Of Course, there is always the physical tasting of snacks as the writer or reader progresses through a story or article or poem, as it is being read or written.*TeaG* *Bread*.

Descriptions make the story. Descriptions place the scenes. The wrapper on the candy crinkled as I unwound it. One lick told me the solid red sweet was the flavor of cinnamon. Or, some people think that a girl with purple stripes in her hair, long dangling bangles on her ears, ripped blue jeans, and bare feet doesn't have any taste in outfits.

Taste is probably the sense that makes the world of writing spin. Description is the use of sensory writing.

If you can taste it you can describe it.


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November 1, 2018 at 12:24pm
November 1, 2018 at 12:24pm
What fun it is starting an Official Round on a Thursday! Seasoned competitors will know that Thursdays are what we refer to around here as "Wildcard Rounds." Anything can happen, so you'd best be on your toes.

Unfortunately, I have bad news for you - during your wild Halloween escapades, you’ve found yourself lost in a labyrinth. The "Writing.Com 101" labyrinth to be exact! I think there’s a Minotaur in here, so you’d better hurry and find a way to escape! Luckily, before entering the labyrinth, I gave each of you a cookie (your choice of flavor), a paperclip, and a toy truck for your amusement. There are two ways to free yourself from the labyrinth: 1.) Learn something new and teach us what you learned, or 2.) Dig your way free with the tools provided. Good luck *Devilish*

*Cool* a labyrinth

Tools: A Peanut Butter Cookie / a red *Clip* / and a toy truck

Well this did not work out well. More than half of my November 1 entry was deleted. So, I will at least put the important part back.

I thing of Writing.com as a city. All the places in *WDC* 101 are streets and shops to visit. I visited writing.com 101/the Community / #5 wish list.

Wish List:

Tells you how to fill your wish list by visiting the *WDC*shop. And, How to grant someone else's wish off their list. Also, where to go to see all the wish lists on WDC.

I never knew you could do this so I think it is kind of fun and important information.

This was better yesterday but, I seem to have a computer glitch that happened over the internet since I tried out the wish list idea and it was also deleted from my portfolio.

Oh well. today is a new day so I'll just move forward.
October 28, 2018 at 10:56am
October 28, 2018 at 10:56am
If you could create your very own monster, what would it look like?
What would it be called? What types of things would it do to scare people?
Where does the monster live?
Tell me everything there is to know about your monster.


It would probably look like a large *Rat* It would have to be as big as an *Elephant* at the shoulders with 3 foot long whiskers. With a black spiked collar and teeth that glittered and flashed when it drew back its lips to bite. Also, has red eyes with yellow circles around them. *Crazy*

It would be called Lovey so I could say, "Sik em Lovey!" and it would leap clear out of the dog pen squeaking and showing its flashing neon teeth. It would grab humans by the back of their hoody or shirt collar and shake them like a dog shakes a snake.

The monster lives on the back porch and has the run of the fenced in yard that runs around the perimeter of the house and barn and garage. Except at night, when it has the run of the entire property.

The collar has a couple handle grips and a small pad across the back of lovey's neck so I can ride around on its back. Good fun night rides. Have you ever watched a rat sneak around if it thinks you can't see it. It walks very slowly. Kind of strolling along silently like it has wheels under its belly. It can really move very quickly this way and silently so know one even knows it moved by them, even if it is almost next to your feet.

There is lots of interesting things to know about lovey. How lovey can get into your mind and tell you to do things when you aren't even thinking about doing things. *Crazy*

The best part is: I think there might be two of them. A male and a female who are planning to take over the earth or just going to try for the next presidential election in the USA. they aren't even democrats or republicans so I don't know what that means for the country. All cities will be demolished and thousands of new barns will go up cause rats love barns.

I once had to declare war on rats on this property because someone was dumping them here. So, that's how I ended up with lovey. I spared one and fed it *Frog* legs. Now, lovey is hunting for the person that dumped all its relatives here.

Lovey can give you a night*Horse* if you haven't had one for awhile. Tis the season for gifting.

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October 26, 2018 at 4:01pm
October 26, 2018 at 4:01pm
Hillary Clinton turns 70 today! Wish her a happy birthday (if you're so inclined) and write up a candidacy speech for your own head of government campaign.

Certainly Hillary Clinton deserves a Happy Birthday wish. I knew she could not win the election, even though, of all the women ever prepared for the presidency Hillary was well prepared educationally, as well as with experience, and had an all star backup with 4 living retired presidents to advise her.

She is her own, strong individual, and would have made her own decisions even if she had to go against some advisors. The USA has a group of people who are trying to declare the country as a patricide, which it definitely is not. Down through the history of this country women have had to rise up and assert their beliefs and their independence more that one time. Hillary got a raw deal in the election and should be compensated.

As for me, logically speaking I'm not prepared to run any government. With even a soft journalist background I try to remain neutral until I hear the sides, that are presenting. I vote what ever way I want, when elections come up.

Politics in the USA have become something dirty and despicable. I have heard the people speak up for many years saying they want fair and truthful information that will drive the decisions being made in government. I'm impressed to see that the undercurrent of the country is still moving in the right direction, led by a strong media influence.

Psychology will never overcome reality.

This was written in a hurry so I hope it makes some sense. And, to one and all Happy Trails until we meet again.


October 23, 2018 at 2:37pm
October 23, 2018 at 2:37pm
A famous birthday for today and tell us why you think they should be celebrated.

Reference: https://www.biography.com/people/nancy-grace-20968619


Nancy Grace was born in Macon Georgia on 10/23/1958. She was studying to be a teacher when her fiance was shot and killed. Grace was then motivated to accept a career in criminal justice.

She has advanced degrees in the study of law. Grace has worked as an instructor of law at Georgia State University and worked for the Fulton County District Attorney's office in Atlanta. She is familiar with all kinds of cases rape, murder, and others.

She used her experience to work on a battered women's hotline.

Grace has authored both fiction and nonfiction books. As a TV law analyst she worked on a top TV show called "NANCY GRACE." She now works on a legal radio show and has her website http://crimeonline.com.

Grace's TV show Swift Justice with Nancy Grace won an Emmy nomination. Plus, she has won American Women in TV and Radio Gracie Awards. Other accolades can be found on the above reference link. We should always celebrate those women who have learned to stand up for right and justice in the world of crime.

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October 18, 2018 at 2:26pm
October 18, 2018 at 2:26pm
Make a list, ten items long, you pick the subject.
Write something about that list that helps us understand why you chose those things.


Leaves on the ground, birds in the feeder, machinery idle in the field, car in the driveway, trees beyond the hay field, driveway, garage, not much feed in the feeder needs filled, binoculars on the desk, speakers on the desk.

Its what I see when I look through my window, and when I'm at my desk on the computer.

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October 17, 2018 at 2:42pm
October 17, 2018 at 2:42pm
Share a list of your top 5 favorite books and give us a short blurb on each.

Are You Serious?

I think this is the funniest thing you have ever asked me to do. I read over 55 books so far just this year.

1. Heidi : published in 1881, written by Johanna Spyri. The story was taken from real life experiences of Heidi Schiller who grew up in the Swiss Alps. "I dream every night that I'm back with grandfather and I can hear the wind whistling through the fir trees"
As a child this was the only book other than funny books that I owned. I read it so many times I can still remember parts of it by heart. Each scene in the story is embedded in my memory.

2. The series, The Chronicles of Narnia-by C.S.Lewis. Everyone should read this whole series. As allegorical fantasy, you cannot beat this series.

Speaking of the Lion--
“Safe?” said Mr. Beaver; “don’t you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- https://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/4790821-the-lion-the-witch-and-the-wardrob...

3.Anything by Laurie R King. She writes a very adventurous series about Sherlock Holmes and his young wife, Mary Russell.
However, all of her stories are adventurous. Folly is another story that keeps a reader up nights. Totally different from the Holmes series it is set on an Island on the west coast of USA. Her stories are meant to express the independent side of the female. Besides being fun to read her works show a reality side of life even though based inside a fictitious story.

4. Walden on Wheels by Ken IIgunas. This is nonfiction account of a man who wanted to unburden himself within a society that to often tries to force everyone into a sameness. It's a story about adventuresome spirits that still find a way to be themselves. Bumper Sticker, "Remember Who You Wanted To B" The young man in the story wanted to go to college yet become debt free. The story was published in 2013.

5. Nevada Barr series about Anna Pigeon. I love the Anna Pigeon character. She is bold, has her own thoughts, makes her own choices, and best of all is still feminine. Anna is a great character, with talents galore.Quote from; Track of The Cat: "Diets struck Anna as one of the sourest notes of a spoiled country."

I read most of the stories that Barr writes at one time or another. Mystery and entertainment all the way.

This is in no way the only stories I love.

Try: Blood On The Tracks by Barbara Nickless about Sydney Rose Parnell- Once again this is being developed as a series with three books published. It is about a former female marine who comes home with a military dog and takes a job as a railroad policewoman.

And, Look for authors from other countries. A police detective series, based in Canada is great.

How about, the Black Stallion series and the Red Stallion. Nope, I'm done. My brain is bouncing with stories.

Islands and Dragons and Heroes and more.



October 16, 2018 at 12:22pm
October 16, 2018 at 12:22pm
Share a list of your top 5 favorite songs and tell us why they’re your fave.{{{/size}/center}

Quote; Don McLean from American Pie, "A Generation Lost in Space With No Time Left To Start Again."
Quote: John Denver, "I've had a vision of Eagles and Horses, High on a ridge,I'm flying again." or from Windsong="When is the singer who sang the first song."
Quote from Paul Simon's album Rhythm of the saints: Spirit Voices: "some stories are magical meant to be sung"The whole album is a favorite.

The listed musics are favorites because the lyrics and rhythms speak to my heart. These are people listening to the sounds of the earth and hearing the cries of the living.

My favorites change over the years. But some don't. Billy Joel=The Stranger, The Fifth Dimension=Age of Aquarius, Norman Greenbaum=Spirit In The Sky, John Denver=Eagles and Horses, Otis Redding=Sittin On The Dock of The Bay

I love all kinds of music. In each genre there is some to be appreciated.

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~Minja Singing my way through life. Bye.
October 15, 2018 at 11:47am
October 15, 2018 at 11:47am
Make an alphabetical list of 26 items starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Any random items, related items, as long as they are in alphabetical order...
be creative, imaginative, weird...

*FairyL* *Fairy*

In the fall

trees are tall

but not all

lose their leaves.

United States

See Ya!
October 14, 2018 at 10:20am
October 14, 2018 at 10:20am
There's been some talk about bullet journals and this week we are going to work on a few lists, so kinda similar!
Hope you enjoy because I know I will and am looking forward to your lists this week!

Reference: https://bulletjournal.com/pages/learnHere is a good place to start if you don't know about bullet Journals.

There is a website for everything. *ExclaimGr* Over the years, if I had bothered to organize, I probably would be able to find some of the information that is lost in all my notebooks. I certainly did not know journal organization even has a name. Bullet Journal. It gave me the idea to start a new journal just to go through the old journals and find information that is lost and organize it. *Yinyang* That would certainly take up some time. Unless, I'd rather read.

According to https://littlecoffeefox.com/ultimate-bullet-journal-cheat-sheet/ the bullet journal was devised by Ryder Carroll. The bullet journal is a specific system not to be mistaken by other systems. Carroll is a digital product designer who works at Idean in New York City.and has worked with other companies as well. The design of this product is an aide to unclutter your mind.

Plus, it's an incentive to use your handwriting writing skills before they disappear. Unfortunately, as spiffy as Bullet Journalism sounds it will take up some time to make it and then update it regularly, hence the use of your brain, in place of the journal, whenever the jobs being accomplished, leave you to exhausted to use a pen.

MY brain journal for October:

Roof on the balcony. *CheckP*
Haul in wood (some not finished)
wellness checkup *CheckB*
flu shot *CheckR*
winter bedding out *CheckY*
fix shingles of roof *BulletV*
read 5 books *BulletGr*
Work on Afghan *BulletGr*
Blog *BulletB*
other stuff *BulletO*

OK bullets mean not done-checks mean done. Oh my, one week left in the month. Where does time go. K helps with the heavy stuff like putting on the roof over the balcony that blew off in a wind storm last winter. Really, I need to stop making lists life is easier that way. *Rolleyes*

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Lots to do. See Ya.

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