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A Journal to impart knowledge and facts
July 22, 2015

I'm going to start today to record on a daily basis whatever happens to strike my fancy. So, it is a very cool breezy day. I just posted 5 short book reviews to The Monthly Reading Challenge. I'm suppose to put away some winter wood today from the woodpile outside but I'm playing hookey from work to write so starting this blog will get done.

I'm having a daily fight with a flock of English Sparrows that are trying to take over my barn. They are making a terrible mess so they have to go. I have destroyed several nests so far they don't leave but they get out of the barn when I am around. I'm just starting the fight so I guess I don't know how far I have to go to discourage them.

I'm trying not to spread myself to thin on WDC because I find so many things that are interesting here and I am trying to work on a new story. I really enjoy sitting at my desk with a cup of tea and reading blogs on WDC.

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November 7, 2021 at 9:10am
November 7, 2021 at 9:10am
Today's prompt is taken from a book I own. "Great Quotes From Great Leaders", published by Motorola, my employer. This one is from Norman Vincent Peale. "The trouble with most of us, is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism." Do you feel this is a valid statement? Tell us why you feel the way you do.

This book is a Hoot!

reference by Bing from a dictionary:

1. the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes.
"he received a lot of criticism" · [more]
censure · reproval · condemnation · denunciation · disapproval · [more]

2. the analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work.
"alternative methods of criticism supported by well-developed literary theories"
evaluation · assessment · examination · appreciation · appraisal · analysis · [more]

3. the scholarly investigation of literary or historical texts to determine their origin or intended form.

Most of the time we don't argue with 2 and 3. As for the first one the expression of disapproval by anyone about anyone can be the basis for error or the basis for a warning, or the basis for evaluation of their actions. Read the definition of one and two compare the Synonyms.

Fictional story:

A 40 something man in a grubby shirt, blue jeans, and worn sneakers sees a 4 or 5 year old child in the middle of the street. A car is coming down the street. The man runs out grabs up the scared child and carries it back to the side of the street he came from. The child is screaming mommy, mommy. The man puts the child down and tries to question the child about where their home is. In the meantime a neighbor calls the parents house tells them their child is being abducted and the police are called. Criticism is a lot like mistaken evaluation of something you don't have full evaluation of yet. What if the child really was being abducted?

Often we need to get the bottom of who, what, where, why, and how. Unfortunately, if the facts are hidden you may never know the validity of the criticism. The trick is to uncover the facts. To know what questions to ask. To be straight forward and get to know your subject a little. Don't think a simple answer will reveal all the facts.

I had a mathematics teacher in college who said, "Math is complicated. You can't think about something in such a simplistic way to get the right answer." We were doing story problems.

Our minds gravitate to the simple answer because we are not taught to evaluate the small facts. Criticism usually involves people and relationships.

Norman Vincent Peale tried to make this simple? Salvation isn't a simple thing. Christians should not try to save people only Christ can do that. Our sins are covered by the blood of the Christ who suffered in our place. There is only one true scapegoat. Jesus.

Sin continues to be a problem in all Christians only now they battle it with knowledge and understanding. Sometimes they have people near to aid them sometimes not. Always, Christ intervenes in some way.

I'm pretty sure if you refuse understanding to someone who is saved; you are now practicing your own sinful nature. You can't force salvation onto people. It has to be a real change inside of them. You have to see the result. You have to hear about the difference they know that is affecting them. They will have a verbal witness.

A little Fictional story to end my opinion:

Yes your honor. The neighbor kept telling me everything I did is wrong and I'm a very bad person.

I told him to shut up and he wouldn't so I threw my hatchet at him. But, don't worry, I'm a Christian so it's ok. Yes sir. I'm surprised the blade hit him right between the eyes too. I was aiming for his heart.

p.s. = I can't remember his name right now. However, there was a famous Christian who wrote a lot of books about scripture and Christian subjects. Then, one day he had a face to face confrontation with Christ. He stated this fact, that he wished he hadn't written all those opinion books about Christianity and he never published another book. I read this in a book I was reading about Catholic Church history.

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Happy Birthday! Belatedly. I like your point of view *^*Bigsmile*^* ~Adrienne May God's Blessing Abide With You.

November 6, 2021 at 3:03pm
November 6, 2021 at 3:03pm
You work alone from home, logged on to your work PC.
One day you log on, and start your routine. You look at the clock on your desktop and eight hours have passed, but you have no memory of getting any tasks done. Tell us what might have happened to you during those eight hours.

Manx Cat from Japan

It's really quiet in here. I need to find a story with a topic, theme for my article. Then I need to write the article. I have lots of time before the deadline is due.

Guess I'll check my email. I haven't checked my email for days. Oh look, there are some free crochet patterns for rugs available. I should look at them and down load the ones I want to work on later. This one is so pretty. Kind of intricate, hope I can understand all the pattern directions. I better read it before I down load it. No sense keeping a pattern I don't really want or can't follow.

Here is my daily book advertisement from book bub. I really haven't gotten a book from them for awhile. I better look at today's offers. Hmm. Let's down load this one.

First of the month time to check a book from Amazon offers. The science website I watch is talking about a meteor that is aiming at the earth. Guess I better read that article. I Read the article and the information on the three other website references.

Oh, here is some new information about the dog training app I'm following. Maybe I can get some advice about how to slow down Drifters barking habits. This trainer sure knows his stuff. It takes some time to keep up with all the advice I'm getting. I took some notes so I wouldn't forget how to use the advice.

What kind of an article shall I write? It needs to be something current.. Oh look, there are some blue jays at the feeder. Yesterday 4 of them flew from the feeder straight at the window and crashed into it. They all flew away uninjured but, it was a startling occurrence.

Back to the email.

My Bible Study Tools has an update for the plan I am following. I am half way through Jeremiah. The information I read today lines up with what one of the characters said in the fiction detective story I am reading. What a coincidence.

Here is an advertisement for Smart Bulb 350. Just the kind of device I'm looking for I better write it down.

I just need to check out a Kalimba song book on Amazon. It will only take a few minutes. Might as well look at the women's winter boots while I'm in here. And take a quick look at the long sleeve turtle neck shirts..

I'll just jump into WDC and pick up today's blog. I can write it later and post it.

Isn't windows great I don't even have to log out of work to open several tabs and do more than one thing at a time. I keep email in two spots. Each one has a different type of email to check out.

Still need a theme for my article. I better close some of these tabs.

Besides being distracted by email and news articles, I would do loads of laundry, feed dogs, run my robot vacuum.

I have to stop whatever I am doing to empty the dirt bucket in the vacuum. Also, there is people lunch to prepare, laundry to put away, dogs to let out and bring back in from the dog pen, a dish washer to empty and fill daily,

Checking out all the interesting internet stories can be very time consuming. Plus, if I have to stop at the bank or the Insurance agency, or any other business, that is also time consuming. Just stopping in at WDC can take up 2 or 3 hours. Or more if I review or answer email.

Eight hours without writing down anything or even finding that elusive article theme would be easy to do. The necessary thing is to stick to the subject and not be distracted until I have my theme and references for the story in hand. Lucky for me I can be very single minded about writing if I am creating something off the top of my brain. Otherwise I would not ever write. There is always something interesting to find on the internet.

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Happy Birthday! Belatedly. I like your point of view *^*Bigsmile*^* ~Adrienne Happy Trails. Don't trip on the web.

November 5, 2021 at 8:24am
November 5, 2021 at 8:24am
You arrive at work today with five donuts and five coffees for the people who are scheduled to be there. But you have a problem. Counting you, six people are there, and all of you love coffee and donuts! How do you and your friends resolve this?

Red Dragon

I would give up mine. Or, if it was possible to order in, I'd call the snack shop and order more. I can't drink coffee anyway and every donut equals 350 calories. *Laugh*

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~Minja Have a great day.
November 4, 2021 at 10:33am
November 4, 2021 at 10:33am
We've all heard of people who mysteriously 'go missing'. Tonight, write about a person who 'goes missing'. Someone that you read about in the newspaper or online, but nobody seems to know them, or remember them.

signature dancing owl

Deannie King; a reporter for Channel 8 news, Tampa, Florida, wrote an article for the news, which was published September 30, 2021. The differences between one missing persons case and another are brought into the publics eye. https://www.wfla.com/news/for-the-culture/missing-white-woman-syndrome-highlight...

Veronica Reyes-Diaz,24, a mother of three and a daughter was reported missing in January 2020. After 2 days of investigation the story and investigation were dropped.

King's story highlights a second woman who disappeared in September 2021. The FBI were called in. News media around the country published stories. An all out push by investigators and news media was held across the media for 3 weeks or more. Actual progress was reported in this case.

The article by King highlights the differences in the way investigators and news media handle the disappearance of white women and people of color.

Over the years, other articles, that pertain to children of color, who disappear, and how they are subject to the same color syndrome have been published.

Another article highlighting the color syndrome, was written by Shobini Iyer, Opinion Editor, October 4, 2021. The article was published in The Spartan Shield. https://spartanshield.org/29737/opinion/two-sides-to-every-story-the-missing-peo... Studies from the University of Wyoming and The National Crime Information Center are cited in the article from the Spartans shield.

These two articles cite instances when Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous missing persons cases are not treated with equal fervor across the USA. This is reporting about reporting but, nevertheless it highlights reasons for growing unrest within the country, by citizens.

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Happy 21 Birthday Site Week. Thanks for all you do. Love: Megan The snow from yesterday is gone. Yay!

November 3, 2021 at 11:36am
November 3, 2021 at 11:36am
You live in a tourist town. There's always an 'interesting' mix of visitors. But this year they are especially... different. In what way?

owl for signature use

Did you notice the people running around in monkey suits on Halloween? There were a bunch of them staying at the tourist hotel by the lake.

I’m not sure they are human tourists. I saw one run up a light pole and sit on the top eating a banana.
There was a big Halloween party in a bar somewhere near here. Some one told me there were 50 or so different varieties of monkeys playing in the decorative vines hanging from the ceiling. When the party was over groups of monkeys were playing in the streets. I know one man said a big ape tossed him over its shoulder climbed a tree and threw the man in an eagles nest. He had to call the fire rescue squad to get him down.

You don’t believe that story do you? Sounds like someone drank to many banana daiquiri.

Maybe so, but Halloween is over. My cousin saw a troupe of them get off a plane at the airport. Spider monkeys live in evergreen forest in central America. Monkey habitats are disappearing all over the world. The habitats are being destroyed as people cut down forest to build homes and farms. Maybe they are looking around to find a new place to live? Maybe they are migrating?

As long as they are peaceful who cares?

Monkeys are usually peaceful. They just sit in trees and swing through the trees with their tails.

Do all varieties live in trees?

No. Some live on grasslands and in mountainous areas as well as in forests with different types of trees. They are omnivores, eating both meat and plants.

Nah. Your just funning me. There aren’t any real monkey tourists running around.

Really! What is that over in the peach tree in your front yard?

Hey, leave my peaches alone. I need those peaches for winter. Go eat a banana!

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  You did it! You completed all five prompts. *^*Heartv*^* Thank you for your participation in An October Haunting at  [Link To Item #1985857] . Spooky Regards, Lilli Halloween is over so Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you started your Christmas shopping early.
November 2, 2021 at 2:11pm
November 2, 2021 at 2:11pm
You are curator of a museum. This museum has an area of interest to you. Take us on a guided tour of your latest exhibition.

owl for signature use It's still snowing

Museum of 30-Day-Bloggers Travels

Step lively everyone. Don't trip on the steps. The rooms we visit have no order. My first room depicts a trip to Yellowstone National Park. In this room notice the tent. More modern camping gear was one of the discoveries I made when we took this trip.

I also met Blue Moon for the first time on this trip. We had an adventure with Scooby Doo on this trip. Together we learned a lot about blog camping. As you view the many pictures on the walls notice haw many different camp sites and hotels we managed to stay in. We saw everything Yellowstone had to offer. And learned the rules for safe camping.

Another room that is set up is a trip visiting many cities in Europe. We rode an imaginary airplane. As a group we tried varieties of foods every place we stayed. I visited the Louvre, in Paris and Oxford University Library in the United Kingdom. I soaked up the modernization of Germany and spent a day touring a Spanish Olive grove.

Stop in the room to your left bloggers. It will depict many of the restaurants and food varieties we have sampled on our journeys. We often finished each day as a group eating, dancing, or comparing notes of the daily sight seeing adventures.

The room directly across from the food variety room we have a room full of Photographs of bloggers departing and arriving from different destinations on a variety of convenient conveyances. We have traveled on river boats, cruise ships, aircraft of different kinds: planes, hot air balloons, bicycles, Segway, trains, and also rode the world's largest Ferris wheels and many different varieties of Roller-coaster.

As we walked along we visited rooms with the world's zoos depicted. Every country has a zoo. We walked miles looking at horticultural exhibits and wild animal exhibits.

I really had to separate the rooms about zoos and Gardens. Like zoos the countries of the world like to build and display fantastic gardens.

One room is especially my favorite. The room depicting Australia. We took time to write stories about our visit. we explored the aboriginal people, and the outback. We met different varieties, of animals and insects. I enjoyed my first zipline experience in Australia.

The room about our South America tours depicts the wild dog species that lives in South American cities, running loose on the streets and being fed by the people of the towns.

And yet another room depicts the music tour we took. Where we enjoyed performances in rap, country, and every variety of music you can name by famous musicians.

This is just a part of the experiences we have learned we can have, just sitting at home, using our computers. The experiences we enjoyed on these trips were real even if they were WIFI induced.
We visited on our computers but, we gained real and valuable knowledge about the world we live in.

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Happy 21 Birthday Site Week. Thanks for all you do. Love: Megan Happy Traveling


November 2, 2021 at 1:35pm
November 2, 2021 at 1:35pm
We all have possessions of some type. Tell us five possessions you can’t live without, and why they are on this list.

owl for signature use

I'm late again. But, I return with a flu shot and my eyes checked so that's more things done before winter. It snowed for about 5 minutes today. Near noon time.

Some possessions are a necessary in today's society. What we can't live without is food, clothing, and shelter.

I have to name my pets as part of the list. Except for Drifter they have all been with me for 15 to 20 years. I've taken in a lot of cast off animals of all ages over the years and I know they suffer if they lose a human they are attached too.

Communication wise a phone in my pocket is a good thing. If I had one earlier in life I might have saved myself a 35 mile walk in a sleet storm to reach my home.

There are lots of things I have I don't want to live without but, if I had to I could detach myself from many types of possessions. I have given this a lot of thought many times because of my age and social situation.

I was talking about this subject with an 81 year old widow this summer. We both agreed, at a certain age you just want to lighten the load.

I post this with trepidation since I received an email today when I returned to WDC that I have been removed from the 30-Day-Bloggers-group. If I'm really not suppose to be here I suppose I won't be.

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  You did it! You completed all five prompts. *^*Heartv*^* Thank you for your participation in An October Haunting at  [Link To Item #1985857] . Spooky Regards, Lilli Have a good day.
October 23, 2021 at 6:41pm
October 23, 2021 at 6:41pm
5. Sitting at the bar you have a lively conversation with Andre. But it seems as though everyone else is ignoring you. As you glass at the mirror, you realize that you have no reflection.

Dear Margaret:

As Halloween is closing to an end I find that it had been enlightening. I've learned a lot about monkeys, which I did not know. Recently, at the Halloween party that took place at Andre The Blog Monkey Banana Bar Andre, Erthala, and I were engaged in conversation as people do at parties.

Andre told us about the Shaolin monks, monkey moves They are truly interesting. A higher learning by Warrior Monks. They studied the physical way a monkey moves as it flies through the canopy. Then, used the information to make their monks more athletic.

I also learned how many varieties of new world monkeys there really are and some of the reasons some of them are endangered.

Andre and I were engaged in a conversation about how different fruit drinks combined with tea or alcohol can have different affects on the body. Andre is quite knowledgeable about the outcomes of fruit and alcohol. My knowledge leans toward combining fruit with tea and the outcomes thereof. There is a long mirror behind the bar.

Suddenly, Erthala exclaimed and pointed at the mirror. "Look, Apondia, your reflection is not in the mirror. " I looked up and in truth I could see Erthala, and Andre but, not myself reflected.

Unfortunately I moved into one of my long winded explanations:

That is because while I'm in the bar an attempt is always being made to make me conform to the way others believe or think. In truth, Erthala this happens in a lot of places in my life. A reflection of me would mean acceptance.

I often have to explain to other people, that I cannot react like they do to a given situation, because I am living in my body not theirs. I believe in the individuality of each person. Never-the- less a song we use to sing in chorus tells this story, "No Man is an Island, No man stands alone."

Take blogging with the Thirty Day Blogging Challenge. There are a lot of people that write about similar experiences. They all live in different countries or states, have different lifestyles, and different habits.

People often have similar thoughts even though they live in different countries. If I told any of these people they had to take up residence in a home just like mine. Keep my daily schedule, like only what I like, never move or think unless they were on my schedule and my life line. They would revolt. Individuality is impossible to erase. DNA has more to do with this than we ever pay any attention too.

When you get into a situation like the Blogging with the Banana Bar, people expect me to respond exactly as they think I should. When I do respond I keep my individuality.

There is a way of using your mind to cause a reaction in an animal and sometimes in people. A way to control energy waves and make animals or people do what you want. Good psychology makes this wrong. You are cutting across free will. The only time it would be honest would be when fighting evil that cannot be controlled by personal physical intervention. Police help us there.

I have a hard time believing in mirrors without reflections. A mirror reacts to it's reality. So, if there is a problem with a reflection it is probable that the mirror itself has left the realm of reality or the person who is standing in front of the mirror has insisted in remaining in some way, within a stable reality. Or, you are in the realm of fantasy or fiction where anything can happen.

If you read or write fiction you are writing about things you think may happen or things that are happening or things that have happened, in some other realm or time. It is still out about whether fiction writers are influencing history, creating history, looking into another realm with their minds, or thinking in a prophetic way.

There is a general belief because of some bible scriptures that you should never use your imagination. First the reason it is in the bible is because people have been making up imaginary stories since they became able to think. I ask you. How have those imaginary stories influenced people.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is imaginary about an imaginary world. Yet from beginning to the end the series is a compact allegory about real beliefs of people on the earth.

Erthala says, don't forget Harry Potter. Harry Potter makes witches fall into categories: Good and bad witches. But, are good witches really witches? or spiritual people fighting evil who are branded as witches? Parts of the Harry Potterseries may be from another English authors writings. Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz which deals with witches. And, at least one of the spells Harry is famous for is Biblical.

I replied, If you believe in God one of the first things you learn is Genesis 1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. We also learn that he rested after creation. And, he set up a 7th day of the week so we could rest. God speaks to and through individuals. He puts wisdom in us so we can fight the evil we think and do.

It does not say he quit creating only that he rested from it. As a spirit, God created people and look at what we can do, should do, and should not do.

Erthala spoke up, "aren't we diving into philosophy and spirituality? If you are a writer that is what you are creating. You are creating entertainment and knowledge for your readers. "

I replied. "Drinking alcohol or writing something down that is in your mind. It can be bad or good. It's use is up to the person using it. So Erthala. if you cannot see my reflection in your mirror perhaps we are grounded to reality in a different way. Or the mirror needs to be cleaned."

Erthala laughed, Andre chattered grabbed a cloth and started cleaning the mirror.

Just so you know Margaret. I'm not very superstitious about mirrors or vampires. The currant Vampire rage like all subjects has flowed across countries through written stories before and it will fade after while, when a new subject becomes popular. Or when a new generation of writers takes hold.

Halloween is interesting to me it's a different kind of holiday. This year I'm having a good time creating stories with others. Perhaps I will have something to say about Thanksgiving when it comes up. See you in WDC. Bye for now Margaret.



word count by the Journal 7 = 953
October 23, 2021 at 5:14pm
October 23, 2021 at 5:14pm
4. You order Andre's 'Drink of the Day'. As you are drinking it, you feel it slowly transform you into something/someone else.

Dear Margaret:

It seems the worst is yet to come regarding Halloween celebrations. When Erthala and I were at the Halloween party there was a lot of dancing and other entertainment going on. Erthala and I were just enjoying the antics of monkeys in the ceiling vines and costumed persons dancing to the vibrant monkey music going on.

Then Andre came tottering over with the drink of the day in hand. It was in a pretty, frosted wine glass on a stem. It was, believe it or not some mix of Banana wine. It was a yellow color and very cold. He presented it to me. So, I said, "Why not?" I heard Erthala mutter, "I bet I could tell you why not?"

I just smiled. After a couple sips I started singing another Monkey song I know. "Three Little Monkeys, swinging in a tree, teasing Mr. Crocodile, you can't catch me." I vaguely remember Erthala say, "Oh, Oh!"

Did I really transform? I remember fur on my long arms. It's more like a dream then real transformation. I experienced exaltation, as I leaped into the air and went swinging across the room on the exceptional green vines. Other monkeys screeched, pointed, and then followed me as I traversed the room swinging from vine to vine. Eating a couple of the flowers, hanging upside down starring at Erthala below me, while she shouted come back down now before you fall Apondia, was quite exelerating.

As a child I had a trapeze in our hay barn with heavy mounds of loose hay to break my fall. Flying across the room with the other monkeys. Playing follow the leader was more fun than the trapeze. I was not as graceful because I lacked a prehensile tail. I did not have the length of arm of a monkey, besides not having, a finger type use of the end of a prehensile tale. Still, it was a lot of fun.

Toward the end, I used the coat rack pole like a Shaolin Master and made the "Monkey moves on a tree" required to win your Buddhist mastership. I'm sure a real Shaolin Master has better form. Years of practice in form and knowledge are required to acquire the grace monks, who know these moves, are capable of doing. YouTube has examples of these Shaolin Master moves.

This transformation only lasted at the most thirty minutes. Then, the energy the drink produced in my system began to fail.

Erthala was following me around the room and persuaded me to stop on top of the bar. Then with a huff and a puff I sat down and returned to my normal thought waves.

Erthala with her quick thinking managed to film some of my antics on her iPhone. She has promised to send the filming to my computer. That means I can send you a copy some day. It is quite a sight to see.

I tried to find out exactly what was in the wine Andre gave me. As usual Andre isn't communicating about the recipe. When I went to the bar, Andre pointed at me and then pantomimed swinging on the vines above his head he monkey laughed. I drew a picture of Andre standing under a coconut tree getting bonked on the head with a coconut so he quit laughing.

Oh well, green tea and mashed bananas is really the best speed for me.

If you ever want an interesting experience Margaret come visit me. We will spend some time blogging at Andre The Blog Monkey Banana Bar. Always an unusually worthwhile time.


Apondia *BigSmile*

Word count by the Journal7 = 604

October 23, 2021 at 3:54pm
October 23, 2021 at 3:54pm
Prompt 3: A bad-tempered customer is driving home after a few drinks at the bar. He thinks he sees him kids trick-or treating and stops to offer them some coins--but those aren’t costumes.

Dear Margaret:

I read this article in the news this morning. I thought you might be interested.

}Man Accosted by Alien Ape

Joe Smolder was rescued by fire men from an Eagle’s nest on Plantain Street earlier today. This is Smolder’s story as related to our news staff just before we went to press:

I was driving down the street when I saw some trick-or treaters walking in the middle of the street. There were kids and some adults all in costume.

I had an ash tray full of coins in the car and thought I would distribute them for treats, since I thought my kids were part of the group.

I was upset to see them all in the street. I pulled over to the curb and yelled angrily at them. Get out of the street and walk on the sidewalk. After all that’s why sidewalks are made.

One of the larger persons in the group, who I assumed was an adult waved me off. Then the group continued on down the street. I jumped from my car and ran down the street after them.

I reached out to grab the shoulder of the adult who waved me off. Wow, he had a really solid feel to him. He shuffled around to look at me. He had very, very long hairy arms and a really ugly face. That’s when I realized he was an ape.

I quickly stumbled back away from him. He grabbed me and slung me over one shoulder. Then leaped up a tree. It was momentous movement. No time to think or react. He climbed up the tree likity split. Deposited me in the eagle’s nest and left. NO, there were not any eagles in the nest. Just me. I could hear the group screeching and monkeys laughing below.

The limbs where the nest was were skinny. The wind was blowing. Every time I moved it felt like the nest would collapse or blow down in the wind. Mentally I was breaking up, I kept thinking of that song, “Rock a bye baby, in the tree top." You know it has a bad ending.

Then I remembered I had my phone in a pocket. I called 911. They thought it was a Halloween stunt. I had to call them back 3 times before they would believe I needed help.

Then the 911 operator asked me if I had been drinking alcohol. I told her honestly I had 5 or 6 banana daiquiri at the bar. Yes mam. There was a party going on with a bunch of midgets dressed in monkey costumes. Really, really, mam I’m telling you the truth. I could hear her laughing, but she said the fire department was on it’s way.

When they arrived the street and area were empty. No trick-or treaters or animals any where. They brought the big ladder truck and got me down safely, but I had to write them a check as a donation.

Some cops showed up as well. They said they would be on the look out for aliens. I said it was really, really some apes and monkeys. I don’t think they believed me. They insisted on driving me home. One of them followed me home with my car. When I got out they said they would really, really appreciate a donation for their help. So, I wrote out another check. They were laughing when they drove away.

When I got home I was going to take the kids candy away from them as punishment for walking in the street. My wife wouldn’t let me because she said they were dressed like pirates and home earlier than my incident took place. And, anyway my kids wouldn’t walk in the street.

This is the end of the Smolder story as related to us in the news room. In the interest of news and public safety we are asking anyone else who may have had a incident concerning a group of monkeys on Halloween to please give us your stories.

Lots of activity around here this Halloween Margaret. How are things where you are?



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