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by Kenzie
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Fibro fog, pain, writing sandwiched in between. Quotes. Sermon notes. Encouragement.
A Texas Sunrise

Sunrise on Surfside Beach, Texas

A friend, William Taylor, took this picture. He visits Surfside Beach with his dogs almost every morning, watching the sun rise while the dogs prance about at the water's edge.

This is only about ten miles from where I lived in Lake Jackson, Texas. Sadly, I only visited this beach about four times in the six years I lived nearby.

Each day is a challenge. A challenge to get by without thinking about the fibromyalgia pains. A challenge to stay awake when chronic fatigure wants to take over. And a challenge to navigate through fibro fog.

I haven't been writing as much as in the past. For years, I wrote at least 500 words a day. Now, I'm lucky if I write 500 words in month. Sigh.

For more information about what my day (or life) is all about with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pains, IBS, depression and everything else thrown in, check this out:

It's a New Day  (E)
My pain and welcome to it.
#1028189 by Kenzie

Sunrise on Surfside Beach, Texas
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July 9, 2007 at 8:22am
July 9, 2007 at 8:22am
There are over 200 million Americans who are overweight, and collectively they are carrying around an extra 5 BILLION pounds of excess fat.

Just take a large, flat stone and draw a dotted line down the middle of it with paint. Then write, "to relieve stress, tear on dotted line."


Last night after 11:30 p.m., I was sitting on the porch enjoying the quiet. I realized that those crazy folks who had been setting off firecrackers since way before the 4th of July must have finally run out of gun powder. It was really quiet outside.

A few minutes later, a car came down the street, a bit faster than it should have, considering the residential neighborhood. The music was a little louder than it should have been for the time of night.

Someone was dropping off one of our neighbors - a teen boy. The girl who drove, used the driveway directly across the street from our house to drop him off and turn around. He got out of the car and the three teens laughed and and talked louder than they should have. None of that really bothered me, since I was already up and sitting outside.

The girl started backing up out of the driveway and I knew right away that she was going to hit our car - hubby's car, actually - parked on the street. She never turned the wheels of the car, just backed straight into the car. The kids were still laughing and talking and she was about to just drive away. I stood up on the porch and yelled, "Stop! You just hit my car." She did stop.

When I went into the house for a flashlight to access the damage, hubby woke up and came out too. There didn't appear to be any, but in the dark it was hard to tell.

I took the girl's license and insurance information down as she asked me, "Why are you writing that information?" She also commented, "Can we please hurry? I have a curfew."

Oh I surely wanted to give that girl a long lecture. About not being out too close to curfew just in case something happened. About watching what one was doing while driving, instead of laughing and teasing. About stopping when one hits another's car. (I really think she would have just gone on if I had not shouted from the porch.)

The girl also asked that I call her cell phone and not her home number in the morning when hubby checks the car in the daylight. I did that, but I also suggested that she needed to tell her parents all about what happened. There was no damage to the car, but they do need to know anyway.

My son thinks I should call her parents.

July 8, 2007 at 9:56pm
July 8, 2007 at 9:56pm
Sorry. None of hubby and me. I know some folks took them, but we haven't seen them yet.

July 8, 2007 at 1:11am
July 8, 2007 at 1:11am
I was telling a newbie about how my mother and grandmother would not allow us to use the word hate, especially about people. Perhaps we could hate someone's actions, but we could never hate the person. I searched my portfolio for a poem I wrote about that, but couldn't find it. It is here: http://pittsburgh.about.com/library/authors/ucwilkerson2a.htm
July 7, 2007 at 10:04am
July 7, 2007 at 10:04am
Well, I forgot and you didn't remind me...that I didn't post sermon notes from last Sunday. *Smile*

Our pastor started a new sermon series last week called Faith Works. I think it's going to be a 15 part series this time.

Maturity Matters

Hebrews 6:1 MSG
Grow up in Christ.

Maturity Myths:

*Star*It is not about:

*Check5*show or appearance or activity level.

*Check5*status (what you are or what you have done...there's no depth in that)

*Check5*scholasticism (it's not what you know, it's what you do with it!)

Don't compare yourself to others, but to the ultimate measuring stick - God's Word and Jesus.

I know I'm a mature believer when...

*Star*I'm positive under pressure.

James 1:2-4 NIV
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

James 1:12 MSG
Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate. For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.

Don't you just love those words above? Loyally in love with God?

*Star*I show favor not favoritism.

Don't be a snob.

James 2:1-16 NIV
My brothers, ...don't show favoritism.

Matthew 25:37-40 NCV
Then the good people will answer, "Lord when did we see you hungry and give you food, or thirsty and give you something to drink?...Then the King will answer, "I tell you the truth, anything you did for even the least of my people here, you also did for me."

*Star*I can tame my tongue.

Don't insult.

When you go to the doctor's office, they have you stick out your tongue to check your physical self.

For a spiritual check-up, stick out your tongue. What are you saying that you shouldn't?

James 3:1-12 NCV
We all make many mistakes. If people never said anything wrong, they would be perfect and able to control their entire selves, too...Also a ship is very big, and it is pushed by strong winds. But a very small rudder controls that big ship, making it go wherever the pilot wants. It is the same with the tongue...

Some things should just not be said. Sometimes frankness is unkind.

Loose lips sink ships.

Ephesians 4:29 NCV
When you talk, do not say harmful things, but say what people need -- words that will help others become stronger. Then what you say will do good to those who listen to you.

Speak words that build up, not tear down. Tell the truth in love. Right timing, right place, right reason.

James 1:26 NIV
If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless.

Yikes. Worthless? That hurts.

*Star*I am a person of compassion not conflict.

James 4:1 NIV
What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you?

a) Selfish motivation (vs. 3) or pride.

b) Judging others (vs. 11-12). You really don't know what is going on in a person's
life. Only God know everything, and he can judge.

*Star*I am prayerfully persevering.

James 5:7-11 NIV
Be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord's coming...You too, be patient and stand firm,... Brothers, as an example of patience in the face of suffering... As you know, we consider blessed those who have persevered.

James 5:16 NIV
The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

Be patient. While waiting - pray.

July 6, 2007 at 5:22pm
July 6, 2007 at 5:22pm
Today was my hearing about whether or not I can be classified entirely able to work full time at something for which I already have skills or at some other meaningful job or if I can be termed disabled.

I'm exhausted, and I'm trying to stay upbeat and ready for hubby's daughter to spend the weekend.

Once I sort out everything that happened today - but before I forget entirely *Smile* - I'll be back to fill you in.

The judge wasn't too happy that my medical records didn't arrive in a timely fashion and, I guess, was a bit more snippy than usual because of that. Perhaps he was punishing me and my attorney?

My shrink and psychologist did not provide their records yet.

So, the judge decided to allow 30 days to get those records. He said he would make his decision between 30 and 45 days after that.

So, y'all keep on praying, okay?

And remind me to tell you how the PhD in some kind of vocational stuff expertly read the descriptions and ability levels of jobs I had in the past from her computer program...and how that computer really did say that being a sales clerk is a sedentary position. *Laugh* Seriously. I guess whoever wrote the job descriptions never performed them. *Smile*

There's more, of course. But I'm both physically (from walking from the parking garage to the meeting place) and emotionally (well, you know why there) worn out from the ordeal.

Right now I need to focus on fixing dinner for Tiff and hubby. I'm sure God will work this SS thing out. Still, if I could cry, I would. From frustration. For some relief at having part of this over. (Although we never told the judge how downright painful it is to have what feels like tears welled up inside with nowhere for them to go!!!) And tears to show God how happy I am knowing that He is really the one in control. We really cannot depend upon man.
July 5, 2007 at 9:06am
July 5, 2007 at 9:06am
When I was a kid, we never had fireworks on the 4th of July. We were content with sparklers. Fireworks were things that the professionals set off. Some years we were lucky enough to go somewhere where we could see them up close and personal. Other times, we sat on our hillside and watched the fireworks in a distance. Either way, we never thought about having something like that in our own yard. No sirrreee.

Things have surely changed. When I lived in Texas, lots of the crazy people there shot guns up in the air off their balconies. Yes, people got hurt. I guess they forgot that what goes up must come down. Duh.

In Ohio, it's illegal to shoot off anything that leaves the ground. Basically, that means you can legally have sparklers and poppers and snakes. But I guess that's too tame for most folks.

You can buy fireworks that go up in the air and make a big noise - in Indiana or Kentucky - both of which are pretty close, just across the river. If you're an Ohio resident, you have to sign a form that says you're not going to shoot them off in Ohio. (Where else would an Ohio resident shoot off fireworks???)

So.......??? Half of our neighbors had fireworks and competed with each other to see who could make the most noise and "aaawwwwwwwwwww-inspiring" purrrrrties. And the remaining smoke, of course. *Smile*

They take their kids to get the fireworks and sign that form that says they're not going to actually set off the fireworks in Ohio. As far as I can figure, they're teaching their kids that it's okay to completely ignore some laws. And to lie.

Way back in 1994, I read a book by Josh McDowell called Right from Wrong. In it, McDowell said that kids - even Christian kids - think there are no absolute truths anymore. That was 13 years ago. I'm sure more kids think there is no absolute truth today. After all, even though the Bible says we shouldn't lie 1) their parents ask them to say they aren't home when they are if the boss calls 2) they cheat on their taxes and 3) they buy fireworks and lie about where they will set them off.

These things matter to kids.

My son was only about 8 years old when he and his Dad stumbled into the "wrong" part of the roadside fireworks stand. There was one side for regular folks, who could legally buy the tame stuff. And there was another part for businesses and professionals.

They didn't know there were two different places. They were just both excited to see that they could buy some pretty big "boomers." When they got to the check-out counter, the guy asked to see Derek's dad's business license. He didn't have a license having anything to do with fireworks, of course. He just pulled out a business card showing that he owned a company called Wilkerson Enterprises. The guy made him sign a form that said he was licensed to have the more professional type of fireworks. He signed it, of course. He didn't want to look bad in his son's eyes.

But he did. Derek knew his dad was telling a huge fib by signing that form. And that was the beginning of his thinking that, if his dad told lies that most likely other adults did as well. His dad shrunk about two inches in Derek's mind that day. And he slipped off the pedistal where he had perched for 8 years.

Now I don't think a kid should ever think his parents are perfect. But he should be able to rely on them doing the right thing, especially in front of the kid.

I was not with them when this happened, and really didn't know Derek's thoughts about it until a few years later...when he was a teen and caught in a lie himself.

What I do know is that the mister had no business with those fireworks. Our neighbors all thought it was pretty neat that he had such big "boomers." They all gathered in our backyard and watched...as Derek's dad proceeded to try to burn down our house. Really. One of the things landed on our roof and if the garden hose had not been right there and ready to go, it probably would have done some damage. Thankfully, no one got hurt.

On this morning's news, I only heard about two instances of mishaps - nationally - with fireworks.

In one instance, the thing didn't explode and the woman leaned down to see why not. Then it did. I think the news said she died.

In the other, there were two homes, two garages and five cars burned. No injuries were mentioned. Just property.

I guess it was one luckly 4th if that's all that happened. But I imagine we just didn't hear about all the burn victims that visited the local emergency rooms.

As Derek and I got into my car last night on our way to his work place, he said, "You know it worries me that so many people are so fascinated with fire and explosions."

Yeah. Me too.

It also concerns me that parents are teaching their kids to lie.

And it concerns me that most of those folks didn't even give much thought to the reason for the holiday. To many, it's just another day off work.


Our church did win a prize yesterday - for being the most spirited group. I don't think anyone got a count of people from our church who participated, but I'm sure the crowd was as big or bigger than last year.

I rode in the truck that pulled the float. What an experience that was. The fellow who drove had volunteered to drive his truck as the second truck - to hold bottled water that our members passed out. But since his truck was an automatic and the other volunteer's truck was a stick shift, this guy got talked into pulling the float.

Good thing parades don't go very fast. This poor guy couldn't see what was happening at the sides of the truck - and we had folks walking, kids riding bikes and kids being pulled in wagons on both sides of the truck and float.

What amazed me was that parents let their kids run to the middle of the road - in front of parade floats - trying to pick up candy that someone had tossed out to them (and missed getting any where near them).

And what amazed us all was how rude people were. After a few years of this, our church is known as the float that gives out bottled water...and people yelled their requests to the folks passing it out.

Our goal this year was to have 2,000 bottles to give out and we exceeded that. I think we collected 2,336 bottles to give out. Luckily, the Kroger float was in front of us also giving out water. (I guess that's why they didn't respond to our request for a donation of bottled water.)

Even so, the people on the parade route - especially kids - were quite rude in their requests for water. Amazing.

I spent my parade time in the truck. Afterwards, I had to walk across the parking lot to where we could get a ride back to our car. Then we went to a member's house for a cook-out party.

Just before the rains started, I told hubby that I needed to leave. My body was wanting to shut down.

I napped the first time for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, was up for maybe 30 minutes, then napped again for about 3 hours.

That has to prove that I could work a full time job. Right? *Smile*

July 4, 2007 at 12:07am
July 4, 2007 at 12:07am
Regarding the signing of the Declaration of Independence John Adams said, "[Independence Day] will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the Day of Deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forevermore."
From http://www.newswithviews.com/baldwin/baldwin379.htm

John Adams was right. People do celebrate. Here in our neighborhood, they started practicing shooting off fireworks about a week ago. *Smile* I wonder, though, if they remember why they're celebrating? Perhaps not.

Our little community has a parade. I think this is only the fourth year they've had it. Last year was the first year that they gave prizes for floats and our church won for best float. Of course, when they showed pictures in the little local newspaper, they never mentioned that we won first place. They also credited a different church as the one that gave out bottled water to the crowd. But we didn't care.

Our church uses a boating theme for many things. (Our pastor sails. You know, the racing kind.) This year our float will be even better. *Smile* Besides the big float, we'll have a bunch of kids' wagons decorated just like the big one. We also have about 2,000 bottles of water to give out to the crowd again this year.

Hubby is going to walk in the parade. He did last year too. I'm going to ride in one of the vehicles. I already know that I cannot walk the parade route. Perhaps I'll be able to give out bottles of water. That would be fun. But just being with everyone else will be enough.

Last year 50% of our church marched in the parade. We're hoping for at least that good a turn out again. The only larger group than ours last year was the high school band - and it was actually the two high schools combined.

This year our pastor says he doesn't mind if we win first place for the float. We're shooting for winning as the most enthusiastic group. I think we can do that. *Laugh*

Be safe how ever you celebrate this year. Here in Cincinnati, they've already arrested quite a few people for drinking and driving. Even those who don't drink - or who would never drink and drive - are in danger when others do so. So watch out for those other guys. And leave the big explosions to the professionals, okay?
July 3, 2007 at 11:14pm
July 3, 2007 at 11:14pm
Okay. I saw my chiropractor today and she did an excellent job of filling out the form I needed for the disability hearing on Friday. Bless her heart.

Hopefully I'll have a judge who listens to chiropractors, especially since she's not my treating doctor. The emphasis of my treatments is not making adjustments either. She does some deep tissue massage of the knots I get in my back and shoulders. Makes me feel sooooooooooo much better. *Smile*

I guess some judges are taking chiropractors seriously. Just last week, one of my chiropractor's patients got a positive ruling from a judge who said his favorable decision was based mostly on the chiropractor's report.

Lots of folks with fibromyalgia look at "alternative" medicine. When I was in Michigan, I had accupuncture and it really did help the pain.

And when you do choose alternative methods of treatments, you usually see that person more frequently.

Here's what my chiropractor said:

"In your review, please consider that over the last two years I have had the pleasure and opportunity to see this patient over 40 times. I have had a lot of contact with this patient. I have seen her at her worst, and I feel I can access what she is capable of doing in the workforce accurately."

She has seen me more than my M.D., that's for sure.*Smile*

Hey, check this out. Do you know someone who is disabled and not able to get out to go to movies or rent/buy them? Individuals, corporations, small businesses, video rental stores and movie companies donate funds as well as new or gently used DVD's and VHS movies to MOVIESFORFREE.ORG. MOVIESFORFREE.ORG then matches up individuals who have contacted them with a movie of their choosing. They then ship out the movie free of charge. (proof of disability is required)

July 2, 2007 at 6:36pm
July 2, 2007 at 6:36pm
I didn't get the nicknames "Smiley" and "Ms. Merry Sunshine" for nuttin'. *Bigsmile* My disposition is usually pretty laid back and even keeled. Usually. But today I really lost it. I just hope losing it doesn't come back an bite me in the butt.

As I mentioned previously, I finally have my hearing before a judge about whether or not I can work a full time job or should be defined as disabled by the Social Security Administration. The hearing is Friday, July 6.

Today, I heard from my regular/treating doctor's office. Of course it wasn't the doc herself who called, but one of her staff. My son says I raised my voice at her, and since he was in the basement and I was on the first floor, if he heard me, I guess I did. *Smile*

My doc is actually out of town. Her nurse called to tell me two things.

1) They would be sending my medical records to my attorney. Good.

2) My doc refuses to fill our the functional capacity form. The doc doesn't feel that she is qualified to fill out the form and suggested that I see a rheumatologist to get the form filled out.

Sigh. When I discovered that my attorney would be sending this form to my doctor, I left a message with her that I would gladly pay for an appointment to come and go over the form with her and answer any questions she had. The questions ask how much a person can move limbs and if/how much a person can lift, stand, sit, etc. Together we could have filled out the form. But no. She has refused to fill it out. Even if she would fill it out, though, she's out of the office all week.

You know what really bugs me? My doc is perfectly willing to bill $115 each time I visit her office. Next month I have a complete physical scheduled and if the price is the same as two years ago, it will be $153 plus tests. To me that's all a bit costly. Yes, our insurance company pays most of that. I paid only $65 for my regular doc in Texas, though, and only $55 if I saw his physician's assistant. Okay, I know that was 4 years ago now. But I doubt that his prices have increased that much in 4 years.

My attorney and I discussed whether or not I should see a rheumatologist at this late date when he and I visited last week. He decided that it would be better to have my treating doc fill out the form, since she has been seeing me consistently since February 2005 than to have a new rheumatologist see me just to fill out a form.

I did see a rheumatologist in Michigan in 2003. That's how I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But, I have not seen one since I arrived in Cincinnati. And the 2003 report is old and I don't even know if SSA and my attorney have copies of it.

This afternoon, I did some checking and of the rheumatologists who are close to my house and in our insurance plan, there are not any who could see me on Tuesday or Thursday of this week. (Wednesday, of course, is a holiday.) The one that my psychologist recommended to me doesn't have a "new patient appointment" until the end of August.

I finally called my chiropractor's office to inquire about whether or not she ever did functional capacity tests. She does. So my appointment with her is tomorrow at 3 p.m. She's cool, too, so she'll probably let me deliver a copy of the test to my attorney's office or will fax it to him tomorrow.

Hopefully I didn't aggravate my regular doctor's staff so much that they won't send my medical records this afternoon as they were going to when they called.

I guess I'm getting antsy about all of this. It has been five years since I first filed for disability and what I can and cannot do has decreased over that time.

Pray with me that I don't lose my cool in court. That would not be a good thing.

A gift from Kiya
July 1, 2007 at 8:31am
July 1, 2007 at 8:31am
I saw an article by Dr. Patrick Jonston recently. Below is just a bit of what he said.

The illegal immigration crisis offers wonderful opportunities to judge the integrity of our leaders: will they abide by their oath to uphold the Constitution and enforce immigration law, or will they capitulate to powerful business interests and strong globalist forces and perpetuate lawlessness?

What does the law say about illegal immigration? Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, "Improper Entry by Alien," anyone who “Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers” has committed a federal crime. Violations are punishable by fines and/or prison, and, according to the Immigration and Nationality Act Section 237 (a)(1)(B): “Any alien who is present in the United States in violation of this Act or any other law of the United States is deportable."

I guess I just don't understand. If people are in the U.S. illegally, there are laws that address that. Why have those laws been ignored?

Some say the reason is that Americans don't want the jobs that illegals have. That's probably true - if they are being paid less than minimum wage.

Back in about 1993, my son and his father and I moved to Central Florida. I remember the first time I saw a bus load of migrant workers. I'm sure many of them were here illegally. They didn't speak much English. And day after day, the bus that transported them to the orange groves stopped at a convenience store about six miles from our house. (It was the closest store to our home, and sometimes I stopped there for milk or bread, since the nearest grocery store was another four miles or more away.)

I thought it was odd that the bus had a porta-potty attached to the back of the bus, but that the foremen never filled up a large container with ice. Instead, the workers each ventured into the store to buy a soda, which is not the best drink when working in the hot Florida sun. The foremen of construction crews in the area always had a tub or two of ice and jugs of water. Why didn't the orange groves provide these amenities to their workers? Probably because they didn't know any better and could not complain.

I knew a few public school teachers. The migrant children attended school when they were in the area, but the usually didn't spend long there before moving on to another part of the state or the country. I learned from the teachers that the families were provided "company housing" and there was also a "company store." The workers did not make much money, but I guess it was more than they would have made back in their home country. The conditions in which they lived and worked were reminisant of the 1940's. It amazed me these conditions still existed in the early 1990's.

I suppose this is why politicians and businesses can proclaim that these workers perform jobs that no one else wants to do. Of course they don't, if they won't be paid properly.

It was about the year 2000 when I looked into what was required to move to Canada. Back then, they required that one be marrying a Canadian who could support you or have a guaranteed good job waiting for you or come across the border with at least $10,000 in available funds. I'm sure the requirements are similar today.

Why is it that we cannot have similar requirements? And enforce them?

The article I mentioned above says that between 36 and 42 percent of illegal immigrants are on welfare. That wouldn't happen in Canada. I doubt it would happen anywhere else either.

Why do we let this persist?

June 30, 2007 at 9:02pm
June 30, 2007 at 9:02pm
Grrr. I made an entry then hit the wrong key and I lost it.


No, I have not seen the whole movie. But I have seen quite a few clips and enough interviews with Michael Moore to know that I will. And soon.

I understand that Larry King interviewed Michael Moore last night and that he wasn't very respectful of his guest. Supposedly he treated him as if he had to do the interview, not as if it was a topic of interest to Larry.

And supposedly afterward there was another show where the Republicans responded to the movie.

I've been a Republican for years, but this just could be an issue that changes that.

I was told that one stupid Republican said that we - I guess Americans who are for universal health care - need to wake up and realize that health care is not a right.

As one who suffers a chronic illness and who has seen numerous people not being treated or being mistreated because of financial issues, them's fighting words. The not-so-nice part of me (yes, I do have one, considering - as Budroe says I have a belly button) wants that Republican to be without health care himself for once in his life and to find out what millions of Americans face every day. Or to have coverage and have to fight with the insurance company to cover something that should be covered.

I like the not yet candidate Fred Thompson, but one of his first blog entries is all about how we cannot have universal health care and how our health care system is set up to be and should remain part of our capitalist system. Grrr. His blog also mentions that the people who live in countries where health care is part of the tax system have to wait for years to get elective surgeries.

I really have not come across anyone in Europe or Canada who would trade their system for ours. Have you?????

When I lived in Florida, I met hundreds of Canadians. Snowbirds we called them. They knew to the day how many days they could spend wintering in Florida before they had to go back home...just so they could keep their Canadian health coverage. Not one of the ones I met wanted our health care system. They didn't complain about having to wait weeks or months or years for treatments. In fact, if you asked them about that they claimed it wasn't so. So why do the Republicans insist on bringing this up?

People in other countries live longer. There are probably two reasons for that.
1) Everyone can get preventive care as well as care when they are sick.
2) They don't have to worry about how they will afford to be cared for if they are sick.

Unfortunately, I really don't know how they will fix our system. Right now, doctors get rich. Pharmaceutical companies get rich. Insurance companies get rich. They would not like having the opportunity to get and stay rich taken away from them. And they have lots and lots of lobbyists who wine and dine our congressmen/women. (Who of course don't have to worry about health care themselves, since they have a whole program set up just for them.)

I read somewhere where it would take an uprising or a "Boston tea party-like" happening to get the attention of those who can begin to change this for us. And you know...I don't think Americans are up to that anymore.

Nope. We're comfortable with what we have. We believe what people tell us - about how the people in Europe and Canada have it so badly with their health system. We might watch this new Michael Moore movie and get riled temporarily. But we'll be back to being silent as soon as the hoop-la is over.
June 30, 2007 at 2:42pm
June 30, 2007 at 2:42pm
Posting this link will probably get me a few emails from folks who don't like the article. I didn't write it. But I do have to agree with some of what
Coach Dave wrote.

His recent posting at News With Views is called, "Have You Ever Visited a Gay Pride Parade?" http://www.newswithviews.com/Daubenmire/dave75.htm

I have not. But almost 30 years ago, I found myself in Houston, Texas during a arts festival in the midst of Montrose, an almost entirely gay community (at least back then). As one who had just recently left a small town in Michigan, just being in the big city of Houston was a big enough shock. Seeing what others considered "normal" activities and attitudes, but that I would consider extreme at a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade, was...well it was something.

Even though I lived in Houston for 8 years (and later just an hour south of Houston for another 6 years) I never set foot in Montrose again. Even though it was said that they held some of the best arts shows and had a few really good restaurants.

In 1999 Coach Dave Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

He is the founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries http://www.ptsalt.com and Minutemen United http://www.minutemenunited.org, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.

Oh what the heck. Here's another News With Views article that is bound to get to some folks. Martha West says, "Americans have been asleep at the wheel while powerful far left ideologues work--round the clock to create words in his or her own image. Before you know it we'll all be echoing "One Nation Under Liberals." http://www.newswithviews.com/West/marsha47.htm

Note: At the end of both of these articles, there are email addresses where you can send comments to the authors if you choose. *Smile*

June 29, 2007 at 2:09pm
June 29, 2007 at 2:09pm
As you'll recall, I didn't make it church last Sunday. But hubby did. We kept forgetting to sit down so that he could read his notes to me. (I can't always read his writing.) Then I suggested that he type them up. *Smile*

We thought the Building Character Series was over. We were wrong.

Part 11 - Honesty

John 8:44 NLT
The Devil...has always hated the truth. There is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Steps to Building Honesty in Your Life

Proverbs 23:23 NIV
Buy the truth and do not sell it.

*Check5*Have an honesty check up

*Note4*Where is honesty an issue?
At work?
At home?
With friends?
"I can stop (drinking, smoking, etc.) at any time I want."

*Note4*How is honesty an issue? Everyone has an issue with honesty.
Protecting others.
Slander/gossip - Paris Hilton, for example.
Justification (You get too much change back at the store and don't give it back. Justification? The prices are too high anyway? I got cheated the last time?)

The Greek word for dishonesty is "resume." (Exaggeration) *Bigsmile*

*Check5*Have an honesty re-evaluation

Provergs 13:21 NLT
Trouble chases sinners while blessings chase the righteous.

Dishonesty sometimes has gains. When you cheat on taxes, you get more money back. The Bible says those gains are temparary. It catches up.

Honesty Benefits

*Check5*Develops character

Proverbs 20:7 NCV
The good people who live honest lives will be a blessing to their children.

Character is what I am when no one is looking.

Ephesians 4:15 NLT
Instead, we will hold to the truth in love, becoming more and mroe in every way like Christ, who is the head of his body, the church.

Integrity is when honesty gets together with character.

Home is the place where character is tested. Lays the groundwork for spiritual maturity.

*Check5*Cultivates confidence

Proverbs 11:6 NCV
Doing right brings freedom to honest people.

"It's easier to tell the truth. That way you don't have to keep track of anything." ~ Mark Twain

*Check5*Completes the connection (with God)

Psalms 51:6 TLB
You (God) deserve honesty from the heart.

The more He is in your life, the harder it is to be dishonest.

When the message starts to get to you inside, don't feel guilty. That's a good sign - that God is speaking to you. The Spirit is not like a Jewish mother; guilt is not the goal. *Smile*

Honesty? Just do it.

Take an inventory inside. God wants to connec with you here and now.
June 29, 2007 at 10:22am
June 29, 2007 at 10:22am
When problems arise in a Christian's life, does he call upon God first? Hopefully so. And God answers. He doesn't always answer in the ways we expect, but He answers.

If you don't believe in God, then who do you call when you're in trouble? I guess you have to call on your fellow man. Frankly, we're not always as reliable as God.

I think I've mentioned my cousin before in my blog. He'll be 65 this year. He has a master's degree in psychology and at one time he practiced. He worked for the worker's compensation board in Canada years ago. I think he was probably quite good, even if he was somewhat unorthadox. The problem was that he and the insurance people didn't always agree on treatments or on diagnosis, and he's not one to back down.

At the age of 60, he learned to be a truck driver. Even that wasn't a pleasant experience - for him or for the company. He didn't like being paired with an equally inexperienced driver after training. After having his life endangered by his partner, Cousin Ed called the company and quit when they wouldn't put him with a safer driver. (His stories about training and riding with that other new driver are scary. It's no wonder there are accidents with 18-wheelers.)

Today, he delivers buses - school buses and those cute little buses that you find at retirement centers and hotels.

He drives his Tracker to where he's to pick up a bus, then attaches his vehicle to the bus and tows it so that he has a way to get back home. There are not many instances where he has a back haul (a bus to deliver the other way).

I knew he was going out on a delivery yesterday. He had been sick, and that concerned me. He was also delivering from Indiana to Louisiana, and with the rain being so bad in so many places, it had me a bit concerned.

This morning I heard from him - a bit earlier than he might usually check in. (He does check in while he's on the road so a family member is aware of his comings and goings.)

The weather had not affected him, but he was in a bit of a pickle. He got on the road pretty early this morning. And sometime after he left his motel, one of his rear tires on his Tracker blew, but he didn't know it. Hundreds of cars probably passed him before two drivers tried to alert him to the problem. The first pulled up beside him and yelled and yelled. That didn't communicate anything to my cousin. He thought the guy was just mad at him for something.

The second sat on his horn, and that let my cousin know that something was wrong. He pulled off the road and discovered his problem. By then, the tire was gone and the wheel and rim and probably the brakes were ruined. He must have driven at least ten miles without realizing there was a problem.

There he sat on an interstate highway, but in the area of a very small town in Mississippi. He talked with his employer, but since the bus is okay they weren't very interested in his problem. He could very well just leave the Tracker and deliver the bus and then figure out how to get back home or to where his car sat.

While cousin and I talked, I got on Mapquest to see where he was stuck. Then I checked for churches in the area. Boy, there were hundreds.

You see, I remembered a time when my ex and my son and I were having car trouble - in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. I even wrote about that experience.
 What Kind of Pastor Are You?  (E)
Yes, it took five days to get there. But God was obviously along for the ride.
#1209724 by Kenzie

I talked with a church secretary in the area. She got in touch with one of the faithful in her church, someone whose ministry is such that he doesn't mind - loves, in fact - being "bothered" by strange human problems. They had not made a connection the last time my cousin and I spoke on the phone.

The highway patrol had been advised of his problem - about an hour before he called me.
Cousin called them back again and was told that they couldn't find him. I don't think he was too polite when he told them he was glad he wasn't bleeding.

Meanwhile, since he had calmed down a bit, Cousin Ed unhooked his Tracker and took the bus looking for help. I'm glad he hadn't done that earlier. I'm glad he's smart enough not to drive when he's so upset.

He found a truck stop and across the street was a towing company. It's also a junk yard, I guess, and that fellow told Ed that he might have the used parts to help him get his car fixed up.

I'm thankful that God placed a kind person in Ed's path, one who will try to help him without emptying his pockets.

Now I'm praying for two things. One, that my cousin thinks about getting some kind of towing coverage - AAA or AARP or something. And two that someday soon my cousin will have a God connection.

After all, when life dumps problems on you, who do you call? For me, the answer is the One who calms my soul.

The fellow from church never did find my cousin either, I guess. Weird. Unless, of course, God just had a different idea. *Smile*

I just heard from the Cuz. He's back on the road again. The guy who worked at the towing/junk yard and his boss saw to it that he got his car fixed, road tested, and back on the road just after noon their time - and for only about $200. Cuz is still scratching his head about that one. You know...there are still some good folks out there...

Personally, I think God was at work in another way today too. Yesterday, my son could not find his cell phone. It doesn't get a signal in our house, so calling it doesn't help. It won't ring in the house. He looked in every room about six times, checked cushions, checked all over my car. It just was no where to be found.

I told hubby that if Derek went to sleep in his room, I was going to check the basement myself. I was certain that his phone was under the sofa. I fell asleep before he did, though, and woke up after he did.

Not long ago he mentioned that he found his phone. He said that he felt "prompted" to check under the sofa again, even though he had alreay done so last night. This time, he lifted up one end and there it was. *Smile*
June 28, 2007 at 9:52am
June 28, 2007 at 9:52am
Wasn't that a book title?

Hmmm. A quick Google search says that it's part of a quote from Doug Horton and part of a song by Eric Bogle. If Wishes Were Fishes is also the title of a movie (according to imdb.com) and the title of a new board game (available in Geman now and in English soon).

Who cares? *Laugh*

I did participate in the consumer panel about toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental habits.

And promptly after I wrote that last line, I took a nap. I've been up for hours now, but I keep making trips to the bathroom (or to the kitchen sink if I can't make it to the bathroom) to barf.

What I don't know is if the reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy upset tummy is an extension of my flare-up that started almost a week ago.

Or...is it a result of having taken a pain pill last night. I'm not sure. I do know that I finally remembered that I still had some of my nausea medicine. Duh. Of course, it makes me extremely drowsy. So in just a bit, I'll back to bed I'm sure. *Smile*


I did spend two hours talking with a group of folks about dental care and toothbrushes. I have no idea what organization was behind our focus group. We often don't find out.

Now...any idea I had about what I was going to write today is gone, gone, gone. Perhaps if I put my head on the pillow again, I'll remember. Probably not, but the pillow is calling me anyway. *Laugh*

June 27, 2007 at 12:02pm
June 27, 2007 at 12:02pm
Okay. I feel like doo-doo today. Both physically - the fibro flare-up is still in progress. And emotionally. I should have gone to the church for a few hours today for my volunteer time.

I should also go across town for two hours this afternoon. I have another consumer panel/study where I can earn $150 for two hours of my time - talking about toothpaste and toothbrushes. Not an exciting topic to me, but the money would help.

I had the TV on this morning and saw the newest commercial against Wal-Mart by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. It got my attention. Here's the website home page: http://www.wakeupwalmart.com/

And here's the link for the latest ad: http://www.wakeupwalmart.com/video/beapatriot.html

I haven't done much shopping at Wal-Mart myself since mid-2003. I didn't shop at Wal-Mart at all when I was living in Michigan and have only been there once since I arrived in Cincinnati at the end of 2004.

Years ago, when I traveled all over Florida selling and recruiting for House of Lloyd/Christmas Around the World, it bothered me that, as I drove down the highways, the only way to tell that I had entered a new county or a new town was that there was another Wal-Mart. They bought former farm land to put those stores on the highways. In town after town, I noticed fewer people shopping in the quaint, little town shops and more and more people in those Wal-Marts. That bothered me even back then and I avoided shopping at the big stores and faithfully shopped at the smaller mom and pop stores.

The ad I saw today says that Wal-Mart is buying more and more from China. And that China is selling weapons to Afghanistan, weapons that kill our U.S. troops.

I don't know about you, but I'm rather wary about merchandise from China any more. First it was a food recall. Then a dog food recall. Most recently, there has been a tire recall. People didn't know that their new SUVs had tires from China. I guess that explains why they fell apart and why some people died.

Do you ever read World Magazine? It's a weekly magazine, much like Newsweek, except with a Christian slant. If you cannot afford a subscription, perhaps your library has copies. Or you can see the latest news at http://www.wordmag.com

In an essay by Marvin Olasky, we're reminded that George W. Bush is trying to return Washington to the principles of our founding fathers.

It also reminds us that George Washington said in 1789:

"Every man, conducting himself as a good citizen, and being accountable to God alone for his religious opinions, ought to be protected in worshipping the Deity according to the dictates of his own conscience." Washington also said - as many of our founding fathers did - that if Americans stopped believing in God, the nation was in big trouble.

This article also points to a book by Stephen Mansfield called Ten Tortured Words: How the Founding Fathers Tried to Protect Religion in America...and What's Happened Since. Sounds like a book I'm going to seek out.

Another great excerpt from the recent issue:

By Nancy Tishler, Professor Emerita of English at Pennsylvania State University, and author of studies in Scripture and ligerature: "When Paul told the Philippians to try chewing some tough meat, he meant something deeper than the feel-good theology of a satisfied people. Rathen than baby's milk, too many Christians settle for cotton candy or angel food cake, when they should be seeking to understand suffering and God's mercy."

June 26, 2007 at 9:27am
June 26, 2007 at 9:27am
I'm feeling old today. No, it's not because of the pains and fatigue I've had since Saturday, although I'm still struggling with both.

Nope. I'm feeling old because I just heard Kelly Clarkson on GMA. I heard one song that was pretty, but the next one was a "bunch of screaming." I remember my mother saying that - the screaming part, not a pretty song part - about Janis Joplin. Not that Janis Joplin was one of my favorite singers back in the day. But she was definitely part of my teen years.

Now that I'm older and I ponder a lot - as opposed to immediately concluding that parents are weird as I did as a kid - I realize how hard it must have been for my parents' generation.

My mom liked Nat King Cole and Perry Como and Frank Sinatra, for pity's sake. If she thought that Elvis was "out there" I cannot imagine what she thought of Janis Joplin. Yes I can. *Smile* Mom thought that Janis Joplin screamed, not sang. And she was a bit right about that. But it seemed okay back then.

Today, Kelly Clarkson's screaming annoyed me. And that made me feel old.

And it made me remember a sign I used to have. "Mirror, mirror on the wall. I am my mother, after all." *Laugh**Laugh**Laugh*


A few days ago, I included a note about praying for winter. We still need to keep her in our prayers. But did you see her last blog entry? Check it out: "Invalid Entry. God is good!

I heard the good news from Budroe first last night. I told him that I had a bit of a bad morning, but that God showed Himself in quite a few ways throughout the day, reminding me that He's in control.

Oddly enough, one of those ways was in an email I got. Just as I was pondering my son's fantastic idea - that I'm dying to share, but can't - yet - and thinking that eventually his idea could find him on local or national talk shows if all goes well, I got a marketing email.

I usually ignore the emails from this dude, but I have never tried to unsubscribe. I guess I'm afraid that corresponding with someone I don't choose to have a business relationship with will just cause more correspondence. That does happen. *Smile*

Yesterday, instead of just deleting the email, I read it. Seriously, this came in the midst of pondering my son going on talk shows with his new idea.

Know what the email was? It was an invitation to a conference call about....how to get on radio and TV talk shows to promote your book, product or service.

Signing up was free. And since our long distance is almost free (well, you know - a set amount each month for unlimited long distance), all it will require is the time to listen in. Derek will be asleep this afternoon during the time of the conference call, so I'll be listening in.

Also included in that email was a link to one of Oprah's web pages - one that lists future shows and has a link to suggest shows. http://www.oprah.com/tows/intheworks/tows_works_main.jhtml Check it out. Perhaps there's something there for you. *Smile*

A gift from Kiya
June 25, 2007 at 11:12am
June 25, 2007 at 11:12am
...a female version of Rip Van Winkle? That's what I want to be. I could just sleep and sleep and it's not because I've taken a bunch of drugs. I'm just plum tuckered out. Plus I have pains in places I didn't know I had places. *Laugh*

Been this way all weekend. Well...since I walked down the three flights of stairs from the movie theater to where we were parked in the garage. No, that's not quite right. I was fine after that. It started Saturday morning, I guess.

I missed church on Sunday and I missed feeding the folks at the apartments that our church adopted (Sunday afternoon). Hubby went, though. He even stayed to help clean up afterwards. *Smile* I also missed my evening small group Bible study on Sunday evening.

I did drive Derek to work last night and pick him up this morning. But now my mind is in a total fog and my eyelids are so heavy that I don't know how I'm staying awake. Won't be for long. I can tell.

My muscles hurt, but they're also feeling heavy. Every movement both hurts and feels like I'm dragging around a ball and chain. Or maybe a dozen balls and chains.

Be sure to keep July 6 in your prayers. I really need the Social Security judge to see how this fibromyalgia affects my life and ability to work a full time job. If he decides there's some full time job out there that I could do, the dance is over. This is it. If I have to file again, I would have to use July 7 as my new "can't work" date. And if I do that, I won't have enough work credits to qualify anymore. (I do have enough credits up to the knee injury I had in 2002, which is the disabilty date we've been using. I have not worked full time since then.)

So that's what I need from you, my friends. Lots of prayers about this hearing coming up.

And understanding that I'm not visiting your port or your blog right now. I'm just too tired.

I wrote this a few days ago, but just posted. I guess I was chagrined about an email chain letter I received that day. *Bigsmile*

 We Are So Gullible  (E)
Send this email. You'll get rich and your wrinkles will disappear. Hey, it worked for me!
#1281893 by Kenzie

June 24, 2007 at 2:22am
June 24, 2007 at 2:22am
My son came up with an absolutely brilliant idea. I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom. No sirrreee. I'm saying that because I'm 55, have been to college, have worked in business and sales and marketing (and writing). I'm saying that because I have always known that he could come up with an idea this good. I know that his IQ tested in the genious level when he was only two, and that he has been working below his abilities for years.

I can't reveal his idea at this point. But I will once he's ready to go global with it. (Yes, global!)

I told him that I'd help with preliminaries, though. So, if anyone has any suggestions and/or advice about...

The best web site host (especially if he's going to get lots of visitors, which I think he will)

Registering a domain name

Registering a trademark

I think that's all for now. I'll let you know later if I need any more help.


June 24, 2007 at 1:36am
June 24, 2007 at 1:36am
So... I've been on a roll for some time now. Having an entry every day for.......I'm not even sure for how long. But even if the entries have been short, I've had one. But not for Saturday.

Hubby and I, plus my son and and hubby's daughter went to the movies again on Friday night. The last time we went, Tiff didn't really like the movie and Derek fell asleep. This time, everyone enjoyed the movie. What was it? Evan Almighty.

Peronally, I didn't like Bruce Almighty. But I highly recommend Evan Almighty. It's rated PG. And the whole bunch of us enjoyed it. Even Tiff's friend who came with us. Our ages: 10, 12, 23, 55 and 58. Two kids who attend church. Two adult committed Christians. And one adult who struggles with what to believe. We all enjoyed the movie.

I have to admit, I wondered how it was going to work. I was curious about how and why there would be another flood needing an ark. But it's okay. The movie doesn't disregard what the Bible says about that.

My mistake was to take the stairs to the parking lot after the movie. Three flights. I figured since we were going down to the parking lot, it wouldn't bother me that much. Wrong.

My knees were aching last night when I went to bed. Now, my knees, back, ankles, hips all ached The bottom of my feet are on fire. My ears feel like they're frostbitten (I really hate that one!). And I slept longer than usual Saturday morning and had two short naps during the day. All - most likely - because I decided to take the stairs after the movie. Grrr. This is my version of having a flare-up. And...compared to some folks I know who have fibromyalgia, it's not really that bad.

But it's bad enough. I'm tired. But I also hurt so badly that sleep just won't come now. And don't you know that I forgot to refill my pain pills (the ones I really hate and put off taking until I have a day like Saturday). Can't fill now until Monday, 'cause the prescription I have now says no refills. Grrr. I'm forced to try some anti-inflammatory pills which don't work real well, but do kill my stomach. So...I'll be taking some anti-barf pills too.

Know what else? The next time we're at that movie theater, I'll probably still want to walk down the stairs to the car. The elevator takes so long. And I still can't get it in my thick head that I can't do the things I once took for granted.

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