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As the first blog entry got exhausted. My second book
Evolution of Love Part 2
April 14, 2021 at 1:24am
April 14, 2021 at 1:24am
One in One, One from One, One for One, One by One, One with One, One to One, One on One and beyond beyond.

This formula has been given by pragyanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur. I would like to elaborate on this with an example. This is a simple example of a daily life and it is being taken from the Knowledge of Knowledge (volume 1) by Sri Sri Babathakur. The example states—

We get up in the morning, go to work for earning our livelihood by the use of our inner and outer senses, get money from the employees or business based on our quality and quantity of delivery.
So this is an example of Jnana(Jnanabhas) in, of, from, for, by, with, to, on and beyond Jnana(Jnanabhas)

Here, we can see how consciousness in the form of person, things, work action plays with itself. Everything that we come across in this universe is nothing but Consciousness that is I-Absolute. As long as we think we are in our body only, we think ourselves limited, mortal and our ideas are mostly influenced by the sense of otherness, sense of seperateness and sense of individuality through form, name and idea. Consciousness which is the basic substratum of everything is the Oneness itself. Our beloved Sadguru at this point bestows us with Knowledge Of Knowledge or Science of Oneness or Supreme Wisdom, unfolding the divine nature of everything i.e. the Truth and Reality. This can be felt by the conscious and dilligent practise of the Formula of One. As per our Sadguru, the constant rememberance of oneself as Paramatma or the I-Absolute awakens the inner knowledge which rests within heart of the seeker as a result of which he will achieve a complete Unification with Absolute I-Reality. To realise one's own Self-I present equally within and without everything is the goal of any seeker, hence for him in the words of Babathakur —'birth and death are nothing but attachment and detachment respectively of the consciousness with ignorance.'

Joy SriSriBabathakur

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