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As the first blog entry got exhausted. My second book
Evolution of Love Part 2
April 3, 2021 at 1:40am
April 3, 2021 at 1:40am
Maharaj: My present outlook is without limitation, total freedom.
Ultimately one must go beyond knowledge, but the knowledge must come, and knowledge can come by constant meditation.
By meditating, the knowledge "I Am" gradually settles down and merges with universal knowledge, and thereby becomes totally free, like the sky, or space.
Those who come here with the idea of getting knowledge, even spiritual knowledge, come here as individuals aspiring to get something; that is the real difficulty. The seeker must disappear.
When you know your real nature the knowledge "I Am" remains, but that knowledge is unlimited. It is not possible for you to acquire knowledge, you are knowledge. You are what you
are seeking.

Your true being exists prior to the arising of any concept. Can you, as an object, understand something that existed prior to the arising of a concept?
In the absence of consciousness is there any proof of the existence of anything? Consciousness itself is mind, is thought, is all phenomena, all manifestation. Apprehending this is being dead to "I am the body" while alive. This kind of knowledge comes only in a rare case, and is a very elusive kind of knowledge where no effort is necessary; in fact, effort itself is a hindrance. It is intuitive understanding.

Questioner: Then should all spiritual disciplines be dropped?

M: At the highest level this is so; at the earlier levels you have to do your homework.
Those who are able intuitively to grasp this lose their interest in worldly affairs.
Having lost it, what will they get?
Whatever they have lost, they will have lost as an ordinary person, but what they get in return will be fit for a King. Those who have comprehended and who have reached a
certain stage will not ask for anything, but everything will come to them spontaneously. There will be no wish for it; nevertheless, it will be there.
This does not happen for an individual — it happens for the universal manifestation, or for the one who has become one with his true nature. For the jnani, only witnessing is taking place.

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