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As the first blog entry got exhausted. My second book
Evolution of Love Part 2
April 4, 2021 at 6:03am
April 4, 2021 at 6:03am
🦉 . . .
It's nice to have an Education . . .
Recently i went to Sydney, and went to a restaurant to enjoy pizza,

I ordered a *9-inch (diameter) Pizza* 🍕.
After a while, the Waiter brought *two 5-inch (diameter) pizzas*
And said the 9-inch pizza was *not* available and He was giving me *two 5-inches Pizzas* instead,
and that i was getting 1 inch more for free.

I said, *Em K*

I, politely requested the Waiter to speak to the Shop Owner.

Then i gave him the mathematical formula to calculate the area of a circle.

Circle Area = *π r²*
where i took *π = 3.1412, roughly*,
*r* is the *radius* of the circle.

And this works out that
a *9-inch circle area* = *63.6255 square inches*,


a *5-inch circle area* is *19.6375 square inches*

The *two 5-inch circle areas* add up to *39.275 square inches*.

I explained to him that even if he gave me three pizzas and I'll still lose-out.

How can you say you are giving me an extra inch for free.

The Shop Owner was speechless.
He finally gave me *four, 5 inch pizzas* 👌🏾
You can never out smart Indian aur woh bhi teacher.

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