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As the first blog entry got exhausted. My second book
Evolution of Love Part 2
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April 30, 2021 at 2:14am
April 30, 2021 at 2:14am
Beyond Vaccinations, Fear and Helplessness

While the virus continues to slowly destroy humanity, taking human lives, putting a magnificent pressure on the health and infrastructure, bringing society down to their knees scrambling for oxygen to sustain human life, scrambling for bed space, doctors, and medication, that too for the second time in a span of a year, what are we learning from this? Or, is society proudly going to talk about being resilient and bouncing back with a strong face like we always do when faced with adversity?

Yes, it’s a great attitude to be resilient, but the time has come to be resilient and smart to take action that we have failed to take as human beings for the longest time because we put our faith wholly into a medical system and science which is great, needed as it saves lives, sustains living, but now has to be looked at more closely and beyond.

Humans’ faith in the medical system was shaken once last year when people were furious and angry with the system. “How can we have nothing to treat this virus at a time and age that we live in right now?” People stuck in chronic illness with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, COPD, and heart issues, woke up to a rude shock and horror to see how they were more vulnerable to the virus and death. Till then they believed as the community made them believe, “Take your pill and don’t worry. You can have a drink, enjoy life, diet doesn’t matter, there is no research that sugar is bad, enjoy your life.” There was zero focus on lifestyle. Just prescription after prescription with no focus on addressing the root cause and addressing a change in lifestyle so people could actually have a chance at recovery and healing.

What has happened has happened. Whilst we sit back and watch the news, social media for more and more fear to fill us up, we need to now start to take a couple of steps back to reflect on how we are living. Why is it that some people are asymptomatic, some people suffer terribly with the virus, some are able to heal from the comfort of their own homes as advised by their doctors and some need a ventilator and oxygen?

Of course, everyone is different but its so clear that your innate and adaptive immune system, how you have lived your life - health-wise, lifestyle wise, plays a major role in your well-being and recovery through this dark time. While the world may sell us ideas from medicines, turmeric, ginger, garlic, superfoods, steam inhalation, saltwater gargles, home remedies, etc, the important fact is –

What change are we going to make to build a strong immune system in our community and world?

We have pollution on one side putting a tremendous toll on the lung health of kids, adults, and the elderly, and the other side we have people disabling their own immune systems with the poorest lifestyle choices. While is it clinically and scientifically recorded and documented in several journals of medicine about the importance of diet, exercise, sleep, emotional wellness with the functioning or the suppression of the immune system, we continue to ignore these powerful tools and live without using them to their full capacity. We forget that all of us have an intelligence within us which is designed to work for us every second of the day and night to protect, repair, heal, regenerate, detoxify, reduce inflammation and rebuild us. We compromise this through our poor lifestyle, self-medication and immense stress that we put our body and mind through not allowing our intelligence to work the way it was designed. We are constantly being sold quick fixes to make us feel happy and to allow us to move quickly through life without having to rest, take a day off, take some time off to allow the adaptive immune system to work its brilliance. We have compromised our own mechanisms and yes, while we will need the vaccines and medical treatments, it's time the world wakes up to - “What am I doing over and above medicine, to prevent, build a strong system, and thrive?”

After all, I am responsible for me, I am responsible to respect and nurture this sacred vehicle, the body, heart, and mind. Many of us have outsourced our health along with our responsibility because we don’t care or we are too busy, and of course, we take it for granted thinking there will be a pill of treatment for everything that breaks down in the human body. Unfortunately, the data is different. At a time in the world where we have so much medicine, technology, advancements in the pharma and medical field, the numbers and deaths of people with chronic lifestyle disease and other ailments, including depression, emotional and mental illness is at the highest. Does this make sense? Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes plague the world today. Does this mean the medical treatments and the medicines are not working the right way? Or does it mean that it’s not enough and we also have to address root causes and changes in lifestyle to really get better?
For the longest time, we were sold that a lie, and today it’s taken a virus to shake up the world and open our eyes to see the mess we are in. Now, the only way forward is of course your medicines, IF YOU NEED IT, your doctors, and your LIFESTYLE.

We have been sold the lie to drown in science but, that’s all a brainwash and a distraction from focusing on what really is needed. We need science and we need to respect it, but we don’t need it to blind us from common sense and action. After all, there is good science and bad science like there is good nutrition and bad nutrition. The same science that told us things that are good for our heart, brain, and cancer is the same science today that tells us the opposite. Science and research can also be rigged, controlled, purchased, and sold for profit and private benefit, remember that. So yes, we need science, but we also need common sense and a mind of our own to break stuff down and then take action.
We are at a point in life where I predict preventive medicine and health will become the center of attention and action because people are getting fed up, angry, tired of losing loved ones, and being sold lies. The truth is and will always be the fact that we are products of nature and so we must operate within biological, physical, chemical parameters that best define us. We must operate in alignment with nature and circadian rhythm. When we move away from nature, we create disharmony. When we realign, we create harmony at a cellular level and achieve homeostasis naturally.

You expect a body and mind burned out with the hustle and grind to really support your immune system?

You expect a sleep-deprived body to have a sufficient amount of energy to drive the complex immune system?

You expect a body riddled with inflammation and lifestyle ailments to really support your immunity the way you expect it to?

You expect lungs burdened with smoking and substance abuse, to really support you in crisis?

You expect a liver abused with alcohol to kick in to save you when required?

You expect a stressed-out mind to have a positive impact on the physical self?

You expect forgiveness when you can’t forgive and the same with love, appreciation and respect?

You expect a sedentary body to be physically fit?

It’s time we introspect to see how our expectations and beliefs are false, built on false platforms, and then take the required action and make the required lifestyle changes.

While we will always need medicine, the time has come to holistically look at and assess our lives and lifestyles and wake up to the truth and fact that medicine, nutrition, exercise, meditation, etc all have their limitations and pros and cons, but when integrated and combined together with the way it was meant to be, it becomes the most powerful preventive and recovery tool.

The future of prescriptions will no longer just be medicines and drugs, but also food, exercise, sleep, emotional wellness tools, spirituality, and nature. These will be the prescriptions of the future that will bring about a change. And, the prescriptions that just continue to prescribe pills and nothing else will result in the breakdown of human health, health care, and society. This model has always failed to work in isolation. It’s great at keeping people sick and in chronic suffering. Now, the time to change is NOW and we must rise above our egos and first respect and take responsibility for our health and then use a holistic and integrative approach towards prevention and recovery.

Fear and anxiety solve no problem for us.

Wear your masks.
Stay at home.
Social distance.

When your time comes for the vaccination, take it with an open mind and heart, with faith that it will work and serve you in the best way possible.

Ask all your questions to your doctors to help you reduce your fear.
And, start to change your lifestyle. Today it’s this virus. Next year, it could be a different one. Don’t go back to that poor life of poor lifestyle choices and don’t let history repeat itself because we didn’t do the basics that we are meant to do. Build your lifestyle and planet. They go hand in hand to create an ecosystem that protects us.

The human body doesn’t demand that much to do its best job.

All we need is:
• To address and be aware of the root causes of our pain, ailments, and disease.
• Nutrition that is wholesome, in balance and that suits our body type
• Exercise and movement
• Quality sleep
• Solid emotional health
• If we are on medicine, then managing the side effect of those meds

And also, a focus on beyond medicine, which consists of -
• Faith
• Prayer
• Belief
• Using the power of our subconscious mind
• Love
• Togetherness
• Forgiveness
• Nature
Maybe it’s about time humans started to optimize all of this to build a stronger us and community.
Remember, most of the money to be made is in things, services, and entertainment that actually leads us to live a poor lifestyle, and hence poor health. It’s a vicious cycle which only we can change.
April 29, 2021 at 1:40am
April 29, 2021 at 1:40am

An elderly lady with a Western education asked for an interview with Mataji. She was well-to-do and childless, but had adopted a couple of young children whom she was looking after to the best of her ability. Religiously inclined from her childhood she had given much thought to spiritual matters and met quite a number of saints and sages.

Mataji, I want Self-realization", she said, "and quickly too! For so long have I been after it, and now I am getting on in years."

"Self-realization is not in time", Mataji replied, "Why do you want to bind it to time".

"Anyway, before I die I must attain it", insisted the lady. "I really mean it. Please, tell me how to get Self-realization?"

"You must keep still as much as possible and meditate in solitude," was Mataji's advice. "But since you are so keen on Self-realization, why have you taken on yourself the care of those children? This obliges you to pay far too much attention to worldly matters."

"But I do not want to withdraw from the world. Why can't I realize here and now, in the midst of my worldly activities?"

Mataji shook her head, "It can't be done. Look at it in this way," she added with a smile, "when you want to write a letter you don't do it in public. You take your pen and paper and sit by yourself. Once it is written you may read it out to everyone."

"Once the Self is realized, the question whether to live in the world or in seclusion does not arise. But while you are striving for it, you must be by yourself."
April 28, 2021 at 4:06am
April 28, 2021 at 4:06am
Some updates as of 12 noon California time :
I just got done with a zoom call with US Secretary of State - Blinken along with 135 US CEOs - Biden and Modi had a call this morning and the US army and the US state department are coordinating medication , aid and equipment - UPS and United / Delta have already volunteered flights to take equipment to India Amazon is coordinating ventilators distribution . The US government is fully in support . Google , IBM , JP Morgan, FedEx Walmart , Coke , J&J , Pfizer are all aware that the impact in India will impact the world- both on health and economic Biggest concern - india wants everything coordinated through the PMO - US wants to work with various institutions in India as they believe lot of aid will be locked up in Delhi and not get to the states as speed is critical . US is also sending several military mobile hospitals for ICUs .
The US bureaucracy took time to get mobilized but I can assure you that a massive massive massive effort and Dollars are being shipped today - as we speak !
US govt health stock of Astra Zeneca vaccines are being shipped along with all raw material to make vaccines in India . Extra stock of Oxygen equipment are being diverted from war field hospitals to India. Google is helping india with tracking Covid in India. Lockheed Martin sending helicopters and cargo flights to move equipment to small towns in India. Many firms have offered their empty offices in India to be used as vaccine centers.
America wants to show it has the money , equipment and most important the heart to come to to India’s help during this unbelievable crisis. Bottom line I have never seen such a public private coordination before - the might , brain power and financial resources of the US government is now fully in motion and unleashed on India.
It’s now all about coordination efficiency and speed of execution. Covid has to be stopped in it’s tracks or the india variant will spread through the world by end May
Quick update from me - some of this may not get picked up in the press
April 27, 2021 at 12:37am
April 27, 2021 at 12:37am

*Consensus guidance of AIIMS-trained specialists (AIMS2Health.com) on treatment of COVID 19*

Q-1: I am running fever for three days, should I go for RT-PCR/Rapid Antigen Test/CBNAAT?
In the current situation ( April 2021), it is presumed you have Covid 19 infection. Treat accordingly. If available, get RT-PCR test done for COVID 19. Only if RT-PCR test facility is not there, Rapid Antigen Test or CBNAAT may be done.

Q-2: I am running fever for 3 days, and my RT-PCR result for COVID 19 is positive. What all should I do? Which tests and what medicine should I take?
(A) *General Care*:
1. *Strict isolation* at home. All positive patients in the same house do not have to remain in different rooms.
2. Monitor your temperature six hourly. If temperature rises above 101, take tab
paracetamol 650mg.
3. Monitoring blood oxygen level by pulse oximeter, 6 hourly. If reading 94% or higher, nothing to worry. If reading drops <94%, start deep breathing exercises (Pranayam). Lie on your tummy (not on your back) for as long as you can; this is likely to improve your oxygen level. *If oxygen level not getting better, see if you can do a six-minute walk test*(see below).* Please note that the period in which oxygen level may fall is generally from *day 5 to day 11* from the date of onset of first symptom. If lying in prone position or six minute does not improve level above 94%, then you need to see a doctor, and you may need supplemental oxygen.
4. Normal diet (Patient with comorbidities need to continue to follow illness specific dietary restrictions).
5. Drink sufficient fluids (Patient with comorbidities need to adjust fluid intake as needs to be for each specific comorbidity).
(B) *Blood Tests*:
Normally no blood test is needed in mild cases. In those with severe symptoms (high fever, severe diarrhoea, severe fatigue etc.) but good oxygen levels, the following tests may be done (fasting) as baseline:
(a) CBC, (b) CRP, (c) LFT.
(C) *Treatment*:
There is no specific treatment for COVID 19 infection. Only, treatment for relief of symptoms is needed.
(a) For fever/body pains/headache: Paracetamol SOS.
(b) Sore throat: warm saline gargles.
(c) Throat irritation, sneezing or running nose: Tab Cetirizine (Zyrtec): One tab once a day
(d) Dry Cough: Tab Montair LC; one tab per day
(e) Wet Cough (with phlegm/sputum): Bro-Zedex Syrup, 1 or 2, teaspoons thrice daily.
(f) Loose motions:
• Take Electral Oral Rehydration Powder, as many times as needed;
• In severe diarrhoea, Tab Imodium 2 mg as needed.
• Also take Curd, at-least once a day.
(g) General immunity boosters:
a. Tab Zinc 50 mg (Tab Zinconia) for 15 days.

E. Those with co-morbidities such as obesity, diabetes, high BP, asthma, kidney disease, smokers, chronic chest diseases, history of lung tuberculosis, etc):
Continue all medicines already being taken for chronic illnesses like high BP, diabetes, thyroid illnesses, asthma, cancer, arthritis, etc. You have to go by the advise of your treating doctor. You may be advised to do the following tests by your doctor -: Serum Ferritin, LDH, D-Dimer, Interleukin 6.

*Just to repeat*, those above 70, and those with diabetes and other co-morbidities, go as per your doctor's advise.

F. *Need for HRCT chest*: Those with normal (>94) oxygen level do not need HRCT of the chest. It is to be done only if oxygen consistently remains below 94, or there is severe breathlessness. CT score being done these days may have interpretation issues, and hence do not get alarmed. Abnormal blood tests alone is NOT a reason to do CT.

G. *Note*:
(A). Please do not give/take Fabiflu (Favipiravir) Doxycycline, Ivermectin or Azithromycin. None of these has any proven role. These may harm the patient as all medicines have side effects. Most common side effects of most drugs are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loose motions.

(B). *Steroids* (Medrol/Dexona) are prohibited and dangerous for those having normal oximeter reading. Only those who need more than 3L/min supplemental oxygen support should receive a short course for five days. Early start of steroids (practiced by some) in our opinion, can make the condition worse.

(C). Neither Inj Remdesivir nor convalescent plasma is of proven value. So do not worry too much if these cannot be arranged. Neither of these will change the final outcome.

(D). Much more important than blood tests or HRCT findings is the oxygen saturation level as seen in the finger oximeter. This is the key to management of Covid 19.

*Disclaimer: This is a simplified and basic guidance for patients and their family doctors. It is based on consensus of five AIIMS-trained specialists with over 40 years of practical experience of each. Every patient should take treatment for COVID 19 as per the instructions of a competent doctor.

** How to measure oxygen level: Put the oximeter on right (dominant) hand’s middle finger. First, cross check functioning of the finger oximeter by test readings on other members of the family/caregiver. Check both at rest and after walking around the room for six minutes. Those who cannot walk for six minutes should try and walk for three minutes at-least.
April 26, 2021 at 2:21am
April 26, 2021 at 2:21am
The wise yogi detaches his consciousness from transitory relationships and possessions, even if living the life of a householder; for he knows all things belong to God, and that at any moment he can be dispossessed of them by the divine will. He loves not his family any less for his
nonattachment, nor does he neglect his duty to them, but rather loves and serves the God in them and expands that caring to include all others of God’s children.

Forsaking the company of sense-restless beings and materialistic environs, the sage prefers sequestered places, spiritual
company, and the inner companionship of the Supreme Friend.

The wisdom-manifesting yogi fills his mind with scriptural studies and spiritual meditative perceptions that contribute to soul-realization. When he attains perfect inner enlightenment, he intuitively perceives the meanings in all forms of knowledge, and realizes the whole truth of divine wisdom as manifested within his Self.

April 25, 2021 at 4:23am
April 25, 2021 at 4:23am
Some facts about Oxygen and the present state of affairs--
1) Industrial and medical oxygen are same product produced in same plant, stored in same tanks and filled in same cylinders. For medical oxygen the gas company just have to analyse each batch and certify. No other difference. In fact for industrial we need 99.5% pure oxygen where as for medical as per pharmocopea all over world is 93+\-3%.
2) There is absolutely no shortage of oxygen product in india. You will be surprised to know that less than 1% of oxygen production capacity is used for medical purposes. Even in corona times it may go up to three times or even 5%. But that’s it.
2) I would estimate total oxygen production capacity in india to be around 100,000 tons per day ( or may be more) and around 80% of oxygen production capacities are with steel companies where oxygen gas is produced and used in iron making as well as steel making. Yes, Relinace Jamnagar has 22000 tons per day capacity for petcoke gassification.
3) Most of captive plant are in East india, some in west ( Mumbai and Gujarat) and some in Karnataka. These plants typically produce 5-10% of product as liquid which is stored in large tanks. This liquid is used by them as back up when plant is down and also to meet peak demands.
4) There are several stand alone liquid oxygen plants owned by gas companies like Linde and Innox where they produce liquid oxygen and sell to various customers through tankers and tanks. 5) Several refillers around country buy liquid from gas companies and fill gas cylinders after vaporising liquid
6) Oxygen is generally delivered to end user by three means. Directly through pipe line from plant to end user which is say 80% of product. 15% or so is delivered in liquid form through tanks and tankers and less than 5% through cylinders
*So why are we facing crisis today ?* I think combination of followings
1) Shortage of distribution assets ie road tankers, storage tanks and cylinders. Mind you these are expensive. Each road tanker costs 45 lakhs on road and a cylinder costs around 10,000 in which you sell oxygen just worth Rs 300. These assets have been built by gas companies based on normal times. There is only that much one can do with these assets
2) Logistics management. Most of Plants are located in select geographies. So distribution assets travel fair distance ( 200-1000 kms) to deliver to customer. Now even with good roads a tanker takes around 7-10 days to make a round trip and a cylinder also takes that much turn around.
3) Desire of gas companies to focus on what maximises their profits
Last but not least this wave came so quick it took our government administration with pants down. Had they thought of this impending danger and prepared, a major crisis could have been avoided. But that’s easy said than done knowing our democratic set up. Now Govt are taking steps. In hindsight I think Govt could have planned followings
1) Strict advisory to gas companies to use all distribution assets for medical purpose only from day one. They could provide compensation to gas companies for this just like MSP for food grains.
2) Advise all captive plants owners not to use a drop of liquid oxygen from plant / tank for their process use until they are full.
3) Using rails to transport through green door track
4) All hospitals could have installed PSA captive plants. PMO had announced 200 crores for all district hospitals and they could have around 500 plants. In usual public sector tendering process not even 15% of that has been used
5) CEO of large hospitals are also equally responsible. When they charge such huge money from public, they should have better prepared them selves. For what they get fat salaries and bonuses. Once this crisis is over I think some heads of CEO of large hospitals must roll.

So it is case of noise sorrouding the real problem.

What is needed in the long run are--

(1) Determining the capacity and thd form in which Oxygem must be stored by hospitals. It a subject that needs indepth study and planning, not limited to commercial aspects only.
(2) Review the design and configuration of oxygen storage systems for hospitals
(3) Digitalisation of oxygen supply -chain.

April 24, 2021 at 7:58am
April 24, 2021 at 7:58am

Prayer is the key of perfection and of sovereign happiness; it is the efficacious means of getting rid of all vices and of acquiring all virtues; for the way to become perfect is to live in the presence of God. He tells us this Himself: “Walk before Me and be thou perfect” (Gen. xvii. 1).

Prayer alone can bring you into His presence, and keep you there continually.

What we need, then, is an attitude of prayer, in which we can constantly abide, and out of which exterior occupations cannot draw us; a prayer which can be offered alike by princes, kings, prelates, magistrates, soldiers, children, artisans, laborers, women, and the sick. This prayer is not mental, but of the heart.

It is not a prayer of thought alone, because the mind of man is so limited, that while it is occupied with one thing it cannot be thinking of another. But it is the PRAYER OF THE HEART, which cannot be interrupted by the occupations of the mind. Nothing can interrupt the prayer of the heart but unruly affections; and when once we have tasted of the love of God, it is impossible to find our delight in anything but Himself.

Nothing is easier than to have God and to live upon Him. He is more truly in us than we are in ourselves. He is more anxious to give Himself to us than we are to possess Him. All that we want is to know the way to seek Him, which is so easy and so natural, that breathing itself is not more so.
April 23, 2021 at 1:16am
April 23, 2021 at 1:16am

*In a restaurant, one well-known chef cooked very tasty pulav using high quality rice. As soon as the pulav was ready, its aroma spread all over. Everyone's mouth started watering 😋* *Now they were all eager to taste the pulav. About a hundred people were served the pulav.*

*Just when every one was about to take the first bite & put it in their mouth, the chef came and said that there is a small stone in the pulav. As it was of the same color and size of the rice grain, he couldn't find it. He said as it may come in anybody's plate he would want them to be carefull while eating & the stone might injure them if it comes in between the teeth.* 🤔🤭😯

*The flavor of the pulav is good.... the taste is also great but now the fun of eating has gone. Everyone was like forcefully swallowing one bite after other without paying attention to the taste while eating. The more they became aware, there was no talk, no gossip among them. All were quite & silent. Before the start of the meal it was fun to be together. Now even though they were together, one by one, they fell into a trance. Everyone ate until the end. Even the last bite was taken carefully*. 🧐

*After completing the meal everyone sighed relief for not getting the stone. They washed their hands. Just then, someone noticed that no one got the stone* 🤔😖

*Then they called the chef & asked him 'you had said that one of us will get the stone while eating!* 🥵

*The chef said 'I had removed most of the stones, but if there was one left by mistake, I wanted to warn you* 😟

*They started looking at each other. There was no discussion about the very delicious pulav. Everyone was exhausted after the meal, because the ease of eating had gone. They had found it was so hard to eat* !!🙃🙃

*Due to this pandemic at present, our condition has become like the stone in the pulav. It is not possible to say who will get this stone.*

*Ease of living is gone. Even the helping hand which comes forward, we think will get Corona? Milkman, vegetable vendor, grocer,... while buying every necessities of life, we are worrying what will come with it & this is how we are living our lives*!.!

*Earler when one sneezed, we said 'God Bless' But now we think whether nature has pulled out our file or what…? No one knows how many days this will continue*.

*But it is a humble request not to let your happy life become useless like the delicious pulav. Don't read negative news, posts. Read motivating posts, information, books. Cultivate hobbies and buy happiness in kilos & tonnes just from youself!*
April 22, 2021 at 2:43am
April 22, 2021 at 2:43am
It is worth knowing the reason for people getting infected even after taking two doses of the corona vaccine.
▪️ The second dose is to be taken 21/28 days after the first dose of the corona vaccine.
▪️ The vaccine starts to form antibodies immediately after entering the body.
▪️ When antibodies are forming in our body, our immunity decreases a lot.
▪️ When we take the second dose of the vaccine after the 21/28 days, our immunity decreases even more.
▪️ 14 days after the second dose, when the antibodies are completely formed in our body, our immunity starts to grow rapidly.
▪️ During this one and a half month, due to low immunity, the chances of the corona virus entering our body are very high. It is due to an exposure to the virus at this vulnerable time that a person gets infected.
▪️ which makes it very risky to get out of the house during this month and a half.
▪️ Even after taking two doses of the vaccine, you can become a victim of Corona.
▪️ After one and a half months, the immunity in the body rises by 100 to 200 times, after which you are safe.
▪️ Need to be careful and safe for one and a half months from the first dose.
That's why
▪️ Make sure to wear a mask
▪️ Get out of the house only if necessary
April 21, 2021 at 12:37am
April 21, 2021 at 12:37am
We are all navigating a storm, but not in the same boat

*The waves may capsize yours while gently rocking mine*

Or vice versa ...

*For some, quarantine is a moment of reflection, of re-connection. Easy, in flip flops, with a glass of whiskey in hand*

For others, this is a desperate crisis !

*Some experience it as loneliness and isolation*

Others a time of reconnection with family and friends

*Some lament the absence of a brand they love*

Others worry about bread for the weekend, or if the noodles will last a few more days

*Some work in their "home office" *

Others have lost their homes and offices

*We criticize those who break the quarantine*

But some have no choice, they have to pay the bills.

*Others choose to escape. To their country homes or favorite vacation destinations*

Some have experienced the virus, some have already lost someone from it, some are not sure their loved ones are going to make it

*And yet there are some who don't even believe this is a big deal*

Many are getting vaccinated. Some have faith in God and miracles. Others lack faith in science

*Some think the storm is passing, others think the worst is yet to come*

So, friends, we are not in the same boat. We are in the same storm. How we perceive it depends on the boat we are on

*And when the storm passes, each of us will emerge, in our own way. Some stronger, some unscathed, some scarred, some on a stretcher, and some will not make it.*

It is very important to see beyond our own experience

*See beyond our politics, beyond religion, beyond race, beyond the nose on our faces*

*Do not judge the good life of one nor condemn the choices of the other*

Let us not judge the one who lacks, nor the one with possessions

*We are all simply on different boats*

Let’s navigate our routes with respect, empathy and responsibility

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