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Well, here it goes! 'The Bard's Hall Contest' got me blogging again, so wish me luck!
You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. -- Maya Angelou

Here I go again, blogging! I'm doing this for:
The Bard's Hall Contest  (13+)
DECEMBER PROMPT: Holiday Acrostic!
#981150 by StephBee

My blog picture above is located in the beautiful, scenic Sedona, Arizona. We vacationed there at the end of December, 2019 thru January, 2020 - right before the pandemic began. What a chaotic year it was, too! A scary time for all of us!

I am hoping that this blog will show my creativity, my heart and soul, and reveal a little more of myself. I'm a shy person at heart, don't post too much in Newsfeed, but I love reading what others are saying. *Smile*

I'm off to post my first blog...
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March 9, 2022 at 11:18am
March 9, 2022 at 11:18am
Next week, temperatures are looking up in Minnesota, they'll be in the 40's and 50's! This is when we'll began seeding for our greenhouse. This growing season we're growing more than just tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries. There will be lots of green vegetables, herbs, fruits, sweetcorn, and even flowers. Marvin, my hubby, who has the green thumb, has things all planned out, then he runs it by me. I love his plans, and I can't wait until it's all done, and see the final results.

My daughter, who lives across the road from us, loves her flowers gardens. She adds more varieties each year. I think it'll be eye appealing on both our places. We hope it'll slow down the traffic a little, because they drive much too fast by our places.

Well, I'm off to find some new Easter dinner ideas, because we'll be holding it this year. Will it be ham again, I'm not sure? There's still time for planning. I can't do much of anything right now, it so cold out, 22 degrees, and 15 mph winds. Brrr,,I'm staying inside where it's nice and warm.
November 4, 2021 at 5:01pm
November 4, 2021 at 5:01pm
I got a big surprise when entering the four week challenge. One day I clicked on "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest and got a 'surprise of my life.'

Darlene of Dark Dreamscapes selected me as Queen of Darkness. (You can win this honorary place just by entering her contest and write some winning poems) What a honor! Thank you 🌑 Darleen - QoD! You made my day!

I received these two items that I will treasure always *Down*

Here's my plaque: Here's my badge: Merit Badge in Queen of Darkness
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on earning "Honorary Queen of Darkness" for Octoberfest 2020/2021. Your steady presence and wonderful poetry at  [Link To Item #darkpoetry]  honor us and we bow in this moment for you.


Winning poems of 2021:
No Escape  (E)
Fighting demons who've taken over my soul, trapping me, no moments of peace.
#2259880 by Jeannie🦋
Jester of the Dark World  (ASR)
Make the king laugh is my goal, why did I sell my soul?
#2249262 by Jeannie🦋
The Stench of Death is Near  (ASR)
A nightmare turns in reality when a hellish entity enters the picture.
#2243614 by Jeannie🦋

I discovered that I enjoy writing dark poems. This is why I entered so many times at Dark Dreamscape. I never wrote any poems before, but when I decided to become a member of WDC, this is when it all changed. I follow some rules pertaining to poetry, but mostly I just write what I feel.

Just had to document the greatest day of my life. Thanks again, Darlene, for creating this great contest!

November 2, 2021 at 12:37pm
November 2, 2021 at 12:37pm
When the government knows everything about you, that's tyranny; but when we know everything about the government, that's democracy. - This is how things should be, but is it? Do we really want the government to know everything about us? I don't! They want to give us free money so they can control us. They hate people working and taking care of themselves and their families. This way they can't control us. Beware of all their government handouts! They don't do this without an agenda attached to it.

President Biden wants vaccine mandates! This really isn't a law, but big corporations follow this mandate, making it almost impossible to work without getting the jab. Where did all our freedoms go? I thought we can think for ourselves on what we put in our bodies. The democrats hate the constitution - Some of the rhino republicans do too. All of us were born free, and these power-hungry politician want to take these freedoms away from us.

One of them is Mayor de Blasio of New York City. He wants all the firemen to get the jab. If not, they will be laid off. If all firemen walk off their jobs, who will put out the fires? Don't you think this is stupid? This is dictatorship in my eyes. Many other democrat governors follow suit who love power and dictate to the people on what they want done. Governors like Whitmer of Michigan and Bowser of DC, or mayors like Lightfoot of Chicago and De Blasio of NYC, they love to dictate to their people! There are others like California's governor Gavin Newsom, etc.

Hello, socialism! If we don't stand up for our rights we will lose our country! We must fight for our freedoms! If your voice had no power, they wouldn't try to silence us. Right? So fight for your rights, people! I really don't want the U.S. to be a Socialist country which can turn into communism so easily. Want to stand in a bread line? Bernie Sanders thinks this is a good thing.

They took the guns away from the Australians and New Zealand. Now they are in big trouble if they don't take the jab. Their freedoms are in jeopardy and what I hear is going on, tears come to my eyes. Check out https://www.brighteon.com/ who supports your freedoms to speak - (they give live daily broadcast). Here you'll find out the news that the main street media will never tell you. Ignorance is bliss to them, so everyone will act like sheep and follow the leader on the democratic policies.
October 31, 2021 at 3:40pm
October 31, 2021 at 3:40pm
What is happening to our country? First of all the Biden's Administration wants the IRS to spy on us, seeing how much we pay takes.

Then they want our tax money to go to the illegals crossing our border, the ones who were separated at the border during Trumps Administration - Why did President Trump to this? He wanted to make sure these were the child's rightful parents, but it sure became a great talking point for the democrats. Well, now they want to put these reparations into their huge bill, they want to give $450,000,00 to each person separated at the border. Around 90,000 have already signed up for this windfall. The democrats really hate hard working people! So, this is how they'll punish us by giving out hard earned money to these aliens who broke the law and crossed over our border illegibly.

Well, this all makes sense in the democrats eye because they love anybody breaking the law - They don't arrest anyone who killed, raped, stole from anybody, burnt buildings, or even start forest fires in California. They feel we've been too hard on the criminals - This explains why the democrats want to defund the police. They hate the police because they lock up all their friends. These are the ones who go around and sell the drugs - They'll do whatever the democrats tell them to do? Why? This way the crooked politicians don't have to dirty their hands.

During the 2016 election it was democrats who conspired in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA to get dirt from Russians to smear Trump with sexual innuendo and collusion that didn’t exist. Now, that everything came out that this was all bogus, they have been fired from these organizations for ethical misconduct, quit in disgrace or will be under prosecution soon.

What ticks me out the most is that Biden, while vice president, helped get his son multi-million dollar gigs that required no work because he was a drug addict that needed money to support his cocaine habit and hooker habit. Remember when he once knocked up a hooker who tried to get money from him to him raise their child. Of course he was way above her and refused to pay her anything out of his millions he cons foreign governments.

No wonder they want the cops disbanded! So they scheme, without being called on it by the police, they can get their many voters or potential voters - all criminals like Illegal immigrants, illegal drug dealers, illegal drug users, violent felons and corrupt officials who only care about one thing - getting back into power!

This is why our government is not working for the people anymore! Why should they? They get in illegally, so why not scheme? It has paid off for these democrat and rhino-republicans for many, many years. This is why our country is going to hell. All across America, infrastructure concerns are all too familiar. Whether it’s roads, bridges or transit systems struggling to provide convenient, reliable access. Water pipes and plants are struggling to provide clean, affordable service, our infrastructure is failing to deliver on good, reliable usage.

Every time I cross a bridge I pray it won't fall down, or drive on our roads that look like a bunch of patchwork, their condition deplorable - potholes here and there that you have to remember not to hit. Who lives like this when there should be money tucked away for such a project. Where does this money go? They tax us for gas we buy for our cars - this was suppose to go towards such a project. Put these politicians in charge of our hard tax paying money, and they use it for their pork barrel spending.

Thank you for listening to my rant, I had to let loose on these crazy goings on right now. Our country is in trouble, and we need to fight once again like we did back when, so we won't be taxed to death again - what England did to the thirteen colonies. Otherwise the government will control our whole life and we'll find ourselves in a breadline like third-world countries. They hate Americans who work and support themselves. They want to give us free money until we're dependent on them, then they'll spring all these different mandates they want people to do. They want each American to be good little sheep, and beg for our freedom. This is socialism that will soon turn to communisms. Wake up people, we don't want this to happen to our country! It's getting to that point, so let's act before it's too late!

September 14, 2021 at 1:54pm
September 14, 2021 at 1:54pm
Had a long talk with my granddaughter, Leah, who needed to talk about her old job at Farm and Home. She worked here after school and had some interesting instances that happen to her. Some of them were downright hilarious! We laughed about how silly some customers can be while others can be so endearing.

We talked about the animals that we raised on our hobby farm, cows and the bull which had her pinned up against the wall when she tried to feed him. Grandpa rescued her from a very dangerous situation and asked what she was thinking. She said her brother, Nick, told her to feed him. "You don't go in there again, do you hear me!" Grandpa ordered, deadly afraid how a bad situation could of turned for the worse. Lets just say, she never went in there again, and Nick had a talking to about it.

Leah loved the goats, sheep, Bosco the Llama, Daisy the Donkey, and the horses. Her horse was named Chrystal. Here's a picture of Leah riding Chrystal.

Leah loved riding her horse around the farm.

Leah loved our dog Bo, and he went with her wherever she went. I thing he was protecting her because she was such a little girl. He died when he was 12 years old, and we still miss him and talk about him. He was a German Shepherd but had such silky hair, His coloring was softer brown, almost white in color and black. Here is Leah in a Kayak with Bo beside her.

Leah sits in her mom's kayak all ready to go. Our German Shepherd, Bo, is looking on.

Leah loved the baby goats, and played with them after school. She had names for each of them. Here she is with two of the goats, Whitey, and Sidewinder - he would jump up and spin around, hence his name.

Leah, my granddaughter, loves her goats. They are so friendly and playful.

We had a lovely chat, we talked for three hours remembering the animals on the hobby farm. It just went from one subject to another. She got home from work and needed to talk. Staring at a computer at night for twelve hours can get tiring, so we talked until she was tired. Leah is eighteen and just graduated this year. She is working to save money for college.
July 21, 2021 at 11:13am
July 21, 2021 at 11:13am
We have a donkey named Daisy. She was very vocal at our other home where she was friends with the goats, sheep, and cows. She didn't like our German Shepherd, Max, though. We recently sold all our livestock and moved, but left Daisy with our son, who bought the hobby farm. He called to tell us that she looked lonely, and is following him all around the place. It was cute at first, but now she is getting in his way, so we brought her over to where we live. There are three horses that my daughter owns, and Daisy wants to be friends with them. Of course, there is a pecking order, and she wants in. They keep chasing her out where she can just slip out under the electric fence. She's patient and is slowly working her way to third place. Ruby, a blue roam, just wants to be left alone and doesn't mind being in last place. Daisy is a midget donkey, and it looks cute - her standing with the three horses. They are finally co-mingling together which just took two months!

We should have trained Daisy to do what this donkey does. Our daughter showed us on Facebook how he loves playing with a ball. I found it on YouTube too. Here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZzqn_DLWYs

I laughed so hard, tears came into my eyes. It's not just cats and dogs being funny, but donkeys are funny too! Who would have thought when we all think of Eeyore on 'Winnie The Pooh.'

Daisy loves eating bananas, apples, carrots, and strawberries along with her oats. Not all at once, but bananas one day, apples the next and so on. She is white and gray with a black streak down her back and shoulders. Her tail is white and gray, too. She is very alert, not what you think a donkey would be. She's temperamental if not fed on time, and will turn her back on you to show her displeasure when you are late feeding her. She loves being brushed, just like the horses - They get their legs and ears sprayed to keep the flies at bay. She patiently waits her turn, knowing my daughter will make her feel better. This is done every day in the summer.

Our new home is across the road from where my daughter and her husband lives. They love Daisy, too, and laugh at her antics. I guess her loneliness is in the past, and she and the three horses finally get along. She does have her own house, though so the other horses can't push her out. She knows it hers because it smells like the ducks backs at the other place. This is where she goes back to when it rains or to sleep at night.
June 29, 2021 at 12:27pm
June 29, 2021 at 12:27pm
The Forth of July is coming up, and our family is going all out celebrating our independence day. As I've said before, my husband love potatoes, so I'm making my potato salad.

5 lbs. cooked potatoes - cut into small pieces
3 cups mayonnaise or use according to taste.
2 cups finely chopped pickles or relish
5 hard-cooked eggs, chopped
½ cup chopped red onion
3 tablespoons prepared mustard
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar or pickle juice or both.
1 teaspoon salt, or to taste
½ teaspoon ground black pepper

Stir mayonnaise and mustard together. Add pickles, hard-cooked eggs, red onion, cider vinegar, and salt, and pepper to taste. Stir together in a large bowl. Fold potatoes into the mayonnaise mixture. Top with Paprika. Allow to chill at least six hours, or overnight to allow all the flavors to absorb.

We serve this with grilled brats (topped with sauerkraut) on a toasted bun.


We buy our own fireworks. We live out in the country on a hill. Our neighbor do the same thing, so we can watch their fireworks as well as ours. It's a fun night out for the young and old.

We were going to go on a short vacation to visit Garner State Park, Texas. We wanted to see the pristine Frio River which has a cold, clear, spring-fed waters that remains chilly even during the area's hot summers. This sounds so amazing, but we decided to put the trip off til next year. Maybe then, instead of going by RV, we can rent one of their cool cabins that they have advertised. We love doing that too!

I wish a 'Happy 4th of July' to all! After all this pandemic scare of 2020, it's time to celebrate. Now I'm going out to take a walk and look at my beautiful flowers - After all the rain we had for the last three days, they've really perked up.

“Independence Day: freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

June 25, 2021 at 11:58am
June 25, 2021 at 11:58am
When hubby and I were first married, we moved into a house where an older gentleman died. We didn't know it at the time, but it became obvious when we kept hearing noises, objects were move or knocked off the counter. We even heard heavy footsteps climb the stairs at night. It would wake us up when we would smell an awful odor.

Our neighbor clued us in that his elderly neighbor lady found her husband dead in his chair. He died quietly of old age. She put the property up for rent, and we jumped at the chance for low rent. It was a well-kept up older home and we felt in love with the older furniture, the dark woodwork and wainscoting. We couldn't figure out why the rent was so low, but we didn't argue the point. Well, we found out in short time...

There was this dark stain above where the old man died. We didn't like it, and decided to paint the ceiling to cover up that ugly stain - To our surprise, it appeared again through the two layers of paint. This shocked us and sent goosebumps along our arms. We decided on a drop ceiling to hide it, even though we knew it was still there, but no one else did when they came to visit.

We stored the old chair in the barn, and rearranged the furniture. After a while we forgot about the stain because these other things happened. It was like the old man didn't want us there. The lights flickered, things would go flying off the counter, but it never happened when we had people over. We told them what was going on, but they thought we made it up to scare them.

Well, we took this ghost's nonsense for four years, and decided to move when I became pregnant with our first child. We moved to a hobby farm that we learned to love, raised sheep, goats, cows, and had a llama to protect our animals from coyotes. We called him our Kung Fu Llama, because he could kick from the side as well as back. We wanted him to share the pasture with our two female horses. He didn't like them, and would come chest-first, bumping them. They kicked him and he made the weirdest sound. He usually didn't say much, but when he got kicked, that told us we couldn't have our horses share the pasture with him. He didn't mind the sheep, goats, or cow, but drew the line with horses.

I remember getting into a discussion with ember_rain, who's no longer with WDC. She told me many ghost stories that happened to her. They really make me think that there has to be others this happens to. This is when I started to watch the paranormal shows on YouTube. Some of them get downright scary, and I think back at the ghostly home we rented. I never was so relieved and happy to move away from that place!

The popularity of the paranormal, oddly enough, might even be grounds for encouragement. I think that the appetite for mystery, the enthusiasm for that which we do not understand, is healthy and to be fostered. It is the same appetite which drives the best of true science, and it is an appetite which true science is best qualified to satisfy.
Richard Dawkins
June 16, 2021 at 7:42pm
June 16, 2021 at 7:42pm
Hubby and I love feeding the birds. We've been feeding them for ten years now, and we're seeing so many different kinds who visit the feeder. They are the Chickadees, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Goldfinch, Hummingbirds, Nuthatch, Scarlet Tanager, Baltimore Oriole. Blue Jay, Cardinal, and even the huge Pileated Woodpecker came to visit - Woody Woodpecker was drawn when looking at this bird.

The first one at the feeder were the Chickadees. I fell in love with them immediately! The others ones I got to know by looking them up to see what they were called.

When the Pileated came to the feeder, my granddaughter saw him first and got all excited. "Grandma, there's a big bird at the feeder!"

I turned to look and was amazed at how he maneuvered his way to those little feeders. After a while, he got pretty good at it. For such a big bird, he sure didn't stay long to eat. The smaller birds eat more than he did.

Birds are just like people, some of them get along, while others like to fight, wanting it all. Some get pretty mean, but I guess, when you have a feeder, you have to take the good with the bad. They all have to eat!

I wrote a poem on one of the birds that came to the feeder. He likes to mock other birds sounds, and he is very good at it. I had this delightful conversation with another member on WDC. We talked about the different birds he saw at his feeder. He never heard about the Grackle, so I thought I would write a poem about this bird. He loved it and thought he was cute - I'm sad that he is no longer with WDC.

This Common Grackle made a nest by the creek that goes through our place. This bird loves to visit our feeder. He's quite a character!

This bird loves to visit us and makes nest nearby.

The Grackle looks like he’s been stretched
A whole twelve inches is my guess.
With his long black tail, black beak, bright yellow eyes;
Gives him an eerie look as if in disguise.

Bronze-iridescent body and a purple headdress,
He struts across the lawn for dried grasses to fetch.
Male and female alike deliver twigs, reeds and mud to the nest,
Which takes one to four weeks isn’t an overstretch.

The final touches alone does a female obtain,
A feat of perfection the nest she attains.
Takes another five days to make without respite,
Who knows, she may be working all through the night?

When ready, she'll lay four to seven eggs with pride,
Of pale, greenish brown with dark marks inside.
This amazing nest may be found fitted in a shrub or a tree
Located anywhere from three to thirty feet high, roughly.

Maybe you'll find it above the water or close to the ground
Where the parents are waiting for their hatchlings spellbound.
Which will take around thirteen or fourteen days forthright,
Then another twelve to sixteen days for their young to take flight.

Give food to the birds, you will then be surrounded by the wings of love, you will be encompassed by the joys of little silent hearts! Mehmet Murat Ildan
June 11, 2021 at 2:18pm
June 11, 2021 at 2:18pm
What do you think about 'critical race theory' that is being taught to young children in classroom throughout the United States? It all started for many years in universities, now it has moved to our public institutions, teaching young children to hate. It's discriminates against the white children, while the black children are revered.

Critical Race Theory has progressed to government agencies, public school systems, teacher training programs, and corporate human resource departments as a form of diversity training programs, human resources modules, public policy frameworks, and school curriculum. They snuck this all in under our noses, never realizing what they were doing until now. You're hearing more and more that parents are rebelling against their child being taught such racial hypocrisy.

It's been growing for over forty years, and I think this is why so many young people hate America. It started in 1990 as an identity-based Marxism. At first, they were noble in their thinking, but it has gotten way out of hand!

When it started out, the founder of critical race theory believed racism was present in every aspect of life which was never a true fact - That white people only gave black people opportunities and freedoms when it suited their interest, but this is far from the truth, at least in this day and age.

They're against free societies and want to replace it with advocates control. They believe science reasoning and evidence are white ways of thinking, so if you're colorblind, and love all human beings, this is a form of racism to them. They believe the U.S. should be under Totalitarianism - centralized control by an autocratic authority. In times of crisis, when people are frightened, this is when there are calls for totalitarianism.

You'll never hear about this form of teaching from main street media. That's why we were all in the dark! This has all come out front and center, realizing the harm they were doing to our young children. These people who are for Critical Race Theory hate America and want everyone to do the same. They talk about the flag like it's insulting to them! They're trying to erase American history, tearing down our statures, wrecking havoc in our streets, wanting everyone to agree with them that everything about America is racist. When will this hate stop? When we finally realize who is hating on our country and stop them in their tracks.

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