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I travel the country on business, sometimes the world. Come see where I've been.
         Talk about perks, my job has one of the best ones I can think of! I travel in the course of business, delivering classes for my employer. I am a Senior Training Specialist for Motorola Solutions, and teach classes on a wide variety of subjects centered around 2 way radio communications. I'm qualified to deliver approximately 30 different classes, but about half of those are 'Legacy' classes, and are not in demand anymore. My students are technicians, those who maintain, program, calibrate, and repair large 2-way radio systems. Some of these systems are statewide, and use TCP-IP networking to allow sites to communicate with others. Some are small, traditional type radio sites. The size doesn't matter, in each case the systems must be kept operational at all times, since many of them are Public Safety Systems. So I get to travel, sometimes frequently, 3-4 weeks in a row.... where am I this week?

         This probably won't have daily entries, but I will make entries when I get to go somewhere, and keep an updated list of coming trips. My schedule changes faster than the weather, so don't be too surprised to see me list an upcoming class, only to remark later on that it is cancelled, or delayed. Delays are fine of course, but a later date might mean that someone else gets to go instead of me,,, Well, here we go with this, let's see where it takes us.
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February 22, 2020 at 6:16pm
February 22, 2020 at 6:16pm
Locale: Sacramento, CAlifornia

         This week found me in Sacramento, California for a short class with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It was a class on radio programming, and only two days in length, so a short trip really. Having the flu the previous week didn't do me any favors either. I wasn't 100%, but at the same time, I wasn't sick either. Just not fully recovered. And I felt it while teaching too.

         Radio Programming might sound odd to some, it sounded very odd to me when I started learning about it. After all, how hard can it be to program a 'simple hand-held' radio? Well, when there are about 4000 fields a technician can edit, you get an idea of how hard it might be. Fortunately, they will seldom find themselves doing that, at most they might edit a hundred or so fields. Still, I constantly hear about problems encountered in setting up a system initially. Programming a radio isn't hard, but understanding how changing fields will affect its ability to operate in a system is. Not only does it have to be programmed correctly for it to operate, but it must be properly configured in the system also. Yep, there's a separate software used to configure it to operate in a system. That's not a class I teach, but I know quite a bit about it. So yep, it's complex, time consuming (at first), and aggravating at times. Overall, everything went well, every question was answered for them, in fact, we ran out of time!

         For this trip, I flew in and out of San Francisco because trying to fly from Central Illinois to Sacramento didn't allow decent connections, nor allow me to get home easily. An added benefit of this, is that I drove up the west side of San Francisco Bay, then across the north end to get to I80. Why that route? Because it took me past Mare Island, where I attended Naval Nuclear Power School in 1973. Sadly, that building has been torn down; there's not evidence that it was ever there really. This photo is from 2012 when I was in Sacramento for a class with the State of California.

         I think I should tell you a little about this 'school'. It was 6 months in length, and the toughest school I've ever attended. We had six hours of classes a day, each class lasting just one hour. We also had an hour of study hall, and an hour for lunch. There was a homework assignment for each class every day, and there were no 'I didn't get it done' excuses'. It was done, or you failed. Each Friday, there was a test in each class, graded on a 4.0 scale. Multiple choice questions were never used, every question was an essay question. If you scored less than 2.5 on any one of the tests, you were assigned night study the following week. It went from 5-9 pm Monday thru Friday, and 7-11 am Saturday. Some students were in night study from the 2nd week thru the 26th week! That was not for me, I had things I wanted to do, like play pool or Ping Pong. Remember, this is 1973, no computers. In fact, we weren't allowed to use calculators, since they were about $400 for a small one. Instead, we were issued slide rules to do math/chemistry/physics problems with. Here's a list of course we took those six months, but only attended six courses at a time.

Mathematics - Basic Math through an introduction to Calculus and Trigonometry in 12 weeks.
Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow - Eight weeks long, a somewhat basic course really.
Physics - From Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, etc, through an Introduction to Nuclear Physics in 12 weeks
Electrical power theory and generating equipment -Eight weeks long, a basic electrical course that reinforced learning from a previous command.
Nuclear Power Plant Components - It was really Nuclear Reactor Construction
Chemistry - Eight weeks long, was really all about Water Chemistry as it pertains to a Steam Plant
Reactor principles - How does a Nuclear Reactor work? What makes it generate heat, how does nuclear fission work?
Radiation Protection - How do we keep ourselves safe from receiving too much radiation while operating the plant?

         You can see that Math and Physics had the greatest impact on me. My overall grade in each was 3.26 for Math, 3.35 for Physics. There's other classes, I can't locate a reference to the ones I attended while there. But the pace was insane, you had to learn quick, or fail and drop out. That was never an option in my eyes. Anyway, TOUGH school, just ask anyone who attended it.

In Closing

         I will spend the weekend at home (2 days, yeah!), then off to Winnipeg next week. Til next time, be good to yourselves and those you love, and WRITE!

Jim Dorrell
February 14, 2020 at 6:18pm
February 14, 2020 at 6:18pm
Locale: Algiers/Soumaa, Algeria, & Home For A Week

         This week finds me in still in Algiers Algeria with the Algeria Directorate General for National Security (DGSN). It was that Basic Class on RF Theory and Operation that i delivered last week to a different group.

         I had a good time in Algeria, I found the people there to be generous and nice to know. The day before class ended, Zohir (my driver) stopped on the way to the hotel and got us some 'Zalabia'. El Zalabia, or Zalabia in the Algerian dialect is a popular sweet in Northern and Eastern African countries. Some historians reported that it is originally a Turkish dessert and that the Algerians learned to cook it during the Ottoman Empire rule; that is why it is also very popular in Turkey, Tunisia, Syria, and Lebanon. Every Algerian agrees that one of the most significant symbols of Ramadan is Zlabia. It is heavily available during Ramadan. The city of Boufariq (40 Km western of Algiers) has a reputation as the best city in Algeria for cooking this type of sweets. https://www.aboutalgeria.com/2017/12/el-zalabia.html Pictures of different preparations of Zalabia are here. https://www.google.com/search?q=Algerian+zalabia&sxsrf=ACYBGNTnpebVz--SKXsUGJoE0...

         As mentioned, Zalabia is an incredibly sweet bread type pastry. At first, I thought it was coated in honey, but I quickly realized it was a simple-syrup type of coating. It's taste was a little bit, and I do mean a little bit, like a Greek Baklava, minus the nuts and such, and a thicker bread. I couldn't eat it that night after dinner as I intended, so shared it with the students after class was done. It didn't last long.

         The flight home was long, made more so by my sinus's acting up just as I was trying to get some sleep. But I finally arrived, and enjoyed a decent dinner at a local restaurant. before getting home. Friday night was okay overall, but about noon on Saturday I started feeling off. Saturday night was a night of coughing all night long. I know I've posted this in my notebook, but I saw the doctor Sunday morning, and his diagnosis was flu. I asked about CoronaVirus of course, but was told there was no need to test those who'd been overseas without entering China. This past week has been long with a few ups and downs, but I'm finally feeling like myself. I'll take it easy today and tonight before I really feel like I'm past this flu. I will say I haven't been this sick in over 30 years!

In Closing

         I will spend the weekend home before flying to California Monday. Til next time, be good to yourselves and those you love, and WRITE!

Jim Dorrell
February 1, 2020 at 1:43pm
February 1, 2020 at 1:43pm
Locale: Algiers, Algeria

         Well, I survived the week, not that I ever doubted I'd have any problems with this class delivery. I've delivered this class for almost 19 years, I better know the material well, don't you think? My biggest issue was a personal one, mainly my sinuses.

         I've been suffering from what I (and my doctor) think are Winter Allergies. I was curious as to how they would react in a completely new environment here. I thought it would be a much drier climate, but it's not. I have no real medications with me, other than my daily dose of Zyrtec, and Halls cough drops. Those triple soothing action ones really help me at times. But I've been just as congested here, breaking out into coughing fits at times. Other times, sneezing, and a good amount of Post Nasal Drip. Not a pretty sight if you ask me.

         Add to that the language barrier, and it's a wonder they learned anything, if you ask me. Language barrier? Yes, they speak French and Arabic, I speak only English. Luckily, a couple of them spoke decent English, and most of them understand it, can read it somewhat, they just can't speak English.

         I've spent my weekend (Friday and Saturday here) working on the course materials I'll teach from when I return in April. They are scheduled for a class that has a set content. But the radio sites that that course covers are not part of their system. Rather than give them a generic class and have unhappy students, I'm modifying the course materials to fit the situation. It's going well, I don't see a problem getting it done, but I really don't have a lot of time to do it either.

         Speaking of time, I have less today than I had yesterday. A class was added to my schedule at the end of this month, but someone has their wires crossed. Let me explain. I received an e-mail last night about doing a class for the Royal Bermuda Defense Forces, and got all excited about going to Bermuda! Then I saw that it would be what's called a 'Special Resident Class', and I would be teaching it in Schaumburg. The problem is, my schedule shows me doing the same class, but in Manitoba, Canada! I'm not sure which would be a better place to be, Manitoba, or Schaumburg. If I do go to Canada, I need a couple of things from others to arrange my VISA to Canada.... One of two things happened here. My scheduler scheduled me for a class in Canada, and at the same time, a Training Coordinator Scheduled me (not officially, since she doesn't maintain the schedule) in Schaumburg. I'll have an answer sometime Monday, I'm pretty sure of that.

In Closing

         Well, I'll be here in Algeria next week, and fly home Friday. Next week I'll work from home, mainly getting those course materials completed well enough, and resolving this Canada/Bermuda class issue. Til next time, be good to yourselves and those you love, and WRITE!
January 27, 2020 at 3:34pm
January 27, 2020 at 3:34pm
Locale: Algiers, Algeria

         This week finds me in Algiers, Algeria for a couple of classes with the Direction Générale de la Sûreté Nationale (DGSN). Of course, their native tongue isn't English, it's mainly French, with a bit of Arabic thrown in. All of my students speak a bit of English, some more than others, and those that speak it better than most help in translating difficult points to understand. Other than slowing the delivery of the class a little, all has gone well, and I'm still on schedule in my delivery.

         I'm staying at the Sheraton Des Pins Resort, just west of Algiers. As I mentioned in my previous post, a driver takes me to and from work daily. That's a good thing, I've seen how they drive here, and have no desire to do that. Not that they are bad drivers, they just drive so differently than we do in the States. Add to it that I hate being tailgated (compared to us, it's like tailgating is on Steroids). The class is in Soumaa, Blida, Algeria, about an hours drive south of here. It's not really far, the time is more due to traffic than distance.

         I have to confess that the image I had in my mind of Algeria, was one of desert mostly. I was surprised to see mountains to the south, pretty close to the training site. But south of the mountains, you will find the desert, so I'm told. I won't be traveling over the mountains for a couple of reason, mainly that it's more dangerous there than here for foreigners who are Caucasian.

Photo's From Visit:

Panoramic Shot Of Mediterranean Sea From Hotel Beach

Noteworthy Restaurants:

         Pan Asian, Le Tassili (Algerian Cuisine, and very good), La Trattoria (Italian), La Brasserie (it seems to change almost nightly), all here in the hotel. I can't find a website, can't find their menus, but the food is very good. I haven't decided on my favorites yet, I usually just change restaurants each day so far. Let's just say I haven't been disappointed yet.

In Closing

         I will spend the weekend (Friday and Saturday is the weekend here) here in Algeria. I might get out if either the driver or another Motorolan (the Project Manager) take me. Otherwise I'll be relaxing in the hotel all weekend. Til next time, be good to yourselves and those you love, and WRITE!

Jim Dorrell
January 23, 2020 at 8:09pm
January 23, 2020 at 8:09pm
Locale: Algiers, Algeria

         I will be here in Algeria the next two weeks to deliver a basic RF Theory class to their radio techs. This entry will enlighten you about the 'hazards' of every day travel. *Laugh*

         My flights were fine, a little bumpy crossing the Atlantic, even on a 747. I managed to get a seat in the upper level, so it was very quiet, and only about half full! I have to give kudos to people like Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville who travel on their own, often sitting 'in-the-back-of-the-bus' so to speak to get where they long to be. I'll admit to being a bit spoiled, but in thinking about what Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville does and sees, I often wonder who's seeing more. Actually, I know who's seeing more, and it's not me. *Smile*

         I arrived in Algiers about noon after having traveled all night to Frankfurt, then down to here after a two hour layover. That part was fine, everything went smoothly. The Algiers airport is new, but was fairly empty when we arrived. My driver (yes, my company has a man they've hired to drive the instructors to and from work, and airport) met me outside baggage claim and we headed to the hotel. I know I haven't seen much of Algeria yet, but initial impressions are that it reminded me a lot of being in Kuwait in 2004.

         We arrived at the hotel, and I checked in. Or should I say, I attempted to check in. Two things happened about the same time. First, I realized that my PNC bank card was missing! This is my card, not the company card. I'd deposited a small amount yesterday before leaving, and had NEVER REMOVED IT FROM THE ATM SLOT! *Frown* A quick call home, and checking with the bank fixed it. Some kind, angelic soul had found it in the ATM and turned it in. Fortunately, I'd used an ATM at the bank, so that made it easier too. The cards is being mailed to my house.

         (This part I'm summarizing more than anything) The second thing that happened on checking in, is that my Corporate card was declined! Without going in to a lot of unnecessary details, let's just say we have a limit on our cards, and there wasn't enough room on mine to allow me to check in for two weeks. It's fixed now of course, but it took a few phone calls, a couple of e-mails, and some amount of stress to get it done. My own fault for not making sure everything was fine before leaving. After checking in, I toured the grounds some, grabbed a bite to eat at one of the numerous restaurants that are part of this complex, and crashed for a few hours. Need more sleep, so going back to bed in a bit.

In Closing

         Like I said, I'm here for two weeks, and will post again about things I see or experience. Til next time, be good to yourselves and those you love, and WRITE!

Jim Dorrell
January 9, 2020 at 8:40pm
January 9, 2020 at 8:40pm
Locale: Schaumburg, Illinois

         Well, I'm stuck in Schaumburg this week and next. It's supposed to get cold, and a bit snowy maybe. We'll see.

         How did I suddenly (it was suddenly at all really), become one who has enough knowledge to cross-train other instructors? It's not really that I have enough knowledge, though I know I do. It's that a few of the course I teach, I'm the only one who's qualified. Better yet, I've qualified myself on them, because I WROTE the course... The instructor manager wants more qualified on these courses because the schedulers can't schedule me much more than they already are. This make customers wait months for a class, when other instructors are idle, not near as busy as I am. I'm not smarter than anyone else if you ask me, I've just carved a niche out at work. Speaking of my schedule, other than having a week off after International travel 3 times, and one week of vacation in late May, I am booked solid between now and mid-June!

         So I've spent this week cross-training two newer instructors, and while cross-training them on this course, have 'exposed' them to system type stuff, since right now they only deliver classes on a specific radio(s). It doesn't bother me, it's training after all, something I love doing. It's been a good week too, they seem to have gotten a lot out of it. We'll know more tomorrow when I give them the 56 question test I've written for this class. That's 56 Essay questions, not multiple choice or fill in the blank. Why 56? Because I kept finding questions that needed to be answered to consider them qualified to deliver this course. I wanted 60-75, but also got caught up in editing another course for an April delivery, and didn't have time to think of more questions.

         So where is 2020 taking ol' Jim Dorrell? In calendar order: Schaumburg, Algiers, Schaumburg, Helena Montana, Schaumburg (so I can qualify another course), Yokota AFB near Tokyo Japan, Washington DC, Folsom California, Algiers, Fort Lauderdale Florida, Schaumburg, Vacation for a week, and suddenly we're at Memorial Day! Too many days/weeks in Schaumburg if you ask me.

In Closing

         I will spend the weekend at home before being back here next week to deliver a Networking Class. Til next time, be good to yourselves and those you love, and WRITE!

Jim Dorrell
December 19, 2019 at 7:19am
December 19, 2019 at 7:19am
Locale: Des Moines, Iowa

         This week finds me in Des Moines for a class with the city of Des Moines. Once again, it's a Networking Class, centered around the components that provide the networking links in our radio systems.

         There were only four students in the class, but that makes it a bit better. We shipped a large Pelican case of equipment for this class, but even with that, there were only 3 of each device. With four students, it means they can learn a lot more during the hands-on exercises. It also allows the class to flow faster though. Couple that with the fact that there's one hands-on exercise we can't do at a customer site, and you may find yourself finishing early, which is not good. They are paying for a 4.5 day class, so we want to deliver 4.5 days for them. Fortunately, there are things we can do to fill that time, so I'm not worried, never have been,

         With this delivery here, it means I've taught a class in 42 states. While I would love to deliver a class in all 50 states before I retire, I don't see it happening. The main reason is that we rarely deliver a class in certain states, and when we do, it might go on someone else's schedule. I've been in all 50 states, but not taught in each. The ones I haven't taught in are: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah, and Idaho. Only time will tell if I get to any of those states for a class. Oh, I was scheduled to go to Idaho once (In February!). Instead, she sent me to Hawaii for two weeks. No way I was going to complain about that!

         Des Moines is the Iowa state capital of course. But being central Iowa, and not really that large a city, you might think it would be hard to find really good restaurants, or even a wide variety of restaurants. That's far from the case! There are several Mediterranean Restaurants here, as well as Cajun, Seafood, and others for one to enjoy. I managed to visit a couple of really good ones.

Noteworthy Restaurants:

         Eatery A          https://www.eateryadsm.com/menu/ I thought Eatery A to be a strange name for a restaurant, but the menu looked excellent, so I thought I'd give it a try. It's a very nice Mediterranean restaurant, with excellent food. I ended up having their Bacon Wrapped Dates, and Wild Boar. I was not disappointed one bit in my choices.

         Coopers On 5th          https://www.cooperson5th.com/menu I have to say, I think Eatery A had better food, but this place was not bad at all. Interesting place, I loved the area around it because of the Christmas Decorations on the street, and just the overall look of things. They have a daily 'Egg Roll Du jour', so I had to try that. I also have this gargantuan Cuban Sandwich, and ended up bringing half of it back to my room for lunch the following day.

         Bubba          http://bubbadsm.com/food/dinner/ Yes, the name makes you wonder, but the food sure doesn't. I made a mistake during the day though, and skipped lunch. For my meal there, I had Fried Okra Spears (Love Okra!), and a Succotash Stuffed Chile Relleno. I just had to try their bread pudding, and that probably put me over the edge, so-to-speak. I returned to my room, posted my nightly joke/pun, and promptly proceeded to veg the rest of the night. I lay down about 7pm, not under the blanket at all, and didn't stir until almost 4 this morning! Shame on me for not taking better care of myself, and eating better (too many carbs?) last night. I should have had a salad, and something else, not so much fried food. I'm not used to eating a lot of fried food...

In Closing

         This concludes my travels for 2019. I will spend Christmas and New Years at home, then be in Chicago January 2nd and 3rd, plus the 8th-10th cross training teammates. 2020 starts off with a bang though. I'm going to Algeria around the 23rd of January for two weeks, will go back there in April, as well as Japan in March. I also have classes in California (Folsom), Montana, Washington DC with the Senate Sergeant At Arms group, and a couple of resident classes in Schaumburg. That's just the first quarter too. Look like it will be a really busy year. Til next time, be good to yourselves and those you love, and WRITE!

Jim Dorrell
December 10, 2019 at 7:53pm
December 10, 2019 at 7:53pm
Locale: Montross, Virginia

         This week finds me in Montross, Virginia to deliver a class to Westmoreland County. The class is one I've taught many times, that's always good. I found out quite a bit about their system today, one being a bit of a surprise, but nothing I can't teach about. But, being here leaves a lot to be desired. Not that Montross is a bad place. Let me explain.

         It leaves a lot to be desired for a couple of reasons, and there are a couple of 'different' things about this class. First the different thing. The only student who is a County Employee is not a technician, he's more of an Administrator. Now why do I say Montross leaves a lot to be desired?

         Montross is more of a village than a town, I hate saying this, but there's just not a lot there. No fast food joints for those of you looking for that (I'm not). But there are no major restaurants either. No Hilton hotels of any kind, nor Marriott, Holiday Inn, and the like. There is of course a couple of small places, but if I had stayed there, where would I find a decent dinner? Richmond? That's an hour away. Fredericksburg? That's an hour away.

         The class itself has been good, I've answered every question, and explained a lot. As you might guess, I'm not staying in Montross either. My hotel is in Dahlgren, about 30 minutes away. Yep, long commute, but only for three days. I think I can live with that. While there are major chain hotels in Dahlgren, there's not much more here other than the Naval Warfare Center. All the really good places to eat are seasonal, and are closed for the winter.

         But there's a really good thing that will happen as part of this trip, tomorrow night. I'll mention it by asking a question.

         What do you call three older grandfatherly ancientmature men who are members of a fantastic Writing Website? We can't be called The Three Stooges, nor The Three Callaberos. Three Blind Mice? No, that's been used also. Hmmmmm.

         Tomorrow night, three WDC members will meet in Fredericksburg for a drink/meal/whatever. One has an excellent sense of humor, quick wit, and known for a sharp pen. His blog is a joy to read because it always makes me smile. Thank you my friends for thinking of me, but no, it's not me! I'm speaking of Robert Waltz ! (Applause please)

         Another one is a great poet. He has entered many contests on WDC, winning far more than often losing. That's not me either, but thank you for thinking of me. (I can't hold a candle to this man when it comes to poetry.) I'm speaking of none other than 🌓 HuntersMoon ! (Again, Applause please)

         The third one is known for his (dry) sense of humor also. It is very dry, often hard to grasp, and many of his jokes make you shake your head in disbelief, you wonder where he finds them. Like the other two, he loves WDC, and runs a small forum on the site to boot. Yep, that's me, I'm him. Tomorrow the three of us will meet at a restaurant in Fredericksburg and share a few stories I'm sure. Would be really nice to have a crowd, huh! Might even get an 'open-mic' sort of thing going.... NOT. At least for me.

In Closing

         I will spend the weekend at home before flying to Des Moines for a class next week. That will be my last class for 2019. It all starts again quickly in 2020. Right now, I'm scheduled to teach 37 days in the first quarter! Plus, I'm booked solid through May 1st. That could change though, right? Til next time, be good to yourselves and those you love, and WRITE!

Jim Dorrell
November 8, 2019 at 7:26am
November 8, 2019 at 7:26am
Locale: Loveland, Colorado

         Well, I'm back in Denver once again. It's the second class in Networking this time, with nine students back from last week, and two new ones. This makes the class easier, yet tougher. Why? Much of what they did last week is done this week, albeit on different devices. But it's fresh in their minds, they understand the concepts, so it's easier. And faster. Therein lies the problem. I speak faster than most people naturally, and since I don't have to explain the basics as much, it went a lot faster than I liked. Plus, there's one hands-on activity we can't do here, because there's no 'Master Site' I can access. But really, everything went well.

         Let me tell you a little about my instructional style, how I teach. I'm me, that's all I can be. Once I know the subject material, I don't use notes. It's all in my head, so I can display slides and discuss them in-depth. I can have them access whatever equipment we're on that week, and don't have to routinely look things up in the help files of the software. So I'm relaxed in my delivery. It's like we're a group of friends who have gathered together to learn. I'm the center of attention, which I don't like in every day life. But this is teaching, something I love, so I get to take a break from real life, and relax with friends. That's what I tell them the first day of class. We go through our introductions, background, etc for the first 30-45 minutes. I tell them they are my BFF's for this week. Next week they'll be back at their jobs, and I'll be off to find new BFF's, for a week. *Laugh* That's what makes all this so good for me. How can you call it work when you get to do something you love every day?

Noteworthy Restaurants:

         Smokin Fins          http://finsconcepts.com/smokin-fins-menu/ This place was so good the first three times that I went back again! Excellent seafood. Their Lobster Stuffed Fried Avocado is something you really have to try.... Not only that, but the Southwest Poki Bowl is excellent too, though a bit much. Two of my students came with me, so we shared around. Their Edamame is good, but how bad can you make Edamame? Sweet Oysters, good Sushi, loved their Poblano Corn Chowder.

In Closing

         I will spend the weekend at home before going to Schaumburg next week. I was scheduled to sit in a class for qualifications, but will be teaching a different subject instead. Til next time, be good to yourselves and those you love, and WRITE!

Jim Dorrell
November 4, 2019 at 8:08am
November 4, 2019 at 8:08am
Locale: Denver, Colorado

         This week finds me in Denver, Colorado for a different type of class. In a way. This week, my students are not from a local shop, nor are they from a city/county/state. They are from Motorola shops that support cities and such that don't have their own technicians.

         The subject this week is Networking Essentials. The course covers basic Networking, how a Layer 2 Switch operates, as well as a Layer 3 Router. We use older Cisco routers for this class to prevent/reduce overlap between this class, and the second class we have on this subject. This is the class I struggled with a bit in Phoenix in January. But, I've studied more, practiced more, and taught it more. The result? Far better results of course! *Smile*

         I landed here in Denver on Sunday, October 27th, and there was this white stuff on the ground, and still coming down. *Snow1**Snow2**Snow3**Snow4**Snow5* Sadly, I didn't get to make a *SnowMan* for a couple of reasons. But someone please tell me why Avis would rent me a car that week, and not provide an ice scraper?? I had to use my coat sleeve to get the snow off the windshield on Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday it had cleared up, but was cold, so the snow remained on the ground. But it was a good week that flew, or so it seemed.

Noteworthy Restaurants:

         /pôr/ Wine House          https://www.porwinehouse.com/food This place is a hole-In-The-Wall type of restaurant. Looking at it from outside, you'd think it couldn't be good. And, you couldn't be more wrong. I couldn't bring myself to try their 'Blistered Shis***o Peppers', and settled for their Bacon Wrapped Dates for my appetizer instead. I wanted their Spicy Ahi Tuna Nachos, ,but thought they might be a bit much, since I was dining alone. I'll be back next week, when I'm here the week of 11/4 for another class. I 'settled' for two of their Fish Tacos, and they were excellent!

In Closing

         I will spend the weekend at home. Okay, I'll be home only 36 hours before flying right back to Denver for the second of those Networking classes. Til next time, be good to yourselves and those you love, and WRITE!

Jim Dorrell

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