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My special someone lost his daughter last week, and my sister is bitter about a family issue that had been talked over with and settled, but she can't let it go.
Ahh. Families can be tough, that's for sure. Sorry for your loss
Hi, Everybody! There are times when I think that I am having a senior moment. It makes it hard for me to catch up with the current technology. I carefully read through things when I discover that I had missed something. I believe that there is hope for me yet. I keep trying and hope that one day it will all click. Do any of you have this problem?

I wish all of you the best in all that you do. Have a great week and I'll be in touch with you soon.

Anna Marie Carlson

My membership expires on April 15, 2021. Someone sent me 940 Gift Points toward that. Do Gift Points help toward an upgraded membership? I didn't know for sure; I mentioned that if they didn't help, I would send them back the gift points if they needed them back.
If you have enough gift points, you can purchase a membership with them. See Points/Shop with Gift Points for the order form with GP pricing.
I have a Birthday coming up. It is March 14. I will be 64 years old.
Happy Early Birthday!
My thumb and wrist have been hurting me a bit. I believe that it's due to the fall I had last year when I had broken my wrist in two places. I'm doing the best I can, but my writing and typing is getting a little on the slow side. Please be patient with me.

I have submitted two entries for the Poetry Song Contest and am almost done with my draft on The Comedy Contest, then all I have to do is rewrite it so that it sounds better.

Anna Marie Carlson
I am hoping that you can help me with something that is troubling me. I simply asked if anyone knew anything about Barefoot Writer and I got a response back that I felt was kind of a smart alec comment. Have I done something wrong that would cause me to get this kind of response?
I can't imagine how.
No, of course you didn't do anything wrong. Perhaps the person didn't really understand what type of information you were looking to receive.
I would like to ask you if you know anything about "Barefoot Writer". They send me e-mails about wanting me to write for them. I would like to write my own material.
Then you're not interested in what they're selling.
I know that once again it's time to renew memberships. I love Writing.Com so much. It may be early still, but I may have to put in another request for an anonymous person to pay for my membership once again. I have worked hard this past year and am really going to try to publish some of my material for a book. I am thankful for the wonderful reviews that I have been getting and have been happy doing reviews and awarding merit badges as well.

Anna Marie Carlson
Hi! I have a question; I hope this is the right place to do that. I would like to know what I need to do to get the stories that I've written for Writing.Com published into a book.
You can self-publish through Draft2Digital for free, but I'm not sure if they're still taking sign-ups for the print on demand beta. You might be better off going through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Or you can put your items together and pitch your compilation to a traditional publisher who publishes the genre you write.
I have been working on several things lately. Soon I should be back on track on doing reviews and write for contests, as well as my own writing. I apologize for not writing lately; sometimes when the seasons change (when we turn the clocks back an hour), I get tired more easily. I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

I have been going back over some things that I have written to see if I need to make corrections or not. I have been very appreciative of the reviews I have been getting; I learn a lot from them.

I just learned the other day that a young lady of 53 years old had passed away. I didn't really know her that well, but she was pretty nice to me. She was one who was homeless. I feel saddened by this.

I pray that everyone will stay safe and well. I have been protecting myself as well as I can and staying safe too.

Anna Marie Carlson
I have updated my biography as of September 16, 2020.
I'm planning to update my portfolio again next month.