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I have a question. When a prompt is given for a contest, and you were too late or didn't understand the directions, is it still considered an original writing that you can submit? I have one that I would like to submit.
Depending on how late you are, you can ask if you can enter late. I just judged a a contest where the owner allowed a late entry. Turns out that entry won. lol Of course, they don't have to let you enter late, but it does't hurt to ask. *Wink*

If you don't understand the instructions for a contest, definitely ask the owner! I've lost a contest when I was the only one who entered, all because I posted my entry wrong. *FacePalm* If you don't understand contest rules, ASK!
Schnujo Won NaNo! --

It's a good idea to ask when you don't understand the rules.

However, it's not fair to the other entrants or the owner to ask to enter after the deadline has passed. The site guidelines for running an event Community Activities from Writing.Com 101  say:

*Bullet* Enforce the Rules. If you assign a rule to your activity, enforce it. There are few things more frustrating for participants than to see the rules applied differently to another participant. If you set a deadline and someone submits an entry two minutes after the deadline, you should disqualify that entry. The same for ratings and word counts that exceed what you've established. Or bids and raffle ticket purchases that are incompatible with your rules. Even if you are considering something like extending a deadline to allow for more entries, you should consider contacting the participants who have already entered and at least explain your reasoning. Be even-handed in your application of the rules so that everyone feels as if they're being treated fairly.
Just one of the MANY reasons I don't run a contest. *Laugh*
I need to submit an application for the RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group to extend my membership for writing.com. I'm using my cell phone for this right now. My computer was upgrading when something went wrong. It is supposed to restart itself when the problem is resolved. I love this writer's group and would love to continue being a part of it. My membership will expire on December 31, 2019.
OH NO! I hope your computer is fixed soon! *Heart* Good luck! You can also enter The Writer's Cramp because the prize is 10k. And, of course, there is always running a fundraiser. *Bigsmile* And you can get a lot of GPs through the scroll games, though not all at once. *Wink* Naturally, there is doing reviews and you can win a ton of GPs if you enter the official WdC contests. I think they are monthly, maybe. If you can't get an upgrade, there are plenty of ways to get GPs.
Note that you will still have an account here after your paid membership expires, and that you can continue using your account with a free membership. See When Your Paid Membership Expires from Writing.Com 101  for information.

Also note that currently your portfolio would still fit in a Basic membership, which costs less -- $19.95/year, which is the same as 3 months of Upgraded.
I've been busy writing. Sometime I'll need to locate one binder with my writings to go back over and revise. I want to get this done so that I can find out what to do to get my books published.
You know, there's a Portfolio EXPORT tool here. Then your site writing WOULD be put into one folder *Bigsmile* I keep two backups at a time, with and without the ML that WdC Markup Language (tags and codes) we use here. Pretty nifty...

Writing.com TOOLS (left hand side menu there)/Portfolio EXPORT *Thumbsupl*
I am back in the State of Washington. It was raining a little bit. I will be writing more articles soon.
I'm still writing poetry and finished reading a book entitled, "Alcohol and Substance Abuse". I am now reading a book entitled, "Communities That Care ".
I just discovered that I got my first favorites item badge. I am so excited! We have been in a heatwave. The hottest it's been was 109 degrees F. It was nice to have been indoors.
I am attending some groups in Bakersfield, California that are very good. I am still focused on my writing and I am learning so much.
Challenging myself to do things using one hand. Not doing too bad, but struggling on certain things.
I thought that I did my bio right, but I shall soon find out.
I don't see anything on your bioblock. Don't forget to hit save.
I have an enthusiasm for writing that you would not believe. I get inspired easily. I look at something, think about a title, write it down, and before long I begin to write. I am a newbie at this and am accepting of any helpful tidbits that you can give me.
I had a fall this past Friday and ended up with a broken wrist on my left hand. Other than that, I am still writing.
Take care of you and speedy recovery. *Heart*
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