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Hi everyone.

I did miss you all. But as life is very unpredictable I found myself as a designated driver for 5 A.M to take someone close to me to hospital. The operation went successful and she is back home with me. However, taking care of sick person put my schedule out of order. I am back now , if nothing else happens.


Hi friends;

My latest work by the name of Bermuda Triangle have been posted. It has lots mystery and unexplained stories in it. I would like to invite all the mystery lovers to take a look at my work. I enjoyed researching it very much. I do hope you will enjoy reading it.


Hello again Zheila,
The Poet's Place   (E)
Poets can discuss, review, request reviews, etc. of their unique form of writing.
#1937699 by Dave
Is a good place to learn Poetry and you get homework to study and compose your poetry each week. This helps one develop poetry types and language. If you are interested.
If you want to write perhaps A novel then
October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge  (13+)
A month-long challenge designed to help you plan a novel prior to writing it.
#1474311 by Brandiwyn🎶
Is an excellent start to the concept of novel writing. It is starting soon if you want to join that. If you find that too much to handle then poetry or short stories are a good start until you think you are ready.
I see you are about five years younger than me*Smile* A good age and have seen and done enough, but ready to move into the next chapter of life.*Smile*
If you press the small cross once or twice on the right top of my port then I will be in your fan base and you can just click my name and port then you can leave me a message in my notebook.
if you have any more to ask please do.
Hello Zheila, It would be amazing if you tried your hand at poetry.*Smile*
may I say that in your bio. The word sword is wrong, there is no o after s. Perhaps it was just a typing error*Smile* It is a nice place to be, on WDC I enjoy it immensely and the people hear are very helpful.

Have you tried any competitions? they are also a way to enhance and stretch your writing.
I hope to hear from you again.
Bubbles of joy