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"Special Round of I Challenge... Jeopardy is open for sign ups, still under construction. Should open by the 6th
Thanks bro. for ad & sponsoring again this year.
GERVIC just a little board tweaking needed please.
If your a member of the group please update Showering Dutchessbarbie. by im
happy birthday
when you know Christmas is around the corner and nano is behind you

azrael2915 he is not here yet.
To all who are viewing my port, I'll be organizing my port into one giant story bible a. Wish me luck b. Feel free to guide me if you know how to build them. I'm doing my best to get the TELCOLTIN series ready
over at "October Novel Prep Challenge I run a nag service and I feel like very little pay attention to the "Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Log in update"   I will go the distance to keep preppers moving forward
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The problem is that clown.
Have you seen "Invalid Item

Come and find your trail
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Yes, I have, but I'm focused elsewhere at the moment. Keep promoting it.
Have you taken the"The Contest Challenge? I have
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Thanks for the ad! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*

Even fans (people who click until they see the megaphone) get rewards. And people who participate get even MORE rewards, especially when they win! *Delight*
I was just wondering if a historical intro would be better as prequel book. Any info would help
It depends. What did you have in mind?
Glad to see you out of the shadows! Missed seeing you around. *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*

As to your question, if prior history sets the stage for your story (i.e. there's a direct link), then yes. If it's just nice to know, then I think it would muddy the waters in the reader's mind. Like anything else, ask yourself "Why is it here?"
I have a historical intro that cover over a millennium time in my telcoltin story
call it is 4PM
see above.

Happy 12th!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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1h 18m till wdc midnight update while you can on nano
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DOH! I forgot about that! Thanks! I'd decided suddenly that I WAS going to participate. *Laugh*
I'm now apart of nano wrimo and we have a wdc group. email me or Showering Dutchessbarbie.
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Cool! Thanks! I'll definitely do that! I'm Schnujo on there as well. *Smile*
"POETRY IN RHYME - RHYTHM CONTEST-winner"Star Trek Poetry Awards if i can wrap my mind around this stuff i'll give my trekkie a chance
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Good to see you posting.

I think "To a Misty Morning" is very good.
Solidarity a must read"UKRAINE
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