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Simple morals. Why can't they stay simple?
"Calculus of Civil Disobedience
Did you ever meet someone who believed he was blessed?
Was it truth or was it delusion?
Take a gander at "Immortal
I've just added an item to my writing craft folder:
Memoir Style Story  (13+)
Must the shotgun in the first act be fired before the story's conclusion?
I'm happy to post details about "Neural Almost Gate published.

WDC feedback on a draft of the first chapter "Almost Gate at the Coffee Shop helped be. Thank you, fellow members.

Burning Thoughts
Do you love visiting art museums with a friend? Take a minute tour with "Deep in His Well
"Dream of Changing the Status Quo
Sleep is not always restful.
happy wdc anniversary
Happy Anniversary

Hi there! Wishing you many more years at WdC.
Congratulations on your third anniversary.

Cheers Sue
Ever had a story that you thought would "Never Be Published.

I would appreciate some feedback on this short story.

Happy New Year!
I've added a new entry to my book, "Notes on the Horizon:
         "Epiphany: Prose for a Discerning Ear
Using a new tool (Pro Writing Aid), I've tightened up this flash sci fi story
Alien Sofa  (E)
How would you define a sofa?
. Let me know how it reads. Thanks
I've added a new entry to my book, "Notes on the Horizon:
         "Long Way to Small Angry Planet. Sci Fi or Satire
I've added a new entry to my book, "Notes on the Horizon:
         "PBI Anti-Vax Logic
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