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Congratulations on your wonderful story, "Salamander Stew, being published, Bob! *BalloonY*
New blog entry "Salamander Stew Published
I've added a new entry to my book, "Notes on the Horizon:
         "The Many Writers of WDC
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
First Home  (18+)
A story, not about newlyweds, but cave dwellers
Hi Bob, great poem. Congratulations on completing Poets Pen.
Cheers Sue
Thank you, Blimprider for the awesome Awardicon you gave my item:

Bingo Disaster  (E)
I never talk about the Bingo Disaster, yet it pops into my head often.
#2184699 by Ari Lox

Thank you, Bob, for sharing that awesome essay! I came out with four finalists last month, and Bingo Disaster was a clear winner. Story, theme, and presentation were all spot-on. Great job, and a very deserving piece of work!

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Great job completing all of "The Poetic Pen Workshop/Contest Lessons, Bob. Good luck in the contest! *Bigsmile*
I've just added an anecdote about a mathematical perspective on daily life:
Ari Lox  (E)
For any frustrated physicist, somber student, or ambitious adult. A 500 word math joyride.
I've just added an image to my poll about your primary mode of thought:
Words and Thoughts  (E)
Poll. Which are primary for you?
I've just added to my portfolio:
Calculus of Civil Disobedience  (13+)
Math class goes beyond equations
If the flash story holds you for a minute, then give it three, for it all.

I've added a new entry to my blog, "Notes on the Horizon:
         "PASSWORD in 1980
Mensa is having an all fiction issue in Sept. I'm wondering if "Be Brave is substantial enough to catch the editor's interest.
Just posted "First Home in my Flash Fiction folder.
It's not about newly weds. It's about cave dwellers.
Hey Bob. I saw so many gold stars next to your name in the Rockin' Reviewer's Navigation Class that I was nearly blinded! Congratulations! Way to go.

I hope to see you in the Short Story Workshop and Contest.