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The pandemic has changed how I see things. Give my new blog entry a glance,
         "Walk on the Wild Side

Coronavirus Next Economic Steps  (E)
Under current lockdown conditions, the economy isn't producing enough to support people
offers a suggestion for the next governmental response to COVID-19
I've added a new entry to my book, "Notes on the Horizon:
         "The Plague Year
I hope we have a Daniel Defoe in WdC.
Do cyborgs ever cross your mind?
A very short creative essay

Evolution  (E)
How are people changing?
Welcome to WdC, Ari Lox! I don't think I've greeted you yet...or maybe I did and just don't remember. *RollEyes*

Anyway, if people haven't clicked the Plus sign by your name (AKA made you a favorite of theirs or become your fan), they won't see your posts unless they are on the Community Newsfeed like I currently am. I see you have some interesting stuff, so I really encourage you to meet folks and make friends, which will eventually lead to fans. *Wink*

To do that, aside from entering contests, blogging, and socializing in other areas (all ways to help find fans), I think one of the easiest ways is through the Community Newsfeed. When you click the Newsfeed button on the left side, it will take you to your Personal Newsfeed where you will only see things posted by people YOU have clicked the Plus sign of. Along the top of your Personal Newsfeed, you will see "View the Community Newsfeed." Click that and start scrolling. Like things. Comment. Over time people will see you interacting with them more and more and some will start clicking your Plus sign and will start seeing what you post, even if they are on their Personal Newsfeed. *Wink*

Anyway, welcome and good luck with everything! I like your post here. *Smile*
Thank you for the tips, Schnujo .
Although I've been on the board for a year and reviewed over 100 stories, getting the hang of WdC has not come easily to me.
I really appreciate the info about the Community Newsfeed.
Ari Lox
You're very welcome! I was here entirely too long before I knew the importance of having fans and before I knew the Community Newsfeed even existed. *Blush*

Not everyone wants or needs fans and that's fine. But I hate to see people post about not having any friends or post things like, "I don't know if anyone will even see this..." They obviously don't know how it all works. It's a fairly simple system, so I'm trying to educate folks. They can choose to work the system to get fans or not, but at least they know why no one is acknowledging their posts. *Wink*

Good luck with everything your writing! *Shamrock*
Hello there Ari Lox!

I'm hopping around different notebooks and ports today thanks to a challenge I took on to bring me one step closer to White/Red Queen/King *Cheshire*. It's great to hop on in to visit you!
*BurstB* Happy Anniversary *BurstB*
I've just placed
BaltSea   (13+)
Science fiction short story. Rising waters and personal impulses collide.
in my short story folder. Professor Bellamy Shalimar fights with his wife and his colleagues against forces beyond his control.
A little item about hearing and communication.
"You were Carrillo on Kurdish
welcome to the sci fi group. what do you write?
Hi, LinnAnn nano 10 winner .
BaltSea   (13+)
Science fiction short story. Rising waters and personal impulses collide.
#2183713 by Ari Lox
explores the impact of 20 foot sea level rise in 200 years on a contentious marriage. It's longer than most short stories in WDC (9,000 words).

In my flash fiction folder,
First Home  (18+)
A story, not about newlyweds, but cave dwellers. 1700 words
#2186301 by Ari Lox
is imagined history and
Salamander Stew  (13+)
Delicious end to an intergalactic journey.
#2188117 by Ari Lox
is a futuristic.

How about recommending something of yours?
Ari Lox
Ready for a change of pace?

An essay of the origin of scientific creativity
Creativity Examples in Science  (E)
The Almost Gate, association, and aspects of creativity. Cover public domain wikicommons
A computer meets a creative draft "Writing Craft: Word Frequency and Jane Austen's Emma

Congratulations on your wonderful story, "Salamander Stew, being published, Bob! *BalloonY*