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A little item about hearing and communication.
"You were Carrillo on Kurdish
welcome to the sci fi group. what do you write?
Hi, LinnAnn neighborhood haunter .
BaltSea   (13+)
Science fiction short story. Rising waters and personal impulses collide.
#2183713 by Ari Lox
explores the impact of 20 foot sea level rise in 200 years on a contentious marriage. It's longer than most short stories in WDC (9,000 words).

In my flash fiction folder,
First Home  (18+)
A story, not about newlyweds, but cave dwellers
#2186301 by Ari Lox
is imagined history and
Salamander Stew  (13+)
Delicious end to an intergalactic journey.
#2188117 by Ari Lox
is a futuristic.

How about recommending something of yours?
Ari Lox
Ready for a change of pace?

An essay of the origin of scientific creativity
Creativity Examples in Science  (E)
The Almost Gate, association, and aspects of creativity. Cover public domain wikicommons
A computer meets a creative draft "Writing Craft: Word Frequency and Jane Austen's Emma

Congratulations on your wonderful story, "Salamander Stew, being published, Bob! *BalloonY*
New blog entry "Salamander Stew Published
I've added a new entry to my book, "Notes on the Horizon:
         "The Many Writers of WDC
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
First Home  (18+)
A story, not about newlyweds, but cave dwellers
Hi Bob, great poem. Congratulations on completing Poets Pen.
Cheers Sue
Thank you, Jack the Reaper for the awesome Awardicon you gave my item:

Bingo Disaster  (E)
I never talk about the Bingo Disaster, yet it pops into my head often.
#2184699 by Ari Lox

Thank you, Bob, for sharing that awesome essay! I came out with four finalists last month, and Bingo Disaster was a clear winner. Story, theme, and presentation were all spot-on. Great job, and a very deserving piece of work!

Great job completing all of "The Poetic Pen Workshop/Contest Lessons, Bob. Good luck in the contest! *Bigsmile*
I've just added an anecdote about a mathematical perspective on daily life:
Ari Lox  (E)
For any frustrated physicist, somber student, or ambitious adult. A 500 word math joyride.
I've just added an image to my poll about your primary mode of thought:
Words and Thoughts  (E)
Poll. Which are primary for you?