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*Heart* Congratulations, new mom! Happy Birthday! Enjoy motherhood and have a wonderful day! *Heart*
Well, kiddo finally came about a month ago! I'm slowly getting back into a groove. I let my upgraded membership expire cause frankly I wasn't about to post anything new. *Laugh*

Gonna take it slow, maybe mail some postcards, and wait til next month to renew. Might do some reading and reviews while I wait.
Congratulations *Babyboy* *Babygirl*!! *Heartv*
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Congratulations *Smile*
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Congrats, Aly Cat! Now the fun begins, right? *Teddy*
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40 weeks and 4 days today...still no evidence of excitement from this child. He seems quite content to stay right where he is. *FacePalm*

In other news, I've been trying to get my life together and actually write more, which is why I haven't been on in a while. My house is clean, my birthing pool inflated and cleaned, and freezer meals have been made and stored for the lazy days ahead. I've never been more organized...or more aloof from the online world. *Laugh*

I credit it all to the invincible nesting instinct...and a new, addictive hobby I've picked up. I am now officially a planner addict, and with a Michaels store within walking distance, it's quite a dangerous hobby.

At any rate, it's been nice to just focus on my home and my personal writing for a while. Heaven knows when this child will make his debut, so this may be my last update for a while. 'Twas nice scrolling through the newsfeed and seeing what you guys have been up to, though. *BigSmile*
Best of luck to you! Let us know when he arrives safely. *Smile*
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I can't stop the eating. *HeadBang* If I stop the eating, I stop the growing-the-baby and the keeping-the-heartburn-at-bay and the standing-up-straight-without-getting-dizzy things.
I used to get really bad heartburn especially towards the end of my pregnancy. I don't miss being pregnant it was not fun.
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Welp, another Wednesday, another update, I suppose. *Laugh*

Baby's been sitting in a weird spot in my belly, so every time I cough or sneeze, I feel like I'm literally going to pop. Hubby is finally calming down and getting stuff done in his room, just in time for school to start in a week. I've finally put my writing planner to use and am getting around to getting stuff done, including some long-overdue reviews. *BigSmile*

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! *CoffeeV*
How long to go now? *Smile*
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About 4.5 weeks left (if baby cooperates). Could be longer or shorter. We'll see what the midwife says today. *BigSmile*
Shew. Busy, busy week. Today was the first time my hubby met some of his kids, and I'm super anxious to know how it went. Meanwhile, I'm working on blog posts and waiting for a noon appointment.

My writing planner is up and running, although not quite finished as of yet. This week has taken a lot out of me, as the last three days have been spent in Hubby's classroom, and the next three most likely will be in the same place. *Laugh* We have his room cleaned up enough for kids, but it still needs organizing, and we still have some decorating and things to make as well.

Hopefully, if we start coming home a bit earlier each evening, I can find some time to freelance, since he's not bringing in any income and we're surfing on the overflow from last month until his first teacher's paycheck comes (in the middle of danged September!!). So basically, we have no income until this baby is due. *Headbang*

Anyway. Just wanted to update you guys on what's happening and why I've been absent ever since 30DBC ended. I haven't even had time to work, much less write. I'm hoping to change that soon, though.
Well, I'm home on a Monday for once. Hubby had a professional development thing to do, so I won't be in the trenches working with him in the classroom until later this afternoon. *Laugh* That means I got to post this: "Invalid Entry

I don't expect to be here tomorrow, though. Another PD, but I'll be doing little things around the classroom while he's at his meeting, and then we have a couple appointments that'll take the rest of the evening. Hopefully I'll find some time to at least draft up a blog post in my notebook, though it may not get posted til later tomorrow night or even Wednesday morning. Still, this week is looking more like a normal week (thank goodness).

Now it's off to do some other things for the house before it's time to head over to the classroom. Maybe I'll finally set up my writing planner??
Just made a huge batch of cookies, and it's a struggle not to go in there and devour them all. *Cookie*

Anyway, I'm finally caught up on 30DBC, which probably won't last long. *Laugh* Hopefully I can do better this coming week, especially once I get my writing planner sorted out. When that'll happen is anyone's guess, seeing as there's piles of towels and my hubby's work clothes to wash and fold.

'Tis the life I've chosen, and the life I love, though it does get awfully busy. *Heart*
Well, I didn't manage to keep up with 30DBC the past few days like I wanted to. On my blog's calendar, it looks like I fall completely off the face of the planet every Sunday-Tuesday. Which is essentially what I do. *Laugh* It's hard to work on blog posts when I'm either out of town or working in a classroom with very sketchy 3G reception.

At any rate, I'll be caught up within the next couple of days. Now, on to create my post for my site, a virtual tour of my new office space!
It's the last day at the dog house-- I mean, the place where we're house-sitting. All our clothes are covered in white fur, as well as every inch of the floor. It'll take a full month to completely wash all the fur out of our clothes, I bet.

But it's been fun, despite the stresses (living WAY out on a country backroad for 10 days, leaving the freezer door open overnight and having to clean up that mess, one of the dogs peeing on the rug). I don't think I'll do it again before the baby comes. I'm getting too big and out of breath for all this. *Laugh*

At any rate, I'm finally caught up with 30DBC (and hopefully I'll stay that way). Snail Mail letters will be coming out soon--I just honestly haven't had any extra time to sit and write them.

Here's hoping next week (in my own home) will run a little smoother.
Well, the past couple of days have been crazy. CRAZY, I tell you. We've been setting up Hubby's new classroom, and it's gonna take a LOT of work. So my Mondays and Tuesdays will probably be devoted to helping him from here until school starts. @_@

But I WILL catch up on my posts. And I'll try to do better at getting them in despite the hectic schedule next week, when I'm at home and more organized/less out-of-my-mind stressed. *Laugh*
I've posted a couple new things:

*Star*A few new 30DBC posts in my journal "Invalid Item
*Star*A new entry in my official blog "Invalid Item , "Invalid Entry

Aaaaand I'm officially house sitting again. For a week and a half this time. Let's hope my back doesn't give out from sitting at the kitchen table for hours on end. *Laugh*

Also, postcards for "The Snail Mail Group will be forthcoming shortly. I forgot to pack my postcards and stamps, but the hubby can run by and get them for me within the next couple of days.
I've added a new entry to my book, "Invalid Item: "Invalid Entry

Here's to another 30DBC! It's been about 6 months since I tried the last time. Hopefully I can keep up the pace this time. *BigSmile*

Now I'm off to wipe my Acer netbook clean so I can use it in the car for blogging on the go.