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Well...it's been over a year since my last update. That is FAR too long.

I've had my third beautiful baby and he is absolutely a ray of sunshine. I've been kept very busy with my growing tribe, but I've also wandered my way back to my stories here and there. I'm keeping at it, slowly but surely. Ideas for the second book in my Two Kingdoms series are slowly bubbling up. I've also got a bit of a spark to finish up another sequel, this one in my epic fantasy The Mending. Been also doing a lot of decluttering and selling items as it's spring here in the US and that tends to go nicely with that.

Hoping to get back into a few little things here at WDC. I've been here what, 15 or so years? I'll have to check but we'll say that's a good guess. I don't want to pack my bags and leave, though I tend to take ridiculously long hiatuses...hiatii...whatever the word is. Maybe I'll even gift myself another paid membership so I can get back to sharing my works-in-progress. Maybe.

Anyway, that's my update for now. I'd like to spend some of my extremely limited free time actually writing. :)
Haven't updated for a while...the babies keep getting little bugs and viruses, and I've been too exhausted during their nap to do anything other than listen to podcasts and get mountains of laundry folded. Why is laundry like, the NEVER ENDING story of adulthood? Ugh. Anyway.

I'm brainstorming some ideas for managing my time better to HOPEFULLY start getting some writing in before baby #3 makes his/her debut. Obviously naptime is a given. If I'm not dead on the couch. By the kids' bedtime, I'm too exhausted to be of use to anyone.

And I wake up early (like between 5:30 and 6:30, when my husband gets up for work), but somehow my kids STILL manage to beat me awake, and I have to spend my mornings fighting my 2 year old to stay in bed long enough for me to get dressed and caffeinated. I really can't wake up much earlier. My pregnant body says "no". *Laugh*

Anyone here have REALLY LITTLES (newborns to preschool) and still manage to get some writing done? I don't want to make it sound like I'm doing NOTHING. I journal usually once or twice a week, but it takes a lot of willpower (and food, and a bit of caffeine) to make myself do it rather than just turn on YouTube.
I typically do most of my creative writing on my phone's notes app... for me, it's easier to write on the go and store all the ideas in one place? Naturally, I don't have Really Littles, but I do work with them. *Laugh*
That sounds like a LOT. Good luck! I don't even have kids and only wrote 1 full story last year, so I've got no advice. lol
Hi AlyCat! Last time I checked, you just found out you were pregnant with the first one... time has flown. My days of really littles are now my grand-kids. I have one that is to arrive this week. You must be tired, your date is coming quickly. Your day starts early, wow! Don't feel bad about missing your writing for now, this time when they are little passes way too quickly. You can write about it when you can. I miss my children being little wee ones. People always told me it goes by too quickly, but I never understood. Now that my youngest is having his second child, I think, it was yesterday that you couldn't tie your shoe! I never had three little ones at once, you are amazing, never forget that. Good luck with the one on the way! Take care of yourself, or you can't help anyone else.
Well, I'm happy to report that all of us seem to have cleared the flu finally. The mouse hasn't been seen since the day after the first sighting, and I've successfully decluttered my kids' toys and my kitchen. As far as writing goes...lol. I've been journaling here and there to try and keep a rhythm going. Hopefully I'll be ready to buckle down and think on my novels soon.
3 out of 4 of us down with the flu, myself included. *Sick* Thankfully it waited until AFTER we'd celebrated Christmas. Still...no fun.
I hope everyone is feeling better by now! (I'm super behind on the newsfeed, as you can see.)
Now dealing with a mouse problem in our house, of course. Now that we're finally relatively over the flu. *Angry* I guess that's life sometimes. You let the housework go for one TINY minute while you're trying to get back on your feet, and BAM. A mouse decides to come live with you. And mind you, it wasn't like we left food out or didn't clean up the kitchen. We know better than to do that. We leave bananas out one day too long here and we get swarmed with fruit flies. So we know a thing or two about keeping the house up to avoid critters. This is the third or fourth time we've had to buy traps since we moved in 6 months ago, and the best our landlord has done is send an exterminator to put poison packets behind our appliances. Clearly that wasn't a permanent fix. *sighs* I'm just frustrated. 4 days into the new year, and all I've managed to do is cough up both lungs and attract a mouse.
WOW! That super sucks! I'm so sorry! It seems there's an entry somewhere, not that the landlord would pay to find and fix it. Good luck with everything!
So as a result of being down with flu, I was finally able to finish reading a series I started years ago. Who here is a Lunar Chronicles fan?? I know I'm like 5 years late but...this series is AWESOME!
Just set my 2020 writing and reading goals. I'm starting off slow and easily doable (got a baby due in July after all *BabyBoy*), but I'm hoping it will help fill my creative tank and get me back in a habit of writing. 20 new books for the year, and 1000 words a week of any sort of writing (journaling, drafting, outlining, poetry, etc.).

Probably not gonna be on much the next couple weeks, and I hope everyone is able to connect with family and friends during this season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! *XmasTree*
Slowly but surely gearing up to write again. Been journaling a lot and it feels really good! Getting excited about Christmas, too. *BigSmile*
Congratulations on journaling a lot and getting ready to write again!

Merry Christmas!
Back after quite a long hiatus. It's just been a crazy few years (medical scares, two kiddos and one more on the way), but I feel some inspiration to write finally. Not sure what yet...maybe just some journaling to warm up. Good to come back to the friendly bustle of WDC. 😊
Welcome back!
Welcome back to WdC! I love it here so much, it always makes me feel good to see old members who just couldn't stay away. *Laugh*
Well, it's been quite a while! Just wanted to pop in to let everyone know I'm still alive. I received a few sweet birthday cards, so I also wanted to say thanks! You all keep being awesome.
*Heart* Congratulations, new mom! Happy Birthday! Enjoy motherhood and have a wonderful day! *Heart*
Well, kiddo finally came about a month ago! I'm slowly getting back into a groove. I let my upgraded membership expire cause frankly I wasn't about to post anything new. *Laugh*

Gonna take it slow, maybe mail some postcards, and wait til next month to renew. Might do some reading and reviews while I wait.