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Is taking a break wise? What kind of break... and for how long? I'm asking because I'm burnt out in so many ways.

"To disappear or not. That is the question. [ASR]
in "Enga mellom fjella [13+]
An excerpt from blog entry "Am I rich? [13+] in "Hoarfrosts from Hell [GC]

...So here I am, 42 steps above street level, going nowhere, and doing less.

But soon, maybe this year, it'll be time to move, or give up housing for an RV.

And travel? I need to stay in places a tad longer, choose places that are a bit more comfortable and buy a seat on the plane with better legroom.

I have crunched the numbers and guesstimate 16 months of travel in a two year period would be a great way to invest in myself.

But I'll need a fancy phone with a fancy camera. And I should print up booklets of poems or stories as personal gifts (perhaps give them out with chocolate?)

I'll still have money left over...

To anyone who thinks I'm gloating... please read the blog before commenting "Am I rich? [13+] to spare yourself embarrassment.
I try to save money but I'm not so good at it.
Reading the blog didn't help. I am still very curious about how much you have in your poke. In any case, go ahead and treat yourself.
I like the phrase "invest in myself." Go for it! You know what you need to put the pep back in your step.
Entry "ssseptember 19 -20 [13+] from "Porthole [13+] FRUSTRATION ALERT

Excerpt: Y'know... I do write children's stories, but mostly poems, some short stories, and last year flash. Most of what I write is 13+ or lower. Most do not deal with taboos. I seldom use 'bad language'. Except when I blog. Blogging for me is not an exercise in fantasy. I do have two blogs where I stash most of my poetry and prose. But Blogville, like JAFBG, allows me to deal with ongoing 'emotional assault' by a culture that doesn't want me to exist. I feel it here as well. When I do speak up I'm shunned (it does no good to name names).

Maybe lowering the blog ratings to 13+ will help. Maybe making the ratings on every entry clear will help as well. Most are no more than 13+ as is. Maybe "depression alert" or "anger alert" will help. Shutting up is suicidal so I need to find other ways to connect.
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There is a huge difference between the stories I write and the blog entries I write as well. I love the stories I write, but it doesn't help me work out "real-life" issues. That requires a stronger style, not appropriate for youngsters. As a matter of fact, I need to get back to blogging, it has been long neglected.
What did I feel January 6th? I was so glued to the broadcast I can't really remember. Not personal fear. Nothing was happening outside my window. Anxiety? ...

The session with Vice President Pence presiding was held live. I intended to watch every boring minute on ABC.

There was a rally held at the same time with the outgoing president questioning the results and will of the American people and encouraging his supporters to walk to the Capitol. ...

"Honor. Chu. 8 months after the Insurrection.

A question for Americans: What was your experience on January 6th?
I am working to become more of a Stoic, unruffled by things I can not influence.

I was unable to see any good in Donald Trump, but all of it made for fantastic entertainment. January 6th, and subsequent interviews with attendees, are often comedy gold.

Jordan Klepper has some fun clips out on the Youtube.

Idiot wind
Blowing every time you move your teeth
You're an idiot, babe
It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe
- Bob Dylan
Which topic do I tackle first? (Vote? Read the entire blog entry?) [edited]

1. Unlike Emperor Hirohito who graciously accepted defeat, ending all hostilities between the US and Japan in 1945, President Trump refused to accept the will of the American public, creating havoc for two months culminating in the Insurrection of January 6th, 2021, the first attack on the Capitol since 1814. Notwithstanding the evidence he continues to stir up attacks on democracy months later, based on lies and hubris. Where is his Honor?

2. Pissing off France, our very first ally in our War for Independence. Was this wise or necessary? "France recalls ambassador from Washington 'without delay' as Macron rages at Biden" Washington Examiner headline.

3. The militaristic apocalyptic vision of those obsessed with the God-Wars of the Old Testament nations and the End of Times. How tightly is xenophobia, bigotry, pro-doom (and anti-science) intertwined in the psyche of some descendants of Abraham.

4. Bad words are taboo at WDC. If a G-rated poem is kept in my 18+ p-blog will it be read by contest owners? Will they be linked in the 13+ newsletters. I swear that they are NOT even being read or quickly dismissed. Do we need an 18+ newsletter for mature writers who are handcuffed by the policy of "we don't want to offend anyone" "think of the children".

5. Blogging is perceived as high-school 6th period writing exercises. Why is it so difficult to get writers to write about what they experience, think, believe? Is sharing verboten? Is commenting too much trouble? Do people really want raffles, games, fantasy to the point that they abandon essays, non-fiction, biography, journalism, research. Can a multi-cultural blogging community be resurrected or is blogging and any semblance of reality passé among writers at WDC?

Excerpt from "September 17 - 18
Kare Enga, You have got to be the biggest pot-stirrer on this site. Maybe a better word for it is "bully." I'm no stranger to controversy, but for the most part, I try to hold my tongue for the sake of others.
What’s this post rated? Oh, 13+… nevermind then.
1. Yes, it took only two atom bombs and a couple hundred thousand dead amidst mass devastation to bring out Hirohito’s more gracious side. What a guy!
2. France? Seriously? You’re worried about France? Just for the record, your favorite guy got along great with Macron. It’s Biden he’s pissed at.
3. I don’t even want to comment on this one because the phrase “descendants of Abraham” sounds a bit anti-Semitic. No one’s picking on your religion.
4. I wrote a blog about cuss words. Seems some people like them and some don’t. If one labels one’s writing correctly, the reader can rightly judge its suitability for himself. I don’t see the problem unless one wants the right to ambush people into reading bad words that they would prefer to avoid.
5. Blogging is what the blogger makes of it. Some people are craft bloggers, some are mommy bloggers, some are religious bloggers and others use their blogs for various types of writing. Some are even opinion blogs full of edgy political thought. I read blogs that interest me and I have many interests. Not everything I am interested in is highly intellectual claptrap, but sometimes it is. Sometimes, I read blogs for entertainment. If people want to create blogging circles with those of like interest, I think that’s perfectly possible to do without slagging off other bloggers for writing about other things.
"Those who have one know how hard it can be to ride the monthly merry-go-round and lasso the hormonal roller-coaster.

Those who don't have one would be wise to stay clear of the tsunami of menopause.

So no... I feel no urge to tell those who have a vagina what they should or should not do with one."

Excerpt from "I've never had a vagina
I do not want to write a blog.

There's nothing to write about that pertains to me. My life has been boring for such a long time.

But the rice is cooking, so... I made a mix of rice and lentils, added lemon pepper, garlic parsley, and the onion and green beans I had boiled with lavender. I try not to cook the same thing twice. I use whatever mix of spices comes to mind. Or whatever's suggested by googling. ...

" ไม่มีพริก ครับ
The coins minted the year I was born are scratched, discolored, worn, the copper tarnished, the nickel dulled and whatever was silver melted down long ago. No bills remain that aren't tattered, torn. What was once of some use in exchange for a cookie or a glass of milk, is now deemed worthless and tossed in a jar or abused, flattened on tracks as trains pass or stretched and molded into trinkets at a hot tourist spot (now closed).

excerpt from "Out of circulation

"30-Day Blogging Challenge" PROMPT September 13th: Who do you see as role model of yours, either a professional or 'everyday' person, and why should everyone else know about this person.

I admire well centered and calm people.

Those that remain unperturbed or oblivious no matter what. Me? ... ผมอ่อนไหว ...

Excerpt from "Those who are calm.
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Calm people are not necessarily oblivious.
Shouldn't we [poets] be writing about cellphones, IT, Uber Eats, the Great Die-Off (of cash, conversation and cafes), the thousand masks we wear...

Once I was a gardener. I doubt most urban young people know the names of flowers and trees. They are concrete objects, but unknown and thereby devoid of any emotional response. Even smells... how many can relate to eau-de-outhouse? Or even a rotten egg. Who buys eggs? Not those ordering out everyday for lunch.

Without shared experiences we have difficulty communicating across divides of geography, religion, social class or generations.

Excerpt from: "Be real in present tense. One tattooed angel [227]
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Oh, I do remember the smell of an outhouse! Used one every day for years as a child! Nothing quite like it.
Maybe instead reliving a 20 year old trauma Americans should ask, "Where were you on January 6th when Americans tried to overthrow their own government?" If there is a problem this coming week on the 18th what will be your response? Many have stayed silent this past year because it's a difficult reality to face. On September 11th that's a legitimate question to ask.

"American born and bred Jihadists
Very different things that lead to a false equation. I don't usually get into stuff but whatever.

9/11 is not - It's not a "20 year old trauma."

It was mass murder, perpetrated deliberately by vicious, worthless monsters, who didn't care if they killed children in day care centers or people on planes, or anyone of any age, religion or ethnicity. People were missing for days and no one knew for sure.

Everything is bad about riots, even the ones that one side or the other likes for whatever reason. Tearing up cities and what happened last January are clearly wrong. Invading the Capitol where I used to work is wrong, too. All who did that belong in prison for a nice long stretch, including people who used last summer's events as excuses to riot.

The Capitol should have been better prepared.

9/11 is on a whole different level.

Bandit's Mama went to work that morning on the 94th floor of Tower One. She was a writer here like us and held a job that she commuted to faithfully for a long time. People above the 92nd floor didn't survive because there was no way out. We all have the blessing (as far as I know) of being able to find ways out when we need to.

I don't take much for granted now, but 9/11 is a profound evil that is on a scale way beyond much we have seen in our lifetimes.

You know, Kare, there are ways to say things that can engage people or enrage them.

I know exactly what I was doing on both of those days. Trying to negate one to bring attention to your 'topic of the day' is just not cool. Not cool, dude.
You're ignoring what trauma is. You can't forget something awful just because something bad happened more recently. You're in exceptionally bad taste today.
Under a bluebird sky

It was Monday the 10th

and time to get up,
pour the coffee,
put on clothes

to buy some groceries,
head off to school,
or go to work,

a warm and sticky day,
a stormy evening,
a hurricane dodged.

It was almost autumn
as the skies cleared up
and temperatures dropped.

It was Tuesday the 11th

and time to get up,
pour the coffee,
put on clothes

to buy some groceries
head off to school,
or go to work

on a tranquil morning
under a bluebird sky,
a beautiful day had begun.

© Kåre Enga 2021 [178.226] (10.september.2021)

In "Under a bluebird sky [226] PPC#14
My non-fluffy (200 word) blog entry for today. An excerpt:

"The response and an accusation: The US government at that time did little to nothing to reassure the public that this was an isolated event. Instead, every day was yellow-orange-red alerts which kept the public fearful and on edge. They then used this fear to provoke a war in Iraq, diverting the blame from others, including themselves."

"Should the US be held responsible for War Crimes in Iraq?
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I have received 3 comments and added 2 of my own.

You know... anyone can visit, even those without a blog. Newbies shouldn't be shy. Some of you may be too young to remember events from 20 years ago but that doesn't mean you don't have insight. And black cases? No need to play the game of case-color.

I share my opinions, solicite the opinions of others.

I write poetry. I write short stories. I'm quite capable about writing about pink fluffy unicorns or lesbian amazons from planet 9. I love sci-fi fantasy. But some things are real and need to be discussed and written about and not totally avoided.
An entry about being 21 in the 70s. I'd rather forget. I can't.

...I arrived in Costa Rica and was placed with a well-to-do family. I wasn't used to having a brother or a maid. There was so much to learn. Different customs, different culture. I loved trees and gardens growing up. I had loved the beauty of the campus in Kansas. I was shocked by the ugliness of San Jose. Few trees and flowers meant few birds. The fragrance of diesel belching from the buses was overwhelming. It was fairly quiet except at intersections where the rare driver honked their horn because there were no stop signs. My family was one of the few with a car, a '58 Rambler.

Words failed me after two weeks. I went mute...

An excerpt from "A year to mostly forget.
"After the party... ...but I don't party, so I'm not hungover from any festivities.

Since this is going to be a personal entry, you can skip it.

I have no idea what I'm feeling nor why.
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