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If I can't be serious ... like my Muse is on vacay laughing at me ... silly will have to do.

Dinner conversation

Caviar? Caveat? Mar-a-Lago's where it's at.
Caveat? Caviar? Frankly, we don't care.

© Kåre Enga [177.174] (4.avgust.2020)
I liked this. It was silly. Made me smile
I thought it would be fun to try to write a fash fiction with just one syllable words. Not too hard but tricky. Some simple words like 'even' and 'began' have two syllables.

Not one thing was real here, not the grass, not the breeze, not his friends, not him.

His three pals had asked him to join them. It would be fun they had said.

Fun to make fun of him?

He should have known.

Anyhoo, this is my new flash:

Pool bot [172] (237 one syllable words)  (18+)
< 300 words prompt: wind, three, grass
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Very clever!
Oops. Kare*
Food for thought, nice one Kare.*Whistle*
I wrote to Emily but share it here [edited]: I don't know how one catches up on contests... *Sad*

I liked Dark Dreamscapes. I can dig into that inner whatever! Looking forward to this month's dark dessert.

Did both a short story and a poem for Taboo Words. Looking forward to doing better this month with that one. Felt silly with Pet News (wrote about Julie and her aardwolf) but silly sometimes works.

First drum set  (E)
My friend gave his 2 year old a drum set! Can you hear him play?
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written end of 2004 might seem silly to some. Drummers have loved it while some don't quite hear it (maybe they are deaf) but after 188 reviews out of 2,751 views it is what it is. I posted it here when I first joined in 2005 but never entered it in a contest apparently... so I did and it just won the "Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest. Opened my email to a bright shiny red ribbon!

My blog portal for July (updated weekly) looks a bit like this. Maybe I learned it from you? Anyhoo... I planned to enter lots of contests and did about half, which is more than okay because without the list to remind me I would have done nothing!

I should do a "This is what I wrote in July" entry. I did the Daily Poem and 24 Syllables diligently. That's about 45 right there.

My writing process is vomit until I'm dry heaving, set it aside, vomit some more, clean up the mess, keep any hairballs that look promising. With contests? Just submit. Let someone else deal with the ____. *Laugh*

As your list demonstrates:

Winning is in the writing.
That is the most hilarious description of a writing process that I've ever read. *Laugh*
"Julie had an aardwolf [160] (20 lines, some rhythm, some rhyme)

Julie had an aardwolf
(nothing rhymes with aardwolf)
she kept it in her big walled garden
(aardwolves do not climb).

... I had to write something and although I'm sure this can be improved on it was fun! Plus I learned about aardwolves (they're small, eat termites and basically people ignore them).
Aardwolves would be cute.
I submitted this at 11 p.m. on the dot. It never got read so maybe someone would be kind enough to read and comment or send a message. I don't need a full review if you're not up to it.

 Doll-collar [165] (298 words)  (18+)
< 300 card, collar, doll
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Reviewed! Great piece :)
This is very interesting.
Don't know whether it exactly fits the form but I had fun writing it and see myself 'rapping' it. A syair:

"2020 unmasked [159]
I've added a new entry to my book, "Porthole:
         "Racism: wash, rinse and repeat.

This one is more contemplative than an earlier rant. Miranda's poem is the prompt. And a very nice poem it is, Miranda Keening .
Wow, thank you. It was an awesome entry.
I'm holding on with the heat. Lots of writing left to do but I thought what I wrote for the 24 syllable contest was cute so I share:

Priscilla's dog days recipe

Four ways to embellish hot dogs:
onions, mustard, relish, ketchup...
before my dachshund snatches it!

© Kåre Enga [177.157] (26.juli.2020)

"Priscilla's dog days recipe [157] (24 σ)
Cute poem, Kåre, and also potentially true. We used to have a little terrier-mix who was quite adept at swiping an unguarded hamburger patty off a plate.

Terry: Look, it's a rat!
Doxie: Look it's a badger!
Kat: Look, unless it's a bird or a mouse ... ask me if I care. Now go away...
Dog eat dog.
I ranted in my blog and then I wrote this ... "A Typo Life [153] . No apologies today, folks. I'm fresh out.
Very interesting rhythm in this.
Since I've talked about virtues many times I tossed the question to my vamps *Vamp*.

Blog entry: "Zooming with Zombies? No, vamps only LOOK dead.