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Now... anyone can write a poem... a bad one that is.

I struggled with this piece, 8 lines, a total of 80 syllables, fun with the — emdash; but, alack, I was supposed to write a short story under 500 words!

Green pancakes

Dad, add mint and hope — to dispel the stench
of last night's snores — that raspy voice of dreams,
mix in milk to make it creamy — bananas
to give some substance — baking powder ...

The rest is in ... "Green pancakes [360]

It was for
Celebrating National Pancake Week!  (E)
Banana Pancakes because this is a "Ninja Monkey" sponsored event!
#2245620 by Lilli ☕

Now I have to write the story behind the poem. *sigh* By March 7th ...

You could write a story for the contest too! BY MARCH 7TH hint HINT HINT

You can do it, Kare!
Thanks for the plug, too!

Luckie 🍀 has the goods! Get to know a WDCvideo star. Blog at
Road to Knowhere  (18+)
The road never ends...
#2216682 by Luckie 🍀

Wow! Thank you so much! You just made my day! *HeartV*
I believe I did 16 poems/stories for contests in February. I'm exhausted.

Remind me why I don't write short stories over 2,500 words. That's 9 flash fictions or numerous short poems, my preference. (Typos, spellcheck, read and reread, formatting... it took a couple hours just to make it presentable.)

So... a war between unicorns and merfolk? Why is there a problem to begin with? The water's edge is a liminal space (one of transition) that both species visit, especially mermaids and stallions. The narwhals negotiate a truce.

At the water's edge  (13+)
A nudge of narwhals convene a meeting to end the hostilities between merfolk and unicorns.
#2245551 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville
This is up for a Quill award as an entry ... so I felt it needed to be a static item. Elle Jayne Katya the Poet Alexi Nixie Thanks for previous comments and reviews. Inspired by SB Musing in April '20.

A pitter-patter of nothingness  (13+)
You splashed water at me while I read, wetting the book, stoking my flames
#2245488 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

You splashed water at me while I read,
wetting the book, stoking my flames
begging me to rise like a thunderhead, ...
I've updated the Quill nominations to include the static item rather than the entry. *Smile* Best of luck, it's a great poem!
There are only 13 signed up so far for March's

30-Day Blogging Challenge  (13+)
WDC's Longest Running Blog Competition - February Unofficial Month
#1786069 by Fivesixer

Personally I think it works better when there are 25 signed up as 15 responses per day is healthy.

Oriental Poetry Contest  (E)
Poetic forms from the East. New challenges twice a month.
#2106425 by Chris Breva AKA Marvin Schrebe

is open for March with the than-bauk form.
DEADLINES! It's the end of the month. Working on:

1. working on flow
Just loud enough forthe Universe to hear  (13+)
Write about chocolate without using certain words. For the Taboo Word Contest.
#2245244 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

2. almost ready?
Paid in full  (18+)
Dark dreamscapes: Love lies bleeding, ichor seeping into dust; no one weeps
#2245317 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

3. getting there
Peaches  (13+)
Three legged crash survivor, one eyed and crooked jawed, five pounds of chatty "yeow!"
#2245320 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

4. for the big contest
Embers  (13+)
A month with no contact. Peaceful, they said. I needed to get away, they said.
#2245322 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

5. needs one last read
Traveling Teddy  (ASR)
The suitcase had survived the storms of the seas, the jostle of rutted roads, the cold...
#2245325 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

6. I need to find a replacement for this one "TEXT BOOK NEW LOVE [353] It doesn't really slam Cupid.

7. at least i know what i'm trying to say "i am behind the camera [358]

5:15 p.m. and 30 outside... not that I've been outside...

I have 3 stories left to write by Sunday midnight. I may or may not write them. *Sad*.
These contest DEADlines are killing me.

I wish to live before I die  (E)
You rummaged among the dead, discovered death. I breathe and yet you do not feel my breath
#2245229 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

I seek your forgiveness, your wrinkled skin,
glaucous grey eyes that can barely see me,
ears that ignore white lies, my rancid sighs.
Love it.
Based on 30DayBlogChallenge February 22 - 28 Prompts posted in "Questions Answers ... true or not.

I'm going to tell the truth... or lie. Wanna play the game?

22. Make a Myth vs. Fact post.

a. my favorite color is purple.
b. my favorite number is 2.
c. I love pineapple.
x. all the above.
y. none of the above.

23. What are some things that most people don’t know about you? (here where I live.)

d. my birthday.
e. my nickname.
f. my telephone number.
x. all the above.
y. none of the above.

24. What is your favorite restaurant?

g. Sawadee. (Thai)
h. Pinocchio. (Pizza)
i. Red Lobster. (Seafood)
x. all the above.
y. none of the above.

25. What things can’t you live without?

j. coffee.
k. a good night's sleep.
l. money.
x. all the above.
y. none of the above.

26. What podcasts do you listen to?

m. Hidden Brain (weekly)
n. NPR (daily)
o. 538 (rarely)
x. all the above.
y. none of the above.

27. Besides writing, what are your hobbies?

p. gardening.
q. photography.
r. travel.
x. all the above.
y. none of the above.

28. List your top 8 favorite candies: reese's pieces, m&ms, butterfinger, necko wafers, violet squares, reese's peanut butter cups, snickers. That's 7. What's missing?

s. almond joy.
t. skittles.
u. atomic fireballs.
x. all the above.
y. none of the above.

I dare you to get 4 out of 7 questions right!

Comment and post your best guess in "Questions Answers ... true or not.
The End of the Month is Nigh. *Shock2*

I have a couple days to rethink and edit this and make it into a static item, but I'm putting it here first.

"The suitcase had survived the storms of the seas, the jostle of rutted roads, the cold in the belly of the plane, the sway of the train.

Teddy was tired of traveling. He crawled into his chest to rest.

He dreamed of being held over a rail on a cruise, being caught when he almost fell into a puddle. He remembered a torn ear and being hugged. ..."

"Traveling Teddy [355]

It's for
Writing 4 Kids Contest  (ASR)
If you like to write for kids, this is a contest for you!
#1999597 by Cubby✏️

There's still time to enter!
This was just posted today if you hadn't seen. It may help as you edit. I'll try to drop some comments by the weekend.

"For Authors Newsletter (February 24, 2021)
Woke up to this:

Merit Badge in Second Time Around II
[Click For More Info]

Hi  [Link To User enga] ,

Congratulations! You won the Grand Prize in  [Link To Item #2164876]  with your brilliant poem,  [Link To Item #2236559] .


Congratulations! You won the Grand Prize in "Second Time Around Contest with your brilliant poem.

My name's not Jack!  (13+)
Pumpkin wants you to remember that pumpkin pie is best from pie pumpkins shared with love.
#2236559 by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville

It's a tad purply. *HeartV*

By now, most friends have collected this, but it's in keeping with the purply nature of the day. Plus, I really wish I were in Taiwan and NOT here!