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It's disconcerting to receive notices for birthdays and WDC anniversaries of those who have died.

Like: Nada huser:frasier (I think Frasier was her dog?)

Sheila died July 1, 2022. She was a WDC icon back in 2008 or so when her storytelling about her personal life was riveting. Sheila and Linda Scarlett huser:scarlett_o_h did parallel essays that we bloggers read fervently. From rags to riches, from rape to the whorehouse to a problematic family to the fancy hotels in London... Sheila kept it real. Sheila also did watercolor postcards she sent out; I cherish those she sent me.

Yes, Sum1, but without a white case (I can think of others) it's hard when I realize that someone who was so active and a valued member isn't honored. Yes, there are ways to ask for a white case but that's not my expertise. It's even harder when those who knew her but fell out of touch (Sheila, David, Melinda, Barbara all migrated to spacenook years ago before dying) are still unaware that she has died.
I too was thinking of Sheila on her birthday and I still miss her very much. I still have many of her beautiful postcards I now treasure. Those were such special, unique times and I know they cannot be brought back. But now I have a gifted membership I shall try to raise some enthusiasm and spend a little more time on WDC in honour of all those special souls no longer with us.
I loved the write up about her. I have family in Moorpark and Newbury Park. Ojai is beautiful. I am trying to get a white case for Freewind . Her husband has promised me he will send a copy of her death certificate, but I still don't have it. It would be really neat if you would highlight or someone who highlight a WDC member like you did about Sheila. The finality of death is softened by the written words they left behind.
Merry said, "Be glad you weren't in Thailand".

But Pan would've taken care of me. Made me drink. Made me eat. Run to 7/11 for whatever.

He doesn't know yet...

2 a.m. fever, chills, wobbly. I peed my pants because I had trouble getting up. Very sick. I'm a bit better now at 7:30 p.m. but no one is around to even offer me tea... and maybe a cookie.

It's hard living alone. I didn't go out, Didn't even shower. Too sick. I might introduce myself to some hot water this evening. Bath?

I pray you feel better soon. Big 🤗 hugs.
Oh dear. Bad timing but hopefully you'll be fully recovered by the time you are due to travel. Take care of yourself. I know what you mean about living alone.
Shadow Prowler Finally better. Took a shower. So much to do! Losing a day isn't good but at least I didn't get a shot the day before something important. Folks should plan to be "under the weather" for 24+ hours when geting this vaccine. I'm old, so I have fewer options then when I was younger.

Scarlett There are problems with this trip. 1. My preferred hostels are full. 2. It's super long. Dallas-Doha is 14 hours or so. Not amused. Living alone is sad at times. Pan was sick for 3 days. I messaged him that I wanted to be there for him.

I've added a new entry to my book, "Hoarfrosts from Hell:
         "Giving up...
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No giving up allowed! We're all here for you!
Part 3/3. 40 words to describe an experience, make a poem, tell a story.

A11 Red white and grey all over 🇵🇪

The bus broke down near Abancay in the middle of nowhere. I missed my appointment and was stranded in Lima. Ay-ay-ay-ay, Peru, I reckon I could've learned to love your red and white flag, the grey dust that covered everything.

A12 On The Way To Šiauliai 🇱🇻 / 🇱🇹

I feel like I've been here many times before I arrive in Šiauliai. I've driven through golden fields, as flat as a pancake, ripening with promise. So similar to the Kansas of my youth, golden hair blowing in the breeze.

A13 Lost in Luang Prabang 🇱🇦

A classic Citroën sat in front of the historical wat proud of its maroon paint job ready to be waxed, eager to whisk us away to when the French colonized Lan Xang and baked baguettes, a place lost in time.

A14 April in Luxembourg 🇱🇺

I saw beauty wrapped in wads of money, tasted potatoes fried into fritters (Gromperekichelcher), and inhaled April festooned with cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, the stone from which it's carved, upon which it stands, isn't as hard as the over-worked worn-out people.

A15 Disculpe 🇨🇷

In Costa Rica take the freedom to "do as you want". Lie if you must, but always smile. If you happen to hurt someone's feelings, or run over their dog, remember that "disculpe" means "I'm sorry." That should fix it.

As always.. which did you like best... and why. *Smile*
A11 & A12!
A14. This is life, what we live. Yes, people are worn out and over-worked, but still, we persevere....
I always like your words and the visuals they create but I think I too like A14 the best. Great use of the senses in so few words. There's also a story in there.
An excerpt from "Obituary for a bad boy [13+]. There are only 22 views and no reviews. *Sad* These are 'vampires' by the way. But this isn't a vampire diary (or is it?)... more of a vampire vignette... WakeUpAndLive️~Back Home!.

Obituary for a bad boy

Lark took out a knife cut off its head. Tossed it into the bucket with the others oozing red. She stabbed it again and again.

"Killing beets," Bawang said as he came in.

"Better beets than Brett." Lark gave a big dark red one a whack. "Do you know what my stupid brother did?" Lark sounded indignant.

"If I didn't I'd be the only one in town."

"You know... I don't want to have to move. I've lived here peacefully almost all my life, and now Brett puts us all at risk."

"Maybe it will blow over like the last time."

"Maybe, but next time? He's reckless and his stupidity puts everyone in a bad spot. Old Sniffer's called a meeting and Lily is sitting with Bunny plotting his death. If it were only so easy."

... ...

"Lark finally laughed. Poor tree. I can see him trying to crack coconuts. He likes coconut now, bet he'd get tired after a few years."

"Detroit has been mentioned too," Bawang said softly.

... ...

"Well, we all seem to be in agreement that Brett must die," Old Sniffer said bringing the meeting to order. "Who brought the stakes?"

Brett blanched when Bawang held up a bundle to hand them out.

"Ash," he grinned, "whittled to very sharp splintery points." He stabbed a tomato he'd brought, oozing red all over the plate.

"I get the point." Brett trembled.

"Well you should've filed your pecker along with your fangs," Lark spoke out.

Czeszniak laughed. "Or just poked tomatoes instead."

Old Sniffer smiled. This was going easier than he expected. "Okay then. Where to send him?"

... ...

"Wake's tonight at 7. We bury him before dawn. He'll be in Chicago by then. Lily's driving. Party's tomorrow at sunset."

"I'm bringing fish-with-fur," Lark said nonchalantly. "Pickled the beet myself and Knyflok's thawing the walleye. Should be enough for everyone."

"Red beets?" Nr N. looked surprised.

"Yes, when a vampire dies, it does seem appropriate."

© Copyright 2023 Kåre Enga [166.281] (12.november.2012)

~1,100 words
Nice! Though right there near the end, is that supposed to be "Nr N." who looked surprised?
Schnujo Thanks for catching the typo. Mr. Nightengale (Mr. N) runs the funeral home.
My reply to a review by AmyJo-Spooky season approaches:

This is one of many "Blood of the Garlic" stories. Not all characters show up in each. "Some of us are busy." I've heard them say that. I'm Ajo by the way, a journalist wannabe vamp (wrong blood type). Clovia and Betty don't show up in this story. Clovia is a barber and I believe Betty is dead by this time (she was old and ill when she was bit and not too happy to be alive). Although the Shallot is run by Meadowlark Nightengale (Lark), the characters Thoom and Bawang are much more interesting. Each has a story, some funny, some sad. I'd give a link but some of the stories were written on paper and others as an entry and not properly edited. That's one of my goals. The LDVs form a community in Nowhere, KS/MO. They don't advertise. By-the-way, Brett was 'born' not turned. The LDVs are an accepting mix of both. As for Detroit. It gets a bad rap but America has many very violent cities and any would have fit. The Vamps of Detroit are not to be messed with. The urban reality does that to some folks. Brett won't dare get out of line. *Vamp*
Part 2/3 These are all based on my personal experience. This month I decided to focus on places I have lived in or where I have traveled around.

A6 There 🇺🇸

Yes... I grew up "there" when it was a great place to live; but, the failure of that factory town, unable to be flexible in a time of change, made it impossible to thrive. I survived. I'll never go back.

A7 Bless your heart 🇧🇪

If I ever tell you a place is 'nice', go somewhere else. If I say "bless your heart"... run. Bruges is 'nice', in its own fake way, unless you know the place. I didn't stay long enough to find out.

A8 White Town 🇷🇸
Beograd's tough. This nitty gritty s***ty dirty city with a zoo of albino animals surrounds a fortress guarding the Sava and the Dunav. History fought here; but, I loved the people, their insanity, the food, even its bombed out ruins.

A9 Comiche 🇫🇷

Paris attracts garbage, tourists, and pick-pockets. I took photos of garbage in the canal, toured Versailles with tourists, but didn't see any pick-pockets. A young man, immigrant?, gifted this famished old man two pears. I was grateful. I was charmed.

A10 No smiles 🇪🇪 / 🇷🇺

Why go to a place where people can't smile? The twin towers of Narva and Ivangorod stare at each other across a scrawny river an arrow could cross. War drums plan and wait for the worst. I don't tarry long.

Could you tell me which of these 40 word offerings you like?

There's still time write 14 or more 40-word entries for "Express yourself Within Forty Words
A6 and A9 are my favorites
A9 you found something different to charm you in this city described as ‘charming’ in the tourist brochures. It’s never the place it’s always the people or at least just one special person.
Part 1 of 3. There's still time to enter
Express yourself Within Forty Words   (E)
Express your thoughts about the given subject within forty words.
#2287902 by Dr Rupali Goswami

40 words isn't quite as easy as it seems and I'm not equally happy with these; but... it has become a daily habit. I've done 18+ in the past. This time I'll enter around 15 in my t-log "On The Write Path as I need to focus on traveling and other issues. Still, here they are:

A1 Buda and Pest 🇭🇺

Hungary's defined by plains of horsemen, and Buda and Pest, squeezing the Danube between them, one a majestic city on hills created for the powerful, the other by workers who built them both: imperial grandeur looming over centuries of inequity.

A2 The path of sweets. 🇵🇹

I wonder as I wander. Sweet or savory pastries? Lisbon offers both along black-and-white cobbled streets. Portuguese brought bread to Asia and left their word 'pão' behind. I chose 'pasteis de nata' that grace pastry cases of Taiwan and Thailand.

A3 Awe in Å i Lofoten 🇳🇴

The road from the ferry in Moskenes ends Å. That's clear. So clear that Fata Morgana herself lures one to non-existent distant shores. Not all one sees is reality. The clarity and non-polluted breeze invites one to linger and ponder this.

A4 Loggia dei Lanzi (Firenze) 🇮🇹

Does pain teach us to avoid the dangers and unpleasantries of life? Without it could Giambologna have sculpted "The Rape of the Sabine Women". Yet, across the square, "David", belittled for his small penis, gazes at women screaming with pain.

A5 Grenada 🇳🇮

Grenada would be the prettiest city in Costa Rica if it didn't hug the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Colonial beauty, horse buggies and bugs at twilight. Streets where doors open up to courtyards beckoning us to rest awhile or stay.

Now. I know y'all can do better! *Bigsmile* So... which one is your favorite (and why)?

I like A2 and A5 the most!
I managed to do all 31 last month. Quite a challenge, yes.
Thanks Schnujo and Lilli 🧿 ☕ Reviewing BBL. A5 it is! *Smile*

One lonely reject... ... yes, I saw that. Quite an accomplishment. I would like to do 15 this time. I'd love to actually do GOOD ones; but, as I wrote, it's easier than it looks.
I haven't seen this flash fiction contest on the Newfeed:

Memorable Malaprops/Mondegreens Contest  (13+)
Write a flash fiction about your most memorable mishear to win up to 10K GP and an award!
#2298989 by OnlyMagicInkGlows

500 words and a 13+ rating limit. MG? YA may be pushing it, but 500 words... hmm... tempting...

As for malaprops and mondegreens... this is a part of my life, but I don't necessarily keep track of them. Non-fiction would be too narrow (and boring) for me. I have a blog for that! Flash fiction for me is fiction.
In my blog (My Bard Blog) "Bibimbap 비빔밥 I weave comments I've left in other blogs and use them to inspire me. Today, I was inspired by Sorji (18 years at WdC!), JCosmos (He once worked in Thailand) and ridinghhood-p.boutilier (summer and change) to write:

"Thai smiles ... or not... on a Pank Day.

Yes, Tuesday is a pink day in Thailand. And yes, I went to see "Barbie" two days ago.
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Did you go see Barbie? Caught up in all the hype?
I finally finished "Warped Health Shoon ... A Single-service Society., an entry of comments bouncing off the blog entries of Robert Waltz (who managed to see it in-progress, *ack*), Dr Gonzo, PureSciFi and Agape Novels.

Anyone interested in how this blog is structured can check out
Bibimbap 비빔밥   (E)
Left-overs piled on hot rice and mixed.
#2296648 by Kåre Enga 🇹🇭 Udon Thani
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I responded to other writers' responses to WdC's 48 Hour Media Challenge! A 'cover' as they would say in the music industry. "Holding on, letting go, or never giving up.

I'm posting these in my new blog (The One I Made For The Bard) in June. This format works for me as I regularly comment on at least three blogs most every day.

Bibimbap 비빔밥   (E)
Left-overs piled on hot rice and mixed.
#2296648 by Kåre Enga 🇹🇭 Udon Thani
This is an intriguing idea - a blog of blogs, a meta-blog, (blog)2. I've just scanned the most recent few entries and I'm going to have to make some time to read through this in more detail.
Dave Ryan It's a concept that still needs tweaking. In Olden Daze... Blogville was a thriving spanky New Town. Folks came in, blogged, and bounced around. We formed a fairly interactive community. But like many things... it lies in ruins. Wordsmitty ✍️ keeps a light on and broom sweeps monthly, but... can't make people care about a GhostTown.

I never had to look for ideas. 1. My homeless life was pretty 'different' for many people and they were NOT all the same. 2. A lot of people were newbies so there weren't many rules and creative sorts were welcomed.

This generation of writers doesn't interact much. Not in blogs. Not on the Newsfeed. Just... Not.

But I'm Olde Skool. I leave my little gifts 💩 and *Pawprints* vamoose. No one seems to mind much. They seldom comment one way or the other. I even tag folks in posts! *crickets*

So... this works for me if no one else.
Occasionally, I peer in windows knock on doors to see if anyone is there or still alive. People turn their porch light on but seldom venture to check other houses. At least gone are the comment wars.
I just posted "Nightwings for the dream contest... I count 7 entries... 8 would be better, 10 much better.

Anyone have a dream to share?

Out of The Fog Contest - Closed  (E)
A contest that comes out of the fog now & then, as if in a dream.
#2002225 by Intuey-Moving
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Thanks so much for the plug, Kare! *Bigsmile* I really appreciate it. Good luck in the contest! *Heart*
Love bugs

I beckon your lips. I caress your hips.
What do moon-lit moths and flutter-by's
know of love — beyond the sip
of nectar, Zmitri? Do they blow a kiss,
or embrace in a hug — or like us
are they merely bugs...

© Copyright 2023 Kåre Enga [180.73a] (26.juli.2023)

It's not a traditional form, but should I care? *Laugh* I'll write 6 forty word snippets/poems/whatever and combine them in an item that doesn't have a title yet. I've written about Zmitri before. My Muse is fond of him as am I. We'll see where this goes. This is for the 40 word contest. I'm almost there... I hope to reach 18+1.

"Love bugs [73a.zm] 'love' 40w
My goal is 31 by the end of July...
This is great! I love the term "flutter-by's". I agree you should combine them into a single item, especially if they have a theme or go together.
One lonely reject... A most worthy goal. *Cool* I'm fortunate to reach 18.

Anni Pon After all six are finished then I'll put them in order... according to... who knows what. *Bigsmile* I've done this many times over the years. Random prompts... not necessarily my choice... lead to unexpected results.

Martha Root left Pennsylvania and traveled four times around the world, toting hat boxes and suitcases to meet Queen Marie of Romania in 1923. She was rootless but not ruthless, a champion of a universal cause she wholeheartedly believed in.

"Miss Martha Louise [71] J12 40w 'root'


I'm not sure exactly what to call my 40 words, Prosperous Snow, and whether Martha Root met Queen Marie of Romania in 1923 or 1926 seems moot a century later. I've seen both dates.

The prompt was 'root'. I've been to the family home in Cambridge Springs and went to a play about her life. So long ago... (1990s? Susan Lyons? My memory fades.).
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