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I’m stepping into the waters of the Tedious Tasks on "Game of Thrones


Certified Political Renegade!

Which is why I’m not on Twitter. I’d upset people from all directions. Sorry. I’m a freethinker.
A penny for your... Oh, wait a minute - they're free, aren't they?
I left Twitter a few years ago. I made one little comment, and received more than 100 comments telling me how wrong I was, most from people I didn't know, so I sent all of them a DM, then shut down my account before they could respond.
Tedious Citadel Task #46: Find an old piece languishing in your portfolio and showcase it.

Ok… first thing I ever posted here, and I was scared of what anyone would say about it, but I just had to know if it was good literature or a total mind game…

And the rest is history *BigSmile* *Heartb*

Virus  (13+)
Only one of us will make it out alive, and it's not you.
#2299592 by Amethyst Angel (House Mormont)
Hmmm... I could be wrong. Maybe the rules don't apply to Citadel. I thought it's limited to only 1k words, but I've seen the submission by others so ignore me.
Elycia Lee ☮ - yeah, I don’t think the WC applies to digging up old stuff. Took me about a week, I guess. It was the end of June last year… quite vividly in my head. I haven’t been here very long *Laugh* And of course with 10 reviews, I’ve edited it a good bit since then. But the basic premise was always the same.

Here’s my favorite review of it, the final one so far, from a friend, who read it after everything was done Review of "Virus"
Amethyst Angel (House Mormont) - That is a very, very impressive review. *Heart*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Where Dragons Play:
         "Little Blue

Just wrote my 100th April review, for I Write, as well... Not a bad day!

Door 9 is done *BigSmile* And now Door 10 is done as well! I can't wait for that Top Secret MB *Sly*

"Game of Thrones, you're not so hard after all *Laugh* *Door* *Dragonheadr*

I look forward to getting through the rest of those doors *Delight*

Here's a hint about how the story goes:

Ok, I’ma bore everyone with *Think* *DragonHead* *DragonHeadB* again… The reason I love them so much is because I really feel as though Dan and I are on the same wavelength. Look at this picture I’m using for the cover of "My WdC Story. I made "Higher Ground in September of 2022, inspired by a previous deep cut of theirs. Below it is a screenshot from the music video of their latest song, out on the 3rd. Go figure.

A surreal selfie collage...
intuey of House Lannister - neat… have you ever thought of sharing a few here?
Amethyst Angel (House Mormont) - I might share a couple with your privately through email. Or put them in my album and send you the link. But it will have to be after GoT *Wink* I have to dig them out, They're packed up from the move last September. *Bigsmile*
Amethyst Angel (House Mormont) - Ugh! Thanks. Now, you got me wanting to dig them out. *Laugh* I'll try to do it this weekend or next week. *Bigsmile* There's a couple I've been wanting to hang in the bedroom, anyway *Delight*
I’ve been given three nifty badges today:

Merit Badge in Just Because!
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Just because ... you are worth it.

This merit badge is from your Secret Valentine.

(Yes; I know the big day was two months ago, but, well ...)

Rachel *^*Heartv*^* Merit Badge in Accuracy
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Congratulations on being  Reviewer of the Month  for  March 2024  on behalf of  [Link To Item #army] ! Keep up the excellent work! *^*Bigsmile*^*
Merit Badge in Intuey's Award
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  Thank you so much for your help in  [Link To Item #got]  Door #4! I really appreciate your kindness! *^*Heart*^* Tracey

A big thank you to everyone *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* Enjoy yourselves at "Game of Thrones, or else hide under the nearest rock until May *BigSmile*
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Woohoo! That's great!
Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
Is hung with bloom along the bough,
And stands about the woodland ride
Wearing white for Eastertide.

Now, of my threescore years and ten,
Twenty will not come again,
And take from seventy springs a score,
It only leaves me fifty more.

And since to look at things in bloom
Fifty springs are little room,
About the woodlands I will go
To see the cherry hung with snow.

- A E Housman

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That's so beautiful!!! *Sob*
What's the last wimpy song you'd expect to hear blasting out of a motorcycle as it rounds the bend? OneRepublic's Apologize? That's what just flew by me into the gas station, rather to my amusement. I always think of Imagine Dragons as being more of the "motorcycle" kind of music than 1R. But Ryan's golden voice sounds good under any circumstances *Smile* *Music1* *Motorcycle*

Said sorry like an angel
Heaven let me think was you
But I'm afraid
It's too late
To 'pologize...
I stared up at the sun
Thought of all of the people, places and things I've loved
I stared up just to see
With all of the faces, you were the one next to me

You can feel the light start to tremble
Washing what you know out to sea, yeah
You can see your life out of the window tonight

If I lose myself tonight
It'll be by your side...

- OneRepublic
And when the day broke, buried in violence
Somethin' made my mind up
I will spend these days as an island
Alone and far away…
Lock me up in a maze
Turn out the lights
I was born, I was raised for this…
Just throw away the key, don't worry 'bout me…
I could do this with my eyes closed!

- Imagine Dragons, Eyes Closed

Just in case you needed a little “zing” to help you get through "Game of Thrones *Laugh* This overdramatized hot drop is the closest I have to offer to the GoT franchise.

music video here:
intuey of House Lannister - hey, don’t laugh. The song is about withdrawing to battle within yourself. I thought it would make sense to withdraw and do battle on WdC!
Amethyst Angel (House Mormont) - I can see your logic. Been there many of times. *Wink*
intuey of House Lannister - Maybe Houses Lannister and Marmot should hang out together Imagining Targaryen. Whaddya say, GERVIC 🐉 House Targaryen ? Who else is even in your band, Gervic?
3. It's time!

*BurstG* Brag on the Newsfeed about your accomplishment
(I bumbled through Door 5 - yay me!)
*Burstg* Show off your banner!
House Mormont Image for G.o.T.
*Burstg* Tell the WdC world they need to cheer for you and your team
(Please do, we need all the encouragement we can get *Clap* *Fireworks3*)
*Burstg* Don't forget to link "Game of Thrones in your post!
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Congratulations on making it though Door,<#5! 🚪
Finally, a peculiar glitch has me able to show y’all what I mean when I complain about Comic font on my iPad. Am I the only one who sees it in that elegant yet totally spidery style? And how come it’s switching back and forth now? Honestly, the more I stare at it, the less annoying it looks. Maybe it’s not so bad after all.
Beholden - I thought iOS was pretty awful when I first got this iPad… it’s so non-intuitive, from the keyboard acting weird, to the frustrating lack of useful apps in the App Store, to the inability to check off history to delete, to the fact that they don’t even allow you to monitor the temperature of your device, to the… I think I forgot the rest *Laugh* but this is the most valuable thing I own, and I’m getting a lot of use out of it. I even have a Bluetooth keyboard so I can type. I tell myself I’ll probably own it for the rest of my life - it seems indestructible.
Amethyst Angel (House Mormont) - You have to remember that I'm a dinosaur. I don't even own a cell phone so I have no real knowledge of them. What I know comes from computers. And that's what cell phones are, after all - farty little computers. *BigSmile*
I'll have you know, Beholden, my cell phone never farts...though its owner does from time to time... *Blush* *Whistle* *Laugh*
Ugh! The only thing more annoying than being in Walmart with the loud music playing, is being in Walmart while they're testing the fire alarm system *Shock2*
I purposely stopped in during the specified "quiet time" (8am-10am) and was blitzed with nearly twenty minutes of continuous triple surge noise that made my eardrums buzz.
An employee had to stuff paper in his ears. I took screenshots of the repeating sound pattern on my phone recorder...
We don't have Walmart in Australia. I get the feeling we're not missing out...
Wait till there's an actual fire and people won't leave till the cops arrest them so their safety. Or someone opens a door that says "Don't open, Alarm" and then complain about the alarm. I could could on and on...
While in isolation with meningitis and terrible headaches my hubby endured one day of continuous piercing fire alarms blaring in the hospital It is a singular, terrible noise..
There's a spammer on the loose {suser:mattrobin5} mattrobin5
Talking about publishing. Wise to ignore these people.
buddhangela's Psychotic Break - I accused them of not knowing a thing about me if they were sending me that. But I was rude.

Oh well, venting at a spammer is better than venting at a person who's been good to me on WdC.
s - And they were rude by spamming you. If it's bothering you, forgive yourself and move on. (Do as I say, not as I do, and all that jazz. *Pthb* )
Problem solved. I see SM deleted them (or they deleted themselves). *Smile*

If you're ever feeling harassed or have a spammer, feel free to reach out to him, a Mod, or just block the person, depending on what seems appropriate for the situation. Sometimes, more than 1 option is what's best. *Heart*
ID (*Think* *DragonHead* *DragonHeadB*) is dropping a new song and video tomorrow - as if I needed anything else to write about this month! *Laugh* I’ll probably blog my thoughts on it if I have time. Eyes Closed
*Music1* *Sleepy* *Music1*
Before I settle in for the evening, I’d like to share my latest goodies:

Merit Badge in Review A Newbie
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 Congratulations on being the first one to reach 50 reviews in  [Link To Item #1970173] ! That is quite an accomplishment and I hope you're as proud of yourself as I am of you. *^*Heart*^* ~ Gaby Merit Badge in Rule of Phool
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I didn't want anyone to take me too seriously. Enjoy your April Phool's Day.
Merit Badge in Electrifying
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*^*Plug*^*   Congratulations! YOU have completed the March Challenge and went above and beyond at  [Link To Item #army]  Thank you for all your fabulous reviews. It simply lit-up the site for the whole month. Enclosed are some Bonus GPs!

Thank you to everyone!

*Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *HeartG*
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