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Happy wdc anniversary
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
i have some writing to add to my portfolio but it keeps taking me to the membership cart and wont let me add a new item. my membership doesn't expire until april so i don't know what the issue is. i haven't been able to write in months and now that i have some juice flowing its not allowed to be here
I have this new covid variant and no motivation to write as of late. No energy and massive head aches for the last week. 2022 feels like a slightly less horrible start than 2021.

Feel better soon! Praying for you :)
Someone give me a writing assignment. Im dry and feel the itch to write.
It's not a full assignment, but I have to design some t-shirts for the Student Gerontology Association at the University of Southern California. Got any cool, not too cliche words to put on there? Here's some I have already...

Healthy aging begins now.

Live faithfully. Love powerfully. No regrets.

Put your heart out there. It makes it last longer.

Tomorrow's health begins with today's choices.

And some others that require me to describe the image for them to really make sense, but that's part of what I've got so far. Any ideas for words and/or images?
If we are throwing out contest options, there's also

The Whatever Contest -- Closes Oct. 2  (13+)
This irregular contest will change each round. Nature poem? Horror story? Whatever.
#2232242 by Schnujo

Happy anniversary
Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite Poets!
see above.

Happy 2nd!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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The boys down the way
Spend all their day
Wishing on the man in the moon.
We girls on this side of the bay
We spend the evenings
Wishing on witches
Dancing in the wind.
She sang it
in the hopes
that we would all understand.
Raspy and ragged
those notes poured forth
With emotions
Leaking and streaking
Down her cheeks.
She sent you
The chills deep within
Your achy bones.
She sang it
In hopes we'd all understand,
The love we hold
its made
To be given away
Not locked inside

Something that's singing through my head and i thought id share
It's lovely, thank you for sharing *Poseyo*
Lovely *Heart*
Thank you Piripica and Loren. Im glad you like.
Ive been a little bit MIA in the writing department. Not sure why but i feel a blockage in the creativity field.
There's an elephant in the room. Tell me what it looks like, what is it's name and what it is doing.
He GOT to. Life is for the enjoyment, doll...


I LOVE how you said 'dang'...

(Kissy face emolji * heart emolji* Pepe LePew giphy* lips emolji* heart eyes emolji*)
It's pink, and it's drinking lemonade

I think it came from a song *Pthb*
@jellyfish i certainly thought he was pink too. The lemonade with thegreen umbrella
Sometimes i feel like pen and paper are better suited to my muses. And when they show, i want to keep them there,
Tucked nicely in between the hard cardboard covers nestled on blankets made of trees.
I havent had the mental capacity to think a clear thought towards writing the last month or so. I think I may need more sleep.
Why cant we react with a yawn of agreement.
@Wonder. I wish i knew. But we need one ;)
So why do we say the sky is littered with stars? Litter is ugly. Stars in a night sky are beautiful.
Bride A. Livewire this knowledge i did possess

I just wanted to spin it so youd write. And write the loveliest poem you did indeed write
...Doll, you KNOW Im black...If I blush it aint gone be red, it might be purple...

Bride A. Livewire i did indeed know you were melanin positive and that just means if you blush it adds a beautiful hue
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