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*Balloonp**Tea*Welcome to WDC! From my place at the bottom of the rabbit hole in "Wonderland I come with greetings and *Teag*! it is nice to see another poet here. Thanks for sharing your unique voice! *Thumbsup*

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How about creating a little bio block in your port to get your flair out there. It is like a little greeting place and doorway where folks get to see a bit about you. *Heart*

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*Shock2* If you go to the side bar and Click on MY ACCOUNT, then click on Achievements, magic happens in your port in the community section! *Wand* It is not magic like eating a mushroom to grow taller or running a caucus race as In Alice in Wonderland but it gives a boost to your status! *Laugh*

*Flowerb*These delicious *Strawberry* Tarts given you from the Knave of Hearts! *Crazy*

*Sun**Rabbit2* Have a hopping great day and My you always be on time!*Clock*

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Scribbly scribble, welcome duckling *Duck*
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/ivaylostefkov