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why would anyone (teenager) say that they cannot talk to me? Am I scary to talk too? what is up with that?
Teenagers are... teenagers.

Did you talk to adults when you were a teenager? I think teens today might be different than in "my day," (OMG do I really have to say that now?) but I didn't talk to any adults about anything in my teens, except when I had to. I don't think most teens expect "us" to understand what they're going through, because how could we? The world has changed so much, so quickly.

In my experience, we can talk to them like they're our peers - not "young people," be ourselves around them - don't filter, and let them know that our door is always open if they want to talk. (And if they want to email or text, that's okay too, because sometimes that feels easier or safer than talking.)
As a teen myself I'm agreeing with Buddhangela's Brave & Crazy. I think being a teen is just like an unknown for us and its hard to talk to adults sometimes because we are expected to be under our parents and obedient to elders (and I'm saying this very lightly) but we are also expected to act grown up and be responsible like an adult. So in better words we are expected to remain a kid but also be an adult all by adults and it just makes sense to talk to other teens that are in the struggle with you. It feels like adults don't understand because what they are asking is conflicting if that makes sense. I'm a teen I'm going through it and it makes little sense to me honestly.
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