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 Laresn - Alien Girl  (E)
Chapter 25, Titled Celem. The planet that Laresn has come from and is now making known.
#2274189 by Lori J

I have added Chapter 25 of my book Alien Girl to my portfolio. I would appreciate any comments or help anyone is willing to give me.
I've just posted chapter 2 of my book that is named Laresn - Alien Girl.
 Laresn - Alien Girl  (E)
Chapter 2 - Kent and Marie Lewis
#2272549 by Lori J

You are welcome to read and review it. I would appreciate any pointers that you can give me to improve it. You are welcome to check out my portfolio and critique anything in it. Thank you very much for any assistance you can give me.

Caged   (E)
Do caged places protect us? Are we under someone's control?
#2223675 by Lori J

Caged - (To The One Under The Control of Another)

Standing in your cage,
You're safe and secure.
Others look at you and notice
How you're looking very mature.

They don't see your strange surroundings.
They're used to seeing you there.
But you know he's holding you in,
And you don't even seem to care?

In the busy world outside
The winds of time fiercely blow.
Do you see their swift movements,
Or do they not even show -

Inside your little cage
Where you're safe and secure?

"Please, oh please, break free"
I plead with you, "No longer endure".
I've added a new item to my portfolio:

My reason for living.
#2271310 by Lori J


People move about me,
Expressions grim or fair,
Life shining through their eyes
Showing their every care.

Tied to duty or pleasure,
They silently move on.
Are they looking positively ahead,
To the bright and new coming dawn?

He –The Mighty One,
Gives meaning to my days –

Do your best to help them,
To help them to understand my ways.
I have edited and rewritten part of Chapter 1 of my book Laresn / Alien Girl.
Laresn / Alien Girl  (E)
Book 2, Chapter 1. Girl from another planet lands on the earth.
#2270731 by Lori J

I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Laresn / Alien Girl  (E)
Book 2, Chapter 1. Girl from another planet lands on the earth.
Just wondering what everyone thinks. "Should poetry be read to try to figure out what the writer was writing about or trying to say, or should it be read to see what it means to you and how it might be applied to your life?"
Take "Caged" for example.

Standing in your cage,
You're safe and secure.
Others look at you and notice
How you are looking very mature.

They don't see your strange surroundings.
They're used to seeing you there.
Do you feel it holding you in,
Or do you not even care?

In the world outside you
The winds fiercely blow.
Do you see the swift movements,
Or do they not even show -

There where you are secure and safe
Inside your little cage?
Please, oh please "break free"
I desperately want to rage.
Do you need to know or figure out what the writer was meaning or writing about, or do you read to see what it would mean to you?
Just wondering.
Hey there Lori! I say take and spin it how it means to you. Because we can't guess how, what, or why a poem is made. I think we generally bring the poem to reflect our experiences and thoughts in the end. We put it in 'our' light when we read it.
SB Musing, I agree with you. I guess it's only natural to wonder what the person had in mind when they wrote it.
Hi Lori J - I tend to read poetry both ways when it's possible. I'm always curious about the writer and what they were thinking, where they were coming from. If it is a poem I can relate to, I'll also naturally take it to heart.

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Writing.Com 101  (E)
Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
#101 by The StoryMistress

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I hope this is helpful to you!
I've just added the first chapter of my book, Laresn - Alien Girl, to my portfolio. I would love to get some reviews on it. This is Book 2.
If you do this:

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Laresn / Alien Girl  (E)
Book 2, Chapter 1. Girl from another planet lands on the earth.
#2270731 by Lori J
Also, I see you only have 5 fans and at least one isn't even around these days. Must like fans for authors in the real world, we need fans on here to get noticed. Richard ~ Mending Well!! and I both frequently get on the Community Newsfeed where we can see things like you posted. However, very, very few people get on the Community Newsfeed. Thus, if someone isn't on the Community Newsfeed and they haven't clicked your Plus at least once (preferably twice to become a fan), they'll never see your Newsfeed notes.

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Good luck with your writing and I do hope you are able to find some reviewers. *Smile*
Happy wdc anniversary
I've just added my poem, MARCH, to my portfolio. If anyone is interested in reading and/or reviewing it, that would be great. You're also welcome to read anything else in there. Thanks.
 March   (E)
Poetry about the month of March
#2247631 by Lori J
I've added a new poem to my portfolio. Anyone is welcome to look at it and give me a review.

 End Time  (ASR)
Not willing to consider the thought of dying.
#2224680 by Lori J
Hello there Lori J !

I just got through reviewing your poem as a part of "Angel Review Forum and since you entered in my contest. I wanted to welcome you to WDC and thank you again for entering! If you need help with anything, just email me. *Suitheart*
Poetry as a Solution to Conflict

Making the Bed

Your side, my side,
Why can't you do it right?
Why do we have to disagree
And end up in a fight?

You think it should be one way,
And I think another.
I finally give in,
And call my mother.

Daughter, oh daughter,
Listen to what I say,
Compromise and do it his way,
But only every other day.

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