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I am looking for fellow veterans. Among my many other activities, I am in the initial phases of developing a long-term residential rehabilitation and treatment center for veterans here in West Virginia. In the USA there are an estimated 21 million veterans. Of those 5.9 million use the Veterans Health Administration. The other 14.1 million use civilian agencies. As a resident of the WV Veterans Home and a veteran myself, I have heard countless veterans say that civilians do not have a clue what veterans endure. It is my belief that this anxiety causes many veterans to "self-medicate" and leads to substance use disorders. Then when veterans go to treatment, this anxiety is left untreated because it is not recognized. This leads to relapse.

I want to start a long-term residential rehabilitation center specializing in the treatment of veterans. It will not be affiliated with the VA but will be staffed by veterans. What do fellow veterans think?
That sounds like a great ministry, Brother. I’m not a veteran, but I have a great imagination, which, no doubt, pales in comparison to the reality of veterans. Both my dad and granddad were veterans. From the stories I heard, my imagination gives me a glimpse of their lives, enough that I can stand up and shout, “Do it, Brother! There IS a need!”
I'm glad you are trying to help other veterans to cope with civilian life. Yes, these veterans need help and no one has a clue what they go through while they are in Military. We need to understand them and be there for them when they come home like, thank them for their service and give them a smile as well. They have families too, so be kind to their families as well. Just let the wife know, you care and praying for them.
As a Vet myself I certainly understand the need for more Veteran run hospitals and clinics. Living here in a small town like Pueblo, CO, There is only a small clinic and the main VA hospital is in Denver. There is a clinic in Colorado Springs. But, as you can see I have to drive at least 1- 2 hours to drive to either one. Even with the drive, though, when asked if I prefer to have services outside the VA (because I won't have to wait as long) I prefer to have them at the VA.

As you noted. The veteran physicians understand what veterans have been through because they themselves are vets. And it's comforting to be in an atmosphere where you're surrounded by other veterans. You know you're not alone in whatever you're going through. So to answer your question....yes I think it's a great idea. We need more services like what you're thinking of.
I am starting a live Bible study VIA Zoom on Friday March 12, 2021. I invite you to join me. If you wish to join send me your email address so I can send you an invite. Then you click on the invite and it will take you to the meeting. My G-mail address and Zoom adress is marvinschrebe@gmail.com. Email me there and I will set it up so you can attend. The topic will be "Why all the violence in the Old Testament?"

Basically, I am going to discuss how the Old Testament and all the violence there actually shows the undying love of God. Join me on Friday March 12, 2021 @ 2:00 PM Eastern Time.
I just had a very nice meeting with some other authors on Reader’s Magnet Author’s Club. I will be back on there on March 27, 2021. I do not know if others can spontaneously join or if it is invite-only. However, if you hit me up and give me your email address, I will ask them to send you an invite.
I am all dressed up and waiting for my Zoom meeting to start at 2:30. It is a meeting of the author's league, a club at Reader's Magnet.com. I am the interviewee for this afternoon's session. Other authors and I will be discussing my upcoming book "Teatime."
Are you drinking tea these days? I love collecting tea pots and tea cups.
Reader's Magnet is scheduling me for a virtual zoom meeting with authors and agents tomorrow at 2:30 PM Eastern Time (11:30 Pacific) to discuss my book "Teatime" being released in April along with the launching of my website. I do not know if the meeting is open to the public or not.
Great! I hope all goes well for you. Safe travels and many blessings.
My publisher is having a big virtual event for writers with speakers discussing various writing topics. It's free. You can preregister @ https://www.thefestivalofstorytellers.com/.
Thanks for sharing! 🙂
Round 81 of
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For Round 81 write a newly written than-bauk poem. Than-bauk is a Burmese form. The rhyme pattern and syllable count are very specific for the first three lines in each stanza. It can have more than one stanza but we prefer one stanza to make judging easier.

Here is a sample:

Birds on a wire
hearts desire to
admire the sight.

As you can see, each line has four syllables. The rhyme is in the last syllable of line one, third syllable of line two, and second syllable of line three.
I love the personal touch I have been getting from my publisher. My author's relations agent called me today and said that they had heard I was not feeling well. My last publisher was impossible to communicate with in any way besides exchanging emails. When I did email my former publisher it could be several days before they responded. If I call Red Sanchez, Nikki Boltron, or Mario Gonzales at www.readersmagnet.com I usually get a response within the hour. Then when they heard I wasn't feeling well they called to check on me. Reader's Magnet is much more than a self-publisher. I mean I have already completed my business transactions with them. If they just wanted my money they already got it! Calling me when they heard I was ill wasn't a sales call or a sales gimmick. They had nothing to gain. They called because they care. That is a personal touch I never got from my "traditional" publisher.

I highly recommend Readers Magnet Self-Publishing. They are more than publishers. They are a writer's friends!
I totally agree with you, I have spoken to my Author Relations Consultant and I wanted her opinion on how to name my 2nd book and I got a response back right away too. I have seen their logo as well long time ago. So I'm going to publish my 2nd book with them and it will be after i see my first book out in the stores. So I'm excited. The 2nd book is a sequel to my first book, which I'm excited about it now.

I hope you feel better, Chris Breva AKA Marvin Schrebe and get well soon.

Be blessed, Chris. Be well. (Nahum 1:7)
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Today is a very special day for me. I quit using mind-altering substance such as alcohol and other drugs 12 years ago today. I was a mess. I took enough of my drug of choice, which was over-the-counter Benadryl to kill a horse. Most people go to sleep on 50mg of the stuff. I was taking 3500mg at a time and barely getting high. I was desperate and suicidal. I surrendered and went to treatment and started a 12-step program. I worked those steps and developed faith in God whom I know as Jesus. I am not preaching that anyone should become Christian though Jesus demands that. I am saying that if you have an addiction faith in something is your answer. I now have twelve years clean. If I can do it, anybody can!