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I wanted to let everybody know that Innerlight is Grateful lost her mom today at 3:36PM CST. Please pray for her family and she. Her niece is also terminally ill and not expected to make it.
Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday 🎂🥳🎉🎈🎁
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*BalloonB* *Quill* *Balloono* Happy Birthday, Chris! *Balloono* *Quill* *BalloonB*
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Happy Birthday, Chris!
Blessings Always.
Happy Birthday
Hi Everybody

Innerlight is Grateful sends her love. She is now in rehab and doing much better. She has lost nearly 30 pounds! She is happier and loves you all.
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Hi Chris, tell her, I miss her and I'm sending her prayers to her.
Innerlight is Grateful is in her new apartment and she loves it! She said to give her a few days to get settled in and she will be back.
“Teatime” by Chris Breva, Barboursville WV author, will be displayed at the LA Times Festival of Books 2022

Breva creates well-made writings for readers who are in relaxed mode while sipping their favorite beverage..

“Teatime: A collection of short stories and other writings” by Chris Breva will be displayed at the Los Angeles Times Festival of books on April 23-24, 2022, at the University of Southern California campus, Los Angeles, CA.
This book is a compilation of stories for an entire family to enjoy. There is something for everyone in this book. It contains enough horror to stun even the most jaded reader. It features comedic elements that will make the readers laugh. For individuals who desire to escape into another world, there is fantasy. Poems are available for those who like a brief read. It also includes a selection of Christian literature and essays that can help people grow in their faith.
Teatime is a book that people can read while sipping tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. Because the stories are short, readers can finish one and put it aside in one sitting. It's an excellent book to read right before sleep or to tuck a child in. These stories were written over the course of five years and span a wide range of subjects. Some have received accolades in a variety of genres.
Ready to have a good read with this book? If so, grab a copy of “Teatime: A collection of short stories and other writings” by Chris Breva currently available at ReadersMagnet, and also consider visiting the upcoming LA Times Festival of Books 2022.

Quote / This book will be handy and readers will enjoy it during their breaks.

Title | Teatime: A collection of short stories and other writings
Author | Chris Breva
Genre | Short Stories
Publisher | ReadersMagnet LLC
Published date | February 2022

Sorji I thoroughly investigated Reader's Magnet before doing business with them. They have delivered on every promise ever made to me. The "scam" report was from an author who though publishing was going to make them an instant success. This is never the case. The author has to sell the books. Readers Magnet has kept every promise to me.
Cool. Well, I hope it all works out for you. *Smile*
I'm about to hop in the shower and then I'm going to come check out the book festival. *Delight* I'll keep an eye out for you! I have blonde hair (according to CA folks, though I think of it as light brown, but whatever) and I'll be wearing a yellow USC shirt and jeans...but that might be several people since it's on the USC campus. *Laugh*

Happy 9th WDC Anniversary, Chris!
Happy anniversary
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