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Surgery is tomorrow. Medical clearance completed today. I'll try to blog once more today. Then I'm off for at least 2-3 weeks.
You'll be in my prayers, Marvin.
May the surgeon have a steady hand. God bless.
I hope all goes well.*Care*
Surgery successful. Typing one-handed. Us old writers are hard to tackle!
That is GREAT NEWS! I am glad that it worked out. Please take good care of yourself and heal up nicely.
Excellent news, but don't over do, take it easy and don't foul up your recovery trying to do too much too soon.
Here's too a speedy recovery.
I wanted to let everybody know that after today I will be on medical leave for at least two weeks. I am having the cubital nerve and carpal tunnel in my left arm operated on. Tomorrow I have a stress test and then the surgery on Friday, October 15, 2021. I have a million things to do before then. I am trying to get my work at least three weeks ahead since it involves typing. Thank you for your prayers.
You will be writing better than ever when your recovery is complete.
You’re prayerfully on my heart, Brother. SHALOM. πŸ˜ƒ
Prayers for a successful surgery and carefree recovery.
I wanted to let everybody know that I am undergoing surgery on 10/15/2021 to decompress a nerve in my left elbow (cubital tunnel surgery), decompress a nerve in my left wrist (carpal tunnel surgery) and to relieve a trigger finger on my left hand. I won't be able to type. I expect to be gone about three weeks. I'll be back sometime in November 2021.
Best wishes for a full recovery.
You will be in my prayers Haunting Chris Breva for God's touch upon you in Jesus Name
Speedy Recovery! We'll be thining about you.
i just got my grade for the semester from my Internship. out of 1,000 points possible I got 1,000 points!
So cool!
Well, at least you broke even *Laugh* Great job.
Like others, I received a large number of gift points from our friend Anonymous and wanted to say Thank you!
Happy Birthday, WDC. Now you are officially legal to get hammered!
Would that make Waltz in the Lonesome October the Chief Moderator? *Wink*
Except I don't know much about moderation.
I would think that goes with the territory.
Is there salvation without Jesus Christ?
Islam is the largest faith in the world.
Buddhism is the second-largest faith.
Hinduism is a distant second.
Why can't Jesus be more popular?
Dt.24:16 states that the children should not be punished
for their father's sin. But, Christians believe Jesus died for Adam's sin.
Shouldn't we be responsible for our own sins?
I am s
keptical of anyone who says they are God.


Attention Social Workers:

I know we have writers on WDC who are social workers and such. I am the chaplain of the WV Veterans Home in Barboursville WV. It is an assisted living domicile for veterans. Our director has asked that I advertise the home some so we can increase our population. I will be happy to send information and referral information to anybody who has clients that may qualify. Just email me your address.
An old biker taught me a good lesson yesterday about brotherhood. I had bought a book shelf online and of course it came "assembly required." Anybody who knows me knows that about the only thing i can assemble is a sermon or a story. So I asked a friend if he could help me assemble it. It turned out that me friend could not figure it out either. I was about ready to give up when a biker who lives on my floor walked by my door. He stopped for a moment and I asked him if he had any idea how to put it together. I knew a little about him but we had never hung out together.

He said he had been putting furniture together since he was a child. He said "Let me go get my tools and we'll get it together."

He brought in his toolbox and we assembled the bookshelf. It took us about three hours and during that time I got to know him as a human being. The lesson he taught me was not only a few new tricks about assembling a bookshelf but about brotherhood. You see, I offered to pay him for his labor and he refused to accept it. He said he had assembled it because we lived in the same facility and that made us brothers. He said "Brothers help brothers. We have each other's backs."

Folks, the man exhibited the epitome of love. He could easily have charged me for assembling that book shelf and I would gladly have paid it. Instead, he did so because helping out was the right thing to do. Jesus told us that the greatest commandments were to love God and to love each other. Every major religion has love as its key component. That is because love is the most important thing in this world. People work hard from daylight to dark making ends meet and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, a person who is not disabled in some way should work. However, when we put making money and getting rich ahead of everything else we have our priorities all messed up. Love is our top priority. That biker showed me love by helping me put that book shelf together free of charge. While we were doing so I got to know him on a deeper level. That is what life is really all about. humans are herd creatures. We are meant to help and serve one another.
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I try to ask myself often, "What would Jesus do?" In MD when I needed help I may have had to wait for a little while, but help came and did what was needed. Where I am now, it's sad because a lot of the time people do not reach out to one another and help each other. I hope in the near future to change this by example. When a vehicle is available and whenever a trip to the store is happening, I want to find out if any neighbors need anything and get it for them. This saves them a trip into town while is miles away. Hopefully, it will catch on and neighbors will start asking what anyone needs, and eventually trips to town can be required less by an individual and people may learn that many hands make light work.

Safe travels and many blessings.
I wanted to give an update on Innerlight 3 years for her ❀ . She is in pain and still dealing with some swelling but is in good spirits and recovering. Her family is taking care of her as she heals. Continue to pray for her. Thanks!
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Please see my latest blog entry. It is filled with helpful information such as information about the Salvation Army Angel Tree program and other stuff. Here is a link. "July 30, 2021 Please stop by and read it.

I also wanted to let everybody know that Innerlight 3 years for her ❀ is home and doing well. Her knee replacement was a complete success. She is in some pain but is walking and doing wonderfully.
I wanted to let everybody know that I heard from Innerlight 3 years for her ❀ . Her surgery was a success. She has to stay in the hospital overnight but everything is okay. She did great and is expected to be home tomorrow.
I have been keeping in touch with her.
I have been nominated for two awards at Reader's Magnet Festival of Storyteller's for being a participant back in April. You all can help me win by voting for me at


Hurry! There are only two days of voting left. I do not believe you have to sign up. Just vote.
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The form configuration allows everyone who filled it out to access the previous responses, with all private information people have submitted. With names and phone numbers and answers to open questions. Huge violation of privacy. Let your publisher know before they get in trouble.
This is my cover design. Book is out for pre-order now. $10.62 per copy. It is also available in hard cover. I am not certain yet of the hard cover price, but it will be around $25.00 per copy if you order it from the publisher. If you do, ask them to send it to me first and I will autograph it for you and forward it to you. I would ask you to cover the postage. I know that autographed copies of hardback books are collector's editions and typically quite valuable. To make each hardback a limited edition, I never write the same thing twice in an autographed copy and I number, sign, and date them.

My publisher is looking for new talent. My consultant there is Mario Gonzaga. His email address is mariogonzaga@readersmagnet.com. Reader's Magnet is a new company and yes, one discontented client sued them. They will tell you upfront that this was so. In my experience, they have been very honest and above board. They have delivered on every promise. Do Not Be Deceived. Reader's Magnet will not promise to make you rich and famous. What they will promise and deliver is a fair price for publishing your book. I have dealt with Reader's Magnet for nearly a year. Never once have they promised me a huge number of sales. They have bent over backwards however, to market my brand and build my brand. They promised a web site and delivered on it. https://www.poetchrisbreva.com. They promised that I would be a panelist for their Festival of Storytellers in May and I was a panelist. They promised me a virtual booth at the Festival of Storytellers and to do their best to drive traffic to that booth. They delivered and I made a few sales. They will deliver the most bang for your buck. Their stater package is the iron package at $895.00. It is worth every penny.

My book covers
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I'm very happy for you, Marvin. Please write back and tell me what your book is about. You have worked hard and I glad for your success.
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