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Like unschooled beasts, let us bite ourselves
And write good books to design our shelves!
We're civilised because we know maths;
We rule in sciénce and martial arts!

I like the last stanza of this poem by Mikel Bardsdale
If you play Chess, want to run away to a SciFi world where everything is about Chess, and want a gulp of air from contemporary topics and cliches, your medicine is "Chess County

Your review is highly desired too. It's a 7-8 chapters short story, but is littered with adventure and fascinations all through.
I just finished an interesting, short story I named 85. If you like foreign stories, this tale would please you."Eighty-Five
Reviews are needed.
What's the best name for a female bricklayer? 😀
I once knew a guy name Brick. Maybe the female version would be Brickette. *Rolling*
Last night... but I'm not a teen anyway "TO THIS NIGHT
Because he spent much of his time imagining, reading, drawing and writing, the writer was bad at conversations and keeping his relationships healthy. 🤔
That's the beauty of WDC, a safe place to share your imagination. *BigSmile*
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Welcome to WDC! Scrolling through the Newsfeed, I stumbled upon you and see you've already started posting.  Good job!  Keep writing and join in coversations. We look forward to seeing more of you.
I have two characters in a children story who are from different countries. Given the present state of things in the world, how do I make one person's character not a subtle allusion to the morals or behaviour of people that look like him or come from where he's from?

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Create a character profile. Also are you planning to do
October Novel Prep Challenge  (13+)
A month-long novel-planning challenge.
#1474311 by Brandiwyn🎶
? If so, I think Brandiwyn🎶 already has this year's prep calendar up it should help. I do prep every year and volunteer as well. Maybe I could put one of my character bio templates in my port for people to use?
What are the fundamentals of writing children stories? 🙂
Good question.
Talk to them, not at them. Don't preach; don't talk down to them; treat them as people, not idiots. Age of reader dictates language usage, not topics. Use lots of beta readers of the appropriate age you are going for.

And if you have fun writing it, that often translates to them having fun reading it.
Visit the dusty piles of magazines from different shades of antiquity, and see the handsome men and beautiful women in their pages; you will see how much beauty and youthhood is vanity.
Even in the midst of adversity are times you will later miss.
Everybody is a protagonist, but not everyone’s story can easily be heard by many.
I've finally posted my newest SciFi "Chess County here.

If you like Chess and science fiction, Jupiter 4 is the place for you. But since Chess is involved, pack your alertness into your luggage along with thick clothes; you'll need them.
How can I find an author I'm looking for here who might have changed his name? Thanks :)
If you have an idea of what their username may be, you can search for them using the search option on the upper-left of your screen. Tick "All of Writing.com" and select "member".
Do you remember the old name? Or any name at all?
I wrote a SciFi story based on Chess. I posted it yesterday. If you would like to read it, DM me for access. Thanks :)

Have a nice week.
Locked out of my account. Forgot my password. Lost that of my Email. I'm going to start using this one finally.
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