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That buzzing you hear isn't just your tinnitus flaring up, it's all those MBs flying through inner-, outer- and WDC-space courtesy of Schnujo . It's not just a rumor, it's a fact: she loves WDC and really loves her fans, as well as the fans of two of her stellar activities:

The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Schnujo


The Whatever Contest -- Closes Oct. 2  (13+)
This irregular contest will change each round. Nature poem? Horror story? Whatever.
#2232242 by Schnujo

Look what she sent me - as well as her other stalwart fans: Merit Badge in Productivity
[Click For More Info]

Thank you for being a fan of  [Link To Item #2109126] !  Your support of this activity is so important!  Through this challenge, so many writers have become much more productive and so many contests have gotten many, many more entries!  I genuinely appreciate your support of  [Link To Item #2109126] .  Thank you for supporting my efforts to increase productivity on WdC! *^*Bighug*^*

Get in on the action, head to all three locations shown above and turn all the plus signs into megaphones!
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Thank you for the ad!

Yep, it's not too late! I just sent a MB today to a new fan who missed yesterday's giveaway. *Bigsmile* And if I run out of days that allow CRs in 24 hrs, I'll just grab a friend to send the missing MBs. *Wink*

But hurry--while fans are always at risk of unexpected surprises, these particular MB giveaways will be ending in a few days. Don't miss out!
Round 2 of

I Challenge... Clue  (13+)
If you are a detective, or a real mystery solver at heart, Clue is the board game for you.
#2281160 by Showering Dutchessbarbie.

kicks off at noon WDC Time tomorrow, Nov. 12th. There's only room for 5 more sleuths, as Whata Turkey is already champing at the bit to ferret out the winning solution, so drop by and post your intention to play!
And they said it couldn't be done:

Merit Badge in Reviewing
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Ranked # 53   Public Reviewer  for the month of  October 2022 . For more details, please see  [Link To Item #614925] .

Thank you!
Heck yea!!! Go Mike!
Good Job!!
way to go!
Round 1 of

I Challenge... Clue  (13+)
If you are a detective, or a real mystery solver at heart, Clue is the board game for you.
#2281160 by Showering Dutchessbarbie.

is in the books, with our good friend Starling being named the Winner!
So how did it go Soldier_Mike ? Starling ?
I think Starling ended up writing a lot more poetry than she'd bargained for, but I think she had a pretty good time. For my part, I enjoyed providing "creative responses" to the Suggestions, as well as our back and forth.
Thanks for the Review GPs, Anonymous!
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Yes, I also came here to thank anonymous.
Misadventure has taken azrael2915 from us much too soon. Starling and Krista are casting about for clues, attempting to divine, if not actually apprehend, the malefactor responsible. Come join them, match wits with an evildoer most foul, discover the Who, What and Where, and solve the mystery!

I Challenge... Clue  (13+)
If you are a detective, or a real mystery solver at heart, Clue is the board game for you.
#2281160 by Showering Dutchessbarbie.
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I am having an absolutely fantastic time playing this game. Come on and join me.
Tickets! Get your tickets! Trains depart the station PROMPTLY at 0001 hours (Local time) on 1st November! See the friendly conductor at
NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon  (ASR)
A NaNoWriMo fundraiser... compete as a NaNo writer or donate by sponsoring one!
#1546312 by Jeff

and/or www.nanowrimo.org.

Which one are you? Can't decide? Get 'em both!

You want clever, professional grade, or totally awe-inspiring? Dial up a convo with folks like Penelope Moonbeam, AmyJo - Holidays are here! or Itchybarn; these are Trinkets by Mikey (an incredibly obscure sub-category of "Dad jokes"). FYI: Transfers between the Express and the Daily Mail are permitted as often as you like [you're responsible for all associated fees and taxes, though *Laugh*].
How do we conduct-ourselves? Do have to keep track of or stubs
I heard lady Clinton was on board does the white house share the baggage car?
What do call a train that goes north to south? Bi-poler
Here is your 2nd one.
I found this in my Inbox:

Merit Badge in Reviewing
[Click For More Info]

Ranked # 42   Public Reviewer  for the month of  September 2022 . For more details, please see  [Link To Item #614925] .

Guys - it just can't be that hard to get one. I mean, I can barely spell Revue Tule. Do yourself a flavour and go review something (better yet - many somethings). *BigSmile*
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I'm 88. I did only 2 - 3 reviews. I think. 2.

for the AMAZING birthday card!!!
I loved it and you knew I would, didn’t you?
*Heartp* *Coffeev* *Heartp*

Happy Birthday 🥳🎉

sorry I'm late.
Happy belated birthday!!
An animated greeting
*Balloongo*Enjoy your Birthday Month!*Balloongo*
*Heart**Delight* ~~Maryann*Delight**Heart*
Hope your day brought something good.
Happy Belated Birthday
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