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It's still March 1st local time, so here's a Fun not-especially-close-to-actual "Fact" About Names / Nat'l Peanut Butter Lover's Day item. The Lecter parents had a love of history, leading them to name their son Hannibal. Being Lithuanians and, therefore, used to being conquered by Russia, they hoped the boy would live up to his name. Sadly, things turned out much differently, beginning with the disappearance of a visiting American boy nicknamed Skippy.
Omg. Lol
February is almost over at WDC Central...but only almost. Did you notice the pie-throwing antics alluded to earlier in the Newsfeed? Did you wonder just what kind of monkeys are hanging out around here and tossing pastries?
The possible answer to those questions--as well as some monkey-type info--may be found in this Word Search:
 Monkeyin' around  [E]
A little somethin' from a local monkey. :-)
by Soldier_Mike 🎺

Need a little incentive? How about this:

a) Find all the words, email me the completion time/date and win 250 GPs.

b) Complete the search and leave a review of at least 150 words, and you'll win a Word Searches MB [CR guaranteed] to go along with the GPs!

NOTE: Eligibility for GP and MB awards ends at 11:59pm WDC Time, Mar. 15, 2021. Your email's / review's date/time is your postmark.
(Yes, the deadline's the Ides of March. Kind of a grim deadline, dontcha think?)
I'm done Mikey! I'm glad the deadline was in March... *Glass4**Heart**Glass4**Heart**Glass4**Heart**Glass4* Monkeying around with Schnujo Pro tip class today. *Rolling*
I've got the first in the Pickett series on hold. I will take a peek at it tomorrow maybe.
I yield. I submit. I've called off the search. Somewhere in my notes -- online (but not my Notepad) or offline -- hides the name of the clever author who suggested I might enjoy the works of C.J. Box, particularly the Joe Pickett series. I do, to the extent that I've actually purchased two of them. Granted, that's not enough in royalties to keep him in caviar for any length of time, but I haven't actually bought a book in ages.
They're good-quality paperbacks, though; they even glow in the dark (something to do with the wood being harvested from Bikini Atoll).
Okay, that last part's not true.
I got them at Barnes & Noble (and they don't really glow in the dark).
When you're finished with that series, you also might also enjoy William Kent Krueger (Cork O'Connor series) and Steve Hamilton (Alex McKnight series). I've read both series (not quite finished with the Cork O'Conner series yet) and my hubby has read the Alex McKnight series and really liked it. Both are mystery series. One takes place in Minnesota and other in the U.P. of Michigan. *Wink*

Soldier Mike. Darn! I was hoping they glowed in the dark. I'd use them to navigate around the home so I don't run into things and cause more injury to my toes. Haha

Regardless I'll have to watch for these gems.
On this date in 1971, Apollo 14 Commander Alan Shepard took time out from his busy schedule of preparing to depart the Moon and head back to Earth. This MasterCard commercial remains one of my favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MONUmBB6PsM
The double-eagle has landed!
Love this!
Soldier Mike,. Watched that twice. What a fun commercial. ;*)
Yeah, I know - it's only the 2nd. Some folks are starting to get psyched up for Valentine's Day, though. They're conspiring with florists; hiding boxes of candy; hoping to get a last-minute cancellation at that fancy restaurant they should have called last year; changing the password on the credit card account, so the significant other can't see what's been ordered for him/her, etc.
If you're looking to get in the mood, as well as win a little something, then this could be just the thing:

Words for Valentine's Day  [E]
Can't find the right words for that special someone? They may be right here.[For Feb. '21]
by Soldier_Mike 🎺

The rules and reward info are included in the word search description, so head on over and try your luck!
My 2nd-word search in a twelve hour period...lol
*CheckP* Happily Completed *Heart*
Review of "Words for Valentine's Day"
Northernwrites shared some info yesterday regarding Achievements, so I thought I'd take a look at the status of mine. From the category of "Well, isn't that an odd coincidence?", I have exactly as many Message Forum Posts to make as I do Merit Badges to give out, before I hit the next milestone for each.
Can someone share again, where we go to check our achievements, please?
Just click on My Account, then Achievements, Patrece~. It's all automatic after that.
Super! Thank you very much!
Thank you very much for your gifts.... I received it today...😊😊😊😊

🤩🤩🤩🤩stay safe my friend....
By Blue bird
Hi! I've seen you around forums and stuff, and I just wanted to say thank you for your service to our country!
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