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Watching NASA-TV for Crew Dragon launch in 28 minutes. I snapped this picture of KSC Launch Complex 39A on a flight from San Juan, PR to Atlanta.
That's cool 😎 I would love to see it in person but we are watching live on TV. We are watching history right now with Space X.
Well, today's launch has been scrubbed due to weather. Crew safety comes first, of course, but it's disappointing.
A salute to our servicemen and servicewomen, and especially to our fallen heroes. Thank you all. *Salute*
I forgot one other person and it's my fiancé's dad and he was in the navy and he was in the Korean War. Dad, thank you for your service even though you are in heaven now. I miss our talks and when I go to the house, I can still see you in the kitchen making your meals or when you are sitting on the couch watching T.V.

I'm sorry, I do miss my fiancé's dad a lot and I have gotten close to him for a long time. He means a lot to me.
No need at all to be sorry about missing him, Beacon's-Shining-Light⚓️. Even though you didn't mention him in your previous post, I'm positive he was in your thoughts, just like he always is.
They really desire this salute.
Yeah - what the ladies said. Thank you!

A shared image for fun
Hear it's raining like gangbusters--or, more precisely, dambusters. All our Michiganders present and accounted for?
    *Hand2*          I'm raising my hand above the flooded waters! *Laugh*
You're more or less in the middle of the mitten, right Cubby ~ No Place Like Home!, as opposed to near the thumb? I'm pretty sure Sharmelle's okay, as she's right next to WI in the UP.
It's not raining up here in the UP yet. Good luck where you are at Soldier_Mike and Cubby ~ No Place Like Home! . I hope the flooding does not get too bad for you both. Please keep us updated.
This minuscule corner of WDC has the US Flag flying out front for Armed Forces Day. Heartfelt thanks to all who have served or are serving, especially those in the National Guard and Reserve who put their civilian lives on hold for weeks and months at a time. *Salute*
United States Blinkie
So - got a little acoustic guitar runnin' via YouTube. We'll see if it keeps my peabrain on track and I actually write something.
For me, it can't just be any instrumental music. If it's classical--Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, etc.--I'll just listen to it instead of trying to write. YouTube has tons of good stuff, from study/think/meditate music to rainstorm sounds to ocean waves on the beach.
Now I love classical, my favorite music, and I have rainstorms and beach sounds with pebbles dancing with the waves that I listen to.
The thing is when in the meditating mood of listening, the brain brings forth a few good ideas to write about and I have visuals like a movie but if it.s not written down straight away it disappears like a cloud passing. *Smile* *Music2*

I really like it. Enjoy playing.
Time to go snag some chow so, stealing a page from 🛸 Sum1 🗿's book: "Abyssinia".
Happy Anniversary!
Thank you so much!
You're very welcome!
*BalloonR*Hey there Mike*BalloonR*,

*BalloonB*Happy anniversary and many more to come. I hope to see you around site. Have a nice day.*BalloonB*
*BurstB* Happy Anniversary *BurstB*