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Happy birthday
My laptop was almost fried due to a faulty cord and I didn't even know it. I just knew there was something wrong with the power jack. It was in the shop for about 8 days. Between that and being horribly sick with a hard case if influenza borderlining on pnuemonia I haven't gotten anything done.

This post is the first writing I've done since November 6th. NaNoWriMo burned me out that quick. Battling a big bout of depression with everything that is going on.

Hoping that the holiday and the new year will turn things around.
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Hang in there!
I've got a question for everyone....

When do you start putting up your Christmas decorations?

We used to put ours up the day after Thanksgiving when I was growing up. In my own apartment, I started putting them up just after Halloween. (I would get excited and want that warm feeling I got just looking at them).
Now Kevin says "give the turkey his month" and won't put them up until the first of December.

So, when do you put yours up?

Also, is there anything you leave out of your holiday?

my adopted sis doesn't like Santa Claus. She says he is not what the season is about and won't have any images of him in her house.
I typically put up the tree and decorations the day after Thanksgiving. This year I'm going to start on Monday since my husband will be home and can retrieve the boxes from the attic for me.

In the past, I decorated like crazy! Christmas village, train around the tree, wreath on the door, holiday towels, Christmas paraphernalia all over the house, lol. But, this year will be different. I'm only going to put up the tree and put the wreath on the front door.
Like Lilli, normally the day after Christmas and I used to go crazy lol. But I put one ornament out yesterday because I was unpacking and it was pretty and it's close enough. I keep things simpler now though. It won't look like a Christmas store exploded. *Rolling*
The very earliest I've put up our tree was in mid September one year. Our family had been through some very emotional hard time, including the death of an infant, and the drama connected to it, my husband's sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and everyone was feeling stressed and upset. I decided we all needed a dose of Christmas Love. Yes, people thought I was nuts...did I mention that year I put up five trees...not just one. Family members found questionable reasons to just pop in a lot more once the trees were up. The spirit of Christmas was working. Since then, I put it up when I feel those around me need a bit of Christmas Love. Now, starting in August through Dec the first thing family asks is if we put up the tree yet. I don't ever think its too early to usher in the spirit of love!
Hello Friend
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Merry Meet. Didn't see your comment until now.....

Pleased to meet you!

Hope you have a nice time and Blessed Be.
I've added a new entry to my book, "The View From the Mousehole:
         "In the beginning
Just had to share:

Don't know if I can post links so I'll just give you the name.
I found a great website that has generators for names for everything under the sun. Also, they have great prompt generators .

It's called The Story Shack.

Check it out. you won't be sorry IMHO
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Here it is, it looks useful; https://thestoryshack.com/

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