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Hello Everyone there, I hope all of you are doing great. Here are some tips I wanted to share with you people which may help you in this stressful situation:
1-Please stop reading the daily news, it will only stress you out more.
2- To spend the time :
_Make new hobbies, It can be learning chess or baking anything just to shift your mind positively.
_ Or you can Enroll in online courses. Coursera and edx are good websites for it.
In the last, I will Pray that good time come back and all of us can be safe.
Hello! I just wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you to the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group! It's great to have you, and we hope you enjoy your time here. I've been busy with an activity for the month of March called, "Wonderland. It was one of my goals to write more in 2020, so I'm glad I signed up to this one to get me motivated. There's always a lot to do around here to further our own writing. *Bigsmile* I'm going to leave you a message from Wonderland, I'm “one step closer to White/Red Queen/King” *Cheshire* It just means I'm almost done, and will be back to reviewing soon! Happy writing and reviewing to you!
Hi, and welcome to the wonderful world of WDC. I'm just passing through on a lightning trip from Wonderland and meeting some new faces, with 'tarts given to you by the Knave of Hearts'. You might not see them but they really are delicious.
Thanks for the wonderful welcome and for the tarts too.*Smile*
*Balloonp*Welcome to WDC and to "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group!

*Cool* Some cool things:
Click on My Achievements under the tab My Account on the left side of your screen. Magic may happen.*Wand*

Remember to make your cool reviews with 250 letters of comments or more and gift points will show up. *Wink*

You can put people or items on your favourites by clicking the little plus sign beside the person's or title's name.

*Smile* Check out the tab Writing. Com tools for ML and emoticons. *Bigsmile*

Have fun! *Partyhatp*

Thanks for the information.
*Balloonp* Yay! so great to see you upgraded already! I remember when I was a newbie and it happened to me. such generous folks around here. See you on the review pages and hey, now you can add a signature picture to your "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group reviews too. I will send you a note about it! *Bigsmile*
Hope you did well on your exams. *Thumbsup*
Thanks for the great wishes. I will wait for the note. *Smile*
Hello Everyone, hope all of you are well. As you might know that I am a newbie here if you don't know then you know now.
On 21 Feb, I have received an upgraded membership from some anonymous person. I want to thank this person here as I don't know who the person is. Sorry for thanking late, I am having my exams and was absent-minded so I didn't notice it at that time. Today while scrolling through my emails I got to know that. Thanks again for the gift and I also want to thanks all the others for your support and care. Have a nice day.
Wow! You got a free Upgraded Membership already? You're pretty awesome...and so is whoever gave it to you!

Welcome to WdC, Soul mate's call! You joined on my birthday! *Bigsmile*
Thanks and sure that person is. *Smile* *Smile*
Hey, Soul mate's call . Welcome to WDC! *Heart* I hope you will find a community who will support you and help you grow in writing. May you find a home and a family here. Thank you for sharing the lovely piece, "One Day We Will Meet Again!. It's an important message and I am truly glad that you shared it with us. You'd probably be shocked to receive feedback so soon after you've written it but it just so happens I was looking for a piece to review. Perhaps tomorrow as it's midnight where I am now.

Anyway, welcome. I think I'm rambling now because I'm partly sleepy. Goodnight. Good morning. Whichever. *Yawn* *Sleep*
Hahaha.... Your reply made me reread my comment on your post, it seems that I had a heart breaking experience. But there is no truth in it. I may be a sensitive person, but I did not write "One Day We Will Meet Again!" Because of a bad day or any tragic experience (thankfully). It wrote it after watching a series which made a flow of emotions in me . At that time I thought it would be better to express in words.
That why I said previously , I just wrote ,what I felt.
still thanks you for offering a review.
Sorry I haven't gotten to that yet. It's my review hour but I need to turn in early today because I have an early start tomorrow.
no problem , have a good night.
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